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    Is Francis Cebedo a genious?


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    all hail der Fuhrer Bush
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    only if he can spell "genius" correctly

    sue your school for failure to teach

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulC
    sue your school for failure to teach
    It should be O not o, S not s, and . after teach.
    Your bike can take you anywhere, anytime, over any terrain but, you have to force it to GK 2004. BB1, who started it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwaa

    I'm not sure I know what a genious is....

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    He's just a little pilipino guy who really, really likes to ride bikes.
    Back of the camera, back of the pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwaa
    Imagining the early years of MTBR...

    ...we'll create an internet website... with a forum... where many like-minded cyclists can gather and talk about cycling...

    ... BRILLIANT!!! ...


    Sorry, there, francois just couldn't help inserting a little beer commercial comedy

    ps. I agree w/ PJ... I'm a little pilipino guy who likes to ride bikes too... I sure as h3ll am no genius...
    Last edited by 家ndyA; 03-25-2004 at 06:11 PM. Reason: yup, that d@mn spelling & semantics error again

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    well sonny....

    I remember a story that Stuart from 24hours of Adrenalin told me one time...

    It went something like this...

    "Yeah, we went down to meet Francis to discuss sponsorship for our races. We chatted with Franics, flew down and met him at the corporate offices of MTBR in Santa Clara. The address he gave us, took us to a house in the middle of town. We thought it a bit strange but maybe it was just his home office, his day off maybe. Francis greeted us at the door and showed us to mission control. To our surprise, the MTBR juggernaut head office was located in his bedroom."

    A genius probably would have made his bed before inviting someone over for a business meeting. But...Einstein didn't comb his hair either.

    b. (loves that MTBR hours revolve around the riding hours)

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    I think

    these computer thingies just might catch on..........

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    I thought he was a cult leader.

    The Top Ten Warning Signs of a Cult:

    1. The spiritual group claims to have received special instructions from one or more "messengers from the sky."
    - May apply if you have a satellite internet connection.

    2. The spiritual group uses a special set of rules that you must obey or be cast out.
    - The ritual flaming of clueless newbies and spazzes.

    3. The spiritual group promises eternal life in a paradise if you obey its set of rules, and threatens eternal suffering if you do not obey its set of rules.
    - Live to ride or Ride to live?

    4. The spiritual group demands that you give up as much of your assests and your yearly income to it as possible.
    - Have you ever asked on Passion "Should I buy another bike, or {any-non-bike-item}?"

    5. The members of the spiritual group call each other "brother" and "sister," even when they aren't related at all.
    - Check.

    6. The spiritual group is led by a group of enlightened masters who wear strange clothes and speak in esoteric parables.
    - Lycra. See posts by Miguel, and the other "story tellers" of Passion.

    7. The spiritual group demands that you accept its teachings without reservation, even when those teachings are in direct conflict with your understanding of basic scientific knowledge.
    - Steel is Real! Aluminum is Harsh! (Titanium is a bit spendy) You will enjoy riding more with 1 gear!

    8. The spiritual group demands that you select your spouse and your closest friends from its membership.
    - Bikers Prenuptual Agreement

    9. The spiritual group demands that you place your children in its training program.
    - School is in session. Fruita

    10. The spiritual group teaches that giving up your life for the sake of the spiritual group may become necessary sometime in the future.
    - Help! I'm Spiraling Out of Control!!

    If you have better examples, let's see them!

    Don't even get me started on Maguras
    Dr.(cult member)F

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    Monapua if food for the brain.

    I've always summed him up as someone who has passion for his profession. Lucky him!

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