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    Every bike you've ever owned list...

    Every bike I’ve owned, funny how I can remember these better than I can my ex-girlfriends…

    1. Schwinn Banana seat coaster brake (my first singlespeed!)
    2. Schwinn 10 speed that could shift while coasting
    3. Panasonic RX-4000 (car ran into me)
    4. Performance Superbe Pro (bought with car accident insurance money)
    5. Cannondale Road bike (bought from some Ironman guy our shop sponsored)
    6. Miyata with old Shimano 600
    7. Tommasini Super Prestige (wrecked into a signpost at 35 mph)
    8. Marushi mountain bike with 6 speed Deore XT.
    9. Fat Chance Wicked
    10. Redline 24” cruiser
    11. Trek 930 with Funk Big fork

    ............Long break with no bikes when I smoked cigs and ate too much junk food....................

    12. Raleigh M-400 (got me back into riding, thank you! )
    13. Tommasini Prestige (too small)
    14. Marin Mount Vision (I hated full suspension so much that it started me on singlespeed, converted the Raleigh M-400)
    15. Surly 1x1
    16. Phobia Anxiety fixed gear mountain bike (bad name for a fixed gear mtb)
    17. Raleigh Technium townie singlespeed with wicked witch of the west handlebars(still have)
    18. Oschner fixed gear road bike
    19. Tomasso fixed gear road bike
    20. Mountain Cycles Zen (still hated full suspension, why did I build this bike?)
    21. Surly Karate Monkey 29er singlespeed (still have)
    22. Bianchi CUSS singlespeed
    23. Specialized Stumpjumper singlespeed
    24. Indigo Cycles road fixie (still have)
    25. Indigo Cycles 29er singlespeed (still have)
    26. Matt Chester Indie Rock Cross Bike (still have)
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    I railed it like Kong
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    I don't remember my childhood bikes but in the last 5 years:

    01 Trek 4300
    98 Trek Y-33 carbon
    93 Diamond Back Apex steelframe (still have)
    04 Jamis XLT 2.0
    03 Specialized Big Hit (still have)
    04 Haro X2 (still have)
    06 Jamis Komodo (still have)
    06 Kona Coiler Deelux (still have)
    07 Santa Cruz Heckler (on order)
    I'm UNIQUE... just like everybody else.

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    Hmmm... Let's see-

    Kona Cinder Cone
    Kona Kula
    Kona Dawg
    Kona Jake the Snake
    K2 Razorback
    Titus Loco-Moto
    Titus Racer-X
    Intense Tracer
    Ionic hardtail
    Cannondale Jeckyll
    Cannondale F1000
    Trek 8000
    Specialized FSR
    Yeti 575
    Yeti ASR

    And there are definitely a few I forgot.

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    schwinn banana seat bike
    ten speed commuter,can't remember brand
    muray pos bike
    pacific mountain bike
    raleigh m-80
    gt I-drive
    jamis exhile converted SS
    GT I-drive
    bianchi cross(now fixed)
    merlin xlm converted ss
    lemond zurich road
    specialized hardrock
    edge cycles Icarus full suspension
    Eddie Mercxx road
    schwinn 1960 cruiser
    edge cycles 29er SS
    turner flux
    turner six pack
    turner RFX
    Raleigh flat bar road tandem(great for spending time with sweetie!)
    Edge cycles 29er hardtail
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    197? - Schwinn fixie with tiny wheels and solid tires
    1979 - Huffy 20"

    1990 - Lotus Viking
    1993 - Bridgestone MB-2
    1995 - Specialized S-Works M2
    1996 - WTB Phoenix
    1997 - WTB Ti Phoenix
    1998 - Ellsworth Specialist
    2005 - Specialized S-Works Epic
    2005 - Specialized Enduro Pro

    1994 - Crestone Peak Mod
    1998 - Megamo Pro Mod
    1999 - Curtlo Custom Stock (broken in a month...boooooo)
    1999 - Megamo Pro Stock
    1999 - Crescent Ilions Stock
    2001 - Echo ES-4 Stock
    2002 - Echo Pure Stock
    2003 - Coustellier Stock

    1996 - Rigor Mortis BMX

    1995 - Schwinn Paramount
    1997 - Bridgestone RB-1
    2006 - Pegoretti Fina Estampa
    Sean Chaney :: Owner/Builder :: Vertigo Cycles LLC
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    I'll go...

