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    Every bike you've ever owned list...

    Raleigh Chopper
    Raleigh Mirage
    Offroad Comp
    Specialized Rockhopper Comp
    Specialized FSR
    Giant Boulder
    Scott Speedster S20
    Giant Talon 2

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    In descending order of ownership.

    2004 Trek 3700 - 1st MTB
    1998 Trek 8000
    2006 Giant VTOne - This is still my #1 bike
    2012 Rockhopper 29er

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    some 20" kids bike I had.... took it apart and my parents didnt get me another till highschool
    sears 26" 10 speed..... broke in half riding down stairs
    jc penny 26" 10 speed- pretty much trashed it
    1990ish huffy24" MTB- hit by car
    1990 ish murray 24" MTB- rode for several years and traded it and some cash for my next bike
    93ish roadmaster 26" MTB- it was a tank... hated it and gave it to my dad
    93 diamondback outlook-traded in on next bike
    93 cannondale m400-sold
    some random 27" road bike I dont remember- dont remember what happened to it
    96 raleigh M-80- stolen
    unkown year haro vector-sold
    2012 genesis V2100-sold.... didnt like it
    95ish magna hijinx 24" MTB-sold
    97 rockhopper- still have
    murry baja 26" MTB-sold
    1972 schwinn varsity- frame and wheel bent, scrapped
    88 miyata city runner-used for parts for next bike
    86 schwinn sierra- sold, frame was too big
    1991 raleigh tangent-sold
    1990 rockhopper-sold
    2013 GT aggressor- still have and riding everyday in commuter mode
    97 specialized rockhopper.- winter beater
    2013 GT aggressor 3.0- summer commuter

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    2007 Merida Matts 60D - Started me on my journey of riding and seeking improvements through upgrades and tweaks!
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p4pb8610147.jpg

    2011 Scott Voltage FR30 - Went overboard with this, longer dropouts, angled headset, custom linkages for extra travel. Flexy as a noodle rear end and cracked in multiple places.
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb10180981.jpg

    2013 Giant Glory 1 - Plough machine that was approximately 10000x better for DH than the FR30. It was fun whilst shuttles were available, then they stopped..
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb10973205.jpg

    2013 Corratec Opiate FX - Decided on an AM bike to replace the Glