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    I went out with one of my friends to the local trails when I was probably around 17. We thought we rode so far and were so proud of ourselves when we realized that we had ridden a whole 3 miles.

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    It went kinda like this:

    Up Hill: Ummm why am I doing this to myself, this hurts... Could have just stayed home... Why in the hell did I buy a bike to torture myself like this

    For the most part it still feels like this but with more fun climbing but still hurts... however once I put the bike on the rack and start driving home from the trail the only thing that was going through my head was: CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS AGAIN

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    I bought a Diamondback Lustre 2 from ***** last year. I loved it my first couple of rides. Then it found mud, and the mud found my gears, then it didn't shift right, then i wiped out in pebbles, then it made sounds. That's when I realized that I got a crappy mountain bike........which is why I'm here.

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    My first time on a mtb was when my folks bought me a dark green Roadmaster that I swear weighed about 45 pounds. It was Christmas, so I had to wait until there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground. But once I got out there, there was no looking back. I had already broken my previous two bikes in half and the mtb didn't fare much better. heheh

    I must be insane but I love the climbs. I would ride my bike up and down hills all day long, and when we moved to western Montana, that was it for me. I was out there daily climbing for hours. But the downhill was the big payoff.

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    First time was what hooked me to bikes a couple years ago but that was just a basic packed dirt trail. My first real ride was just recently. Most fun i've had in a while. Although wiped out on some coral rock , i'll live and glad to say I now am doing this every weekend.

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    In 1967 my parents gave me a Sears copy of the Schwinn Stingray, just like this one.

    I rode south out of town on a dirt road that lost too much elevation in too long a distance for a 7-year-old to ride home in a timely manner and avoid a spanking. I've been hooked on riding off-pavement ever since.
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    When I was 14, my parents bought me a half decent Univega mountain bike. It was steel, rigid, canti brakes and not too far above a department store bike. At first I rode it around the yard and got bored. Once day, I put on a cheap foam helmet and rode some jeep roads near the house. One road was a narrow, rocky, washed out mess. I decided to ride down it. I bombed down the that hill super fast, the brakes did not work and I just held on and let the bike run. It was so scary but I was hooked at that point.

    That fall I started a new high school and met a few kids who also rode. We rode every Sunday for 4 years, year round, rain or shine. I was 14 then, now I'm 31 and I've been riding regularly ever since.
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