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    Good job! Finally fixing that creaking noise passion

    For the past month my wonderful bike has been creaking when I stand and mash (and since I ride a SS I pretty much stand and mash all the time). The sound drove me crazy and every steep hill had me wondering if my EBB was all out of wack.

    I greased the pedals half a dozen times.
    I took apart the EBB and the BB twice and re-greased it.
    I checked and greased every pin on my pedals, every bolt in my chain ring, every bolt on my crank arms.
    I checked all the bolts on my headset, brakes, stem.

    Finally I gave up. I realized my bike was always going to creak- until it eventually broke and in the act of breaking, would reveal the secret to what was causing the problem. I was looking forward to that day.

    Last night I decided to change my seat out. I had a orange leather Brooks that my wife got me for my birthday a few years ago. I had no particular reason to switch, I just wanted to try a harder/thinner saddle for a while.

    I put the new saddle on (WTB Thinline) and tested the seat post height.


    Yes my friends. It was my seatpost. Actually- it was the bolt on my seatpost clamp that needed a bit of grease (the seatpost I had greased many months ago and was still doing okay). I would have never thought it was the seat post clamp. I only heard it when I was standing. Crazy.

    Today my ride sounded wonderful. Just the sound of my fat tires churning the earth, the chain spinning, and my labored breathing. Shaved 2 minutes off of my 4.5 mile loop time.

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    Nothing better! Congrats!

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    glad you found that creak. I Hate creaks lol
    I wouldn't have lasted that long. as soon as i hear it ill spend all night till i find it

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    I have those nasty bastards on both my bikes, the one comes and goes but I think its my head set, not sure how to remedy that one. It was all greased when I pressed the cups into the frame. I hope its not the shock its self, uggg that would suck.

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    Ok Im not the pro, but my buddy is. Here's the list i go through

    Seat bolts
    Seat clamp
    Shock bolts
    Handlebar bolt
    Stem bolts
    Rear wheel skewer
    Derailer hanger bolt
    Derailer mount bolt
    Suspension Bolts
    Bottom braket

    At this point I know which of the above is most common on my bike, top shock bolt needs grease, bottom suspension bolt needs grease and tighten

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    I went thru this a few weeks ago too... what a joy when you pin it down!
    It's all Here. Now.

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    Glad you figured it out...very frustrating, especially on a ss which should be so quiet.

    Surprised, though, that the creaking came from the seatpost when you were standing...


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    Finally fixing that creaking noise passion

    It's like hunting that pesky lone cricket in your house. Drives me nuts when my bike makes any noises.

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    Prior to the last race I did I 'lubed' the seatpost with anti-seize, my thinking was that it would be less slick than grease, I haven't had a problem with seatpost-sink on this bike but tried it anyway. Not too long into the race my post was creaking like crazy, -no sneaking up on anybody that day. A guy I was chasing (and did not catch) told me later he was using the creaking sound as a gauge for how close I was. The upside is that I didn't surprise any bears or other wildlife on the trail. When I removed the seatpost there was a nice little polished spot in front at the frame slit. A little grease and it's all quiet now, ahh.

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