    Probably had a trike first but don't remember it...

    1-?? Numerous Ross BMX bikes (most of which broke)
    2. Trek 420 roadie
    3. ~1989 or 1990 Specialized Rockhopper
    4. 1993 GT Karakoram
    6. Schwinn 564 roadie (bought used, too big)
    7. 1997 Specialized Stumpjumper
    8. Mongoose CrossRoads built like a 'cross bike
    9. 2002 Surly Cross Check (the green Reynolds 631 version)
    10. 1997 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo (bought used, the last of the steel ones, still have the frame)
    11. Azonic DS-1 built as a XC single speed (Still have frame)
    12. GT ZR1.0 roadie
    13. Vail Cycle Works Mega One SS
    14. 2004 Specialized Allez Cro-Mo roadie (still have)
    15. 2004 Klein Palomino
    16. Used 2002 Fisher Mt. Tam 29er (still have)
    17. 2005 Karate Monkey rigid SS (still have)
    18. 2006 prototype Fisher Race Day Supercaliber 29er (not mine and will probably have to give it back some day)
    19. Used, really old Kent road frame that was my fixie commuter. It broke.
    20. Used, really old Takara road frame that is my fixie coimmuter.
    21. Had a Soul Cycles Houligan SS frame that I got in a trade for the Surly Cross Check. Never rode it, sold it to a close friend shortly after the trade.

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    Not even possible.

    mtbr doesn't have enough server space for my list.
    I would guess well over 100 different bikes.

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    Witty McWitterson
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    hmm. I'll probably forget some...It all started at 14 yrs old

    Schwinn Highlander (Broken)
    Schiwnn Highlander #2 (also Broken)
    Bauer Chequamegon (broken)
    Cannondale SM2000 (broke after I sold it)
    Cannondale FS2000 (the first one w/a headshock, also broken)
    Cannondale M1000
    Cannondale M800, (both owned concurrently, both..wait for it...Broken!)
    Bontrager Race ~ had it a long time, but it too broke
    Gitane 'Cross bike ~ "french for peice of sh!t"
    Specailized Stumpjumper FS ~ was my first SS
    Bontrager Race ~ replacement for the other one
    Surly Cross Check ~ first gen. Wish I never sold it...
    Gunnar Rockhound
    Bridgestone MB-2
    Trek 420 or somthing ss/fixie commuter/winter bike (still have it)
    Nameless road bike
    WTB Phoenix
    Hunter 29"
    Kelly CX (still have it)
    Diamond Back Overdrive
    Haro Mary SS (still have it)

    and lots to come. A few on the short horizon.

    Edit: Dear god, how can I forget a few favorites of mine?
    Kona Hot SS - custom - was my favorite bike of all time till it got stolen - motherfocker
    Kona Unit SS as well
    Kona Humuhumuakupuna 26 ss made into a 29" ss ~ another one I should never sold.
    Kona Major Jake scandium frame. Light and fun - but not for me.

    Weird how I forgot all the Kona's I've had. I loved those things!

    Indigosky: you'll have to fight it out of ssmike's hands, he's the new owner of the Pheonix ~ was a thank you for getting me the Haro Mary SS.
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    1. Marin something in the late 80s. Stolen within the first year. Dad finally stopped bringing it up when I was 20.
    2. Specialized Hardrock from 92 I think
    3. 2002 Marin Nail Trail
    4. (current) 2006 Novara Ponderosa HT
    5. (current) 2006 Specialized Allez Triple

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    Trike (fixed)
    Bigwheel (fixed)
    24" Schwinn fixie with solid tires (crushed by neighbors car) left it at the curb
    Huffy 10spd
    Redline Proline BMX nickleplated (da bomb in 79)
    Nishiki Century (roadie)
    GT Zaskar team (stolen)
    Gary Fisher Tassajara
    Cannondale Jekyll 800
    Voodoo Canzo Al
    Gary Fisher Sugar 1
    Ellsworth ID
    Banshee Scirocco
    Salsa El Mariachi LE

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~martini~
    WTB Phoenix

    If ever you are looking to sell this one.... lemme know.

    Edit: oops, looks like you don't have this one anymore...
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    1978 rampar
    1980 ross snapper
    1983 lazer
    1984 gt
    1983 hutch
    redlines (x 2)
    cw racing (x 2)
    boss (x 6)
    budda (x 2)
    s&m challenger
    s&m holmes
    guerilla (sp?)
    schwinn cruiser
    freeagant cruiser

    '80s nishiki
    schwinn 564 (x 2)
    cannondale (x 2)
    russian unfinished sl frame

    '60 bianchi pista
    gitane track (x2)
    some tange tube track bike
    pos road bike conversion
    centurian track
    schwinn madison track
    cannondale track
    el pedalo track (x 2)
    debernardi track
    eddy mercx track custom made sl
    somec track

    1988 specialized hardrock comp
    cannondale "beast of the east"
    '80s iron horse
    1989 marin hardtail
    dirt research
    kona roast
    kona stinky
    DMR (x 2)
    biachi SS
    raliegh XXIX
    van dessel jersey devil fs
    haro mary ss

    total of 60 (may have left one or two out)
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    Hmm, let's see how scary this is:

    Schwinn Tourney ATB
    Bianchi Ibex
    Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS
    Raleigh R40
    Ventana Marble Peak FS
    Ventana La Bruja
    Raleigh M80
    Giant OCR 3
    Ventana Saltamontes
    Ventana El Toro
    Ventana El Martillo
    Raleigh Mojave 8.0

    HMM, an even Dozen. Cool.
    -Aaron G.

    "Before D.W., "anti-squat" was referred to as pedal feedback."

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    1. Schwinn 20" banana seat bike. Purple w/white seat. (PIMP BIKE)
    2. AMF 10 speed
    3. Sabre BMX
    4. Redline MX-2 BMX, 1980
    5. SE Racing PK Ripper Looptail, 1982
    6. Schwinn something MTB
    7. Schwinn Aluminium MTB, 1989
    8. Specialized Rockhopper Comp, 1990
    9. Specialized Stumpjumper Comp, 1991
    10. Nishiki Ariel, CroMo, 1993
    11. KHS pro, 1993
    12. Bianchi grizzly (?), 1993
    13. Trek 9500
    14. Mongoose IBOC Pro, 1995
    15. Kona Pahoehoe, 2001
    16. Giant XTC SE1, 2002
    17. Kona Kula primo, 2004
    18. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, 2006

    Oh yeah. I forgot I had a NIshiki beta road bike for a while too. I sure there are a couple MTB's I forgot too.
    2015 Kona JTS
    2014 Scott Scale 710
    2014 Giant Anthem 27.5
    2013 DeVinci Leo SL

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    Three bikes in childhood I don't remember
    '85 Univega Nuovo Sport
    '93 Bridgestone MB-6
    '97 Voodoo Hoodoo
    '98 Bianchi Volpe
    '01 Santa Cruz Superlight
    '04 Calfee Luna Pro
    '05 Turner Flux

    Only seven. So sad. I'll need to rectify that. The MB-6 was stolen, I gave the Univega to a road bike-less friend last weekend, and I've still got the rest.
    This is no time for levity. - Oliver Hardy

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    crappy green toys-r-us bike with banana seat (~1982)
    crappy bmx bike (~1986)
    crappy huffy rigid mtn bike (college commuter)
    mid-90's Raleigh rigid mtn bike, which I got in exchange for some golf clubs

    1998 GT I-drive 4.0 (first real bike)
    2001 Santa Cruz Bullit (miss this one)
    2003 Jamis Komodo Hardtail (still have the frame)
    2003 Giant NRS 2
    1994 Trek 1220 roadie/commuter
    2006 Santa Cruz Blur LT (current)
    2005 Giant TCR Limited Roadie (current)
    2004 Cannondale 1FG (current)
    2006 Surly Karate Monkey (current, but needs to be put back together)

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    3 Wheeler
    Raleigh Budgie
    Raleigh Chopper
    Raleigh Burner Mag
    Puch Roadie
    Orange Clockwork DX
    Marin (Something crappy)
    Giant ATX Team XC
    Giant XcX DS1
    Intense Tracer
    Cove G-Spot
    Salsa Ala Carte
    Transition Preston FR
    Transition Preston FR XC Build
    Intense Tracer number 2
    Intense Spider
    Intense Uzzi VPX
    Transition Vagrant
    Transition DirtBag
    Transition Gran Mal
    Dekerf Implant SS
    Intense Tracer number 3!!!
    Dekerf Elysium Ti
    Dekerf Implant Ti
    Dekerf Team SST
    Dekerf Team FS

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    Great day in morning! I feel like I should have owned more bikes .

    Been seriously mountain biking for 11+ years and this is where I am at (dates are best guesses):

    (1991) Giant Iguana
    (1996) Specialized Stumpjumper
    (1998) Spooky Darkisde
    (2001) Specialized Enduro
    (2004) Santa Cruz Heckler / New Englandish Mountain Biking Community

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    <img src="">
    '69 Schwinn Stingray Green (no gears; Stingrays are not my pics)

    <img src="">
    '70's Schwinn 5-speed Stingray

    <img src="">
    '76 Kawasaki BX-200 (Still have all but the wheels, cranks and saddle)

    70's Schwinn dark blue 5 speed beach cruiser with requisite thick black foam bar pad

    <img src="">
    87 Diamondback Ascent EX yellow (lower right at a Vintage/Retro/Classic Gathering at Sea Otter '04 or '05)

    <img src="">
    89 Diamondback Arrival Aluminum (Check out the Amp F1 linkage fork)

    <img src="">
    '97 Specialized S-Works

    '97 Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail Dh Racer

    <img src="">
    '00 Ventana El Toro Singlespeed

    <img src="">
    '00 Specialized Big Hit

    <img src="">
    '00 Santa Cruz Superlight

    <img src=" 83">
    '00 Jamis Dragon

    <img src="">
    '02? Gunnar Ruffian Singlespeed (my favorite so far; still have frame/fork)

    <img src="">
    Two more, 'cause I liked it so much

    <img src="">
    Photos by Pete

    '71 Motobecane Steel Tourer converted to fixed
    '98? Ibis Sonoma converted to fixed (pictures at home)

    <img src="">
    '06 Titus MotoLite courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Roaring Mouse Cycles</a> and May by the Bay 7 (photo by Big Larry)

    '91 Specialized Stumpjumper Team (picture below)

    <img src="">
    '05 Phil Wood SS</center>

    - me riding the Phil Wood down 'The Waterfall' Phoenix AZ Spring Fling '06
    - 'new' '91 Specialized Stumpjumper
    - '90 Diamondback Topanga I got for free from craigslist
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Cloud
    Great day in morning! I feel like I should have owned more bikes .
    I seriously wish I hadn't had so many, although some of them were/are through work, I think I'd be a better rider if I'd just stuck to one bike and learnt to ride it properly, instead of getting bored and swapping.

    I love my Dekerf's I ride the Implant SS all the time, and I don't even miss FS because of it, so I think nows the time to learn my bike and be more than happy with what I've got!

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    Murray BMX – Really wanted a Schwinn Stingray, but got this instead.
    Montgomery Ward 10-speed – My mom’s. She wouldn’t let me take the kid carrier off the back.
    Nishiki – Silver. Heavy. But the first bike I mostly purchased myself.
    Razesa (generic from Bike Nashbar) - First nice roadbike with 600EX from Nashbar and handbuilt Nisi tubular wheels. Why? Euro.
    Mongoose ATB – Big. Chrome.
    Cannondale M-700 – My first “real” mountain bike.
    Klein Rascal – My first “real real” mountain bike. Best geometry ever, had the painted to match RS Mag21
    Pizza Bike (chrome cruiser) - Bought it with an REM disk, Sold it for half a pizza.
    Trek 4XX (Schwartzblitzen) - Flat black and crappy! Campy Victory equipped.
    Fisher ProCaliber – All red Ringle aftermarket. This bike never worked properly.
    Masi 3V – Loaner bike from R+E. Tried to abuse it as much as I could assuming it would be sold out from under me. It was.
    Mongoose Amp 2 – One of my favorite mountain bikes ever. Except for the creaking.
    Race-Equipped (Novarra) - Nasty townie covered with Rock Shox stickers.
    Marinoni Cyclocross – Painted like the Tricolore. Very heavy because Marinoni refused to build it light.
    Talisman – Sloping top tube well before its time. Looked like a bumper car.
    Guerciotti TT – Funny Bike. Enough said.
    Litespeed Classic – On a team deal through that character Wick at Control Tech.
    Diamondback BMX - Why? Don’t know.
    Mountaincycles MOHO – Why? Don’t know. Sucky bike.
    Marin Cyclocross – Doug had Billato build these in Italy... nice frames. Miss this bike.
    Marin Mount Vision – I don’t miss this bike.
    Marin TT – Ditto for the Cyclocross frame. Cool frame, but no aero fork. The euro’s were still trying to figure out Aero. (have they yet?)
    Cannondale CAAD-4 – Helen’s team bike. One of the better racing bikes I have had.
    Specialized Allez – Inherited from my dad for use as a beater. It was.
    Cannondale Tandem – Had this for a grand total of 6 rides and 6 months.
    GT Track - I only hazily remember this bike. Rode it maybe 3 times. Too small for me.
    Supergo Access ATB – Bought the wrong size frame, marked 18” but only 16”. Rode it for 2 weeks, too lazy to return it, sold it instead.
    K2 Mod-5 #1 – Red and White. Sold to some guy up north who tried to return it to me when his brother-in-law damaged the frame.
    K2 Mod-5 #2 – Stolen from behind my house with my Bonjour FSA cranks. I was pissed.
    Guru Crono #1 – Guru sent the wrong frame. I complained.
    Guru Crono #2 – Got this one instead. Very cool TT bike, fast and ugly.
    Ridley Supercross – Scored by Claudio. Not impressed by geometry.
    Empella Cyclocross – Good geometry but lost interest.
    K2 Mod-5 #3 – This replaced the stolen one... still being ridden by a cool guy from Belize.
    Ibis Fixed Gear – Bought frame, fork and headset for $25 from Helen’s mechanic.
    Merckx SLX Fixed Gear – Super cool, but how many fixies does a guy need?
    Orbea Altec Carbon – Best racing bike I ever had. Black. Fancy.
    Ritchey Access Comp – Free from a friend. Made it into my first SS, but never took it off road for fear of The Death.
    Orbea Airplane Fixed Gear – Another fixie? Geez.
    Orbea Onix – Team bike that replaced Altec Carbon. Nice, but lacks that certain something.
    Santacruz Superlight – I guess I had to own one eventually.
    Bianchi BUSS – Really ugly singlespeed.
    Huffy (Buckler) - Rusting and busting. Chainstay made from Titec Hellbent bar.
    Kona Cowan – Super fun and versatile bike, made me want a full-suspension bike again.
    Orbea 29er – Possibly the last XC bike I will ever need until 2007.
    Transition Trail or Park – The street and urban bike that the Cowan wasn't.
    Ironhorse 7point7 – The Crushinator

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    Amazing list. A question posed to me about my list of bikes is, "Why?" How have you responded to that question? I'm sure you've been asked this before, right?

    My list ...

    1 & 2) Schwinn Sting-Ray -- 2 of them, 1st one stolen
    3) Schwinn Sting-Ray with front susp., smaller front wheel, rear slick, sissy bar
    4) Sears 5-speed Sting-Ray imitation with gear shift on top tube
    5 & 6) Schwinn 10-speed Varsity -- 2 of them, 1st one stolen
    7) Schwinn 10-speed Continental
    8) Raleigh 10-speed
    9) Peugot 10-speed
    10) Nishiki Colorado designed by Richard Cunningham
    11) Mongoose Rockadile SX (RS Mag-21)
    12) Mongoose Zero-G SX hardtail
    13) Mongoose IBOC Comp hardtail
    14) Mongoose Amplifier Comp
    15) DBR V-Link 1.0 dualie
    16) Specialized M2 hardtail
    17) Cannondale Beast of the East
    18) Haro Escape A-2 hardtail
    19) Haro Escape A-3 hardtail
    20) Haro Escape A-4 hardtail (w/ sweet Easton frame)
    21) Diamondback Coil dualie
    22) Diamondback Sorrento (cheap rec. rigid bike for vacations)
    23) Schwinn Moab DS-2 (dualie)
    24) Schwinn Rocket 88 Disc dualie (2001, the last year Schwinn manuf. these)
    25) Specialized Allez Triple road bike

    Are we sick or what?
    carpe diem while you can ...

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    1968 Trike
    1970 20" Something
    1973 All-Pro K-Mart banana seat bike
    1976 Schwinn Sprint 10 spd
    1978 Schwinn Caliente (Deluxe Varsity) 10 spd
    1968 Schwinn 3 speed converted to SS cruiser
    1982 Scwhinn Varsity 10 spd
    *1964 Ganna Italian Road Bike w/ mid 60's Campy stuff
    1984 Miyata road bike
    *1954 Schwinn cruiser
    *1964 Schwinn (Typhoon?) cruiser
    1986 GT Timberline
    1984 Ross Mt St. Helens
    1989 Bridgestone MB-1
    1990 Bridgestone MB-1
    1991 Bridgestone MB-1
    *1993 Paramount Team MTB
    *1997 Moots YBB Superlight
    *1997 Marin Team SS conversion
    *2004 Raleigh Gran Prix road bike

    We'll call it an even 20 over the past 38 years. Not bad. That is only one every other year.

    * Still have these

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    Start MTBing when I was 10, now I am 18.

    1998 Nishiki Manitoba
    2000 Cannondale Jekyll 900SL
    2005 Specialized P.1 (still have)
    2005 Cannondale Prophet 1000 (still have)
    1993 Specialized Stumpjumper SS (still have)
    2007 Cannondale Capo Fixie (still have)

    Trust me, there will be more.

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    A bright orange cruiser
    Some random off-brand BMX bike

    High School/College
    a salvaged 10-speed clunker - abandoned one night in a, um, recreational haze, if you catch my meaning;
    Trek CrossRoads (this was when hybrids were still more like mountain bikes than comfort bikes) - run over in a driveway;
    Fuji Berkeley cheapo road bike - abandoned during a move;
    Some other Trek hybrid thing - stolen;
    a '94(I think) Kona Lava Dome - stolen; (I still miss that bike!)

    '99 or '00 GF Hoo Koo e Koo - hated it, sold it;
    '01 Rockhopper (this is where I got the bug) - on the trunk rack when I got rear-ended;

    Current Stable:
    Steel Nashbar frame frankenbike - for errands and goofin' around;
    '01 Marin Nail Trail - bike path/trailer hauler;
    Surly Crosscheck, Dark Green;
    '05 Stumpjumper comp - my first FS bike;
    '06 Salsa Dos Niner blinglespeed softtail - my wife's still mad at me for that one.
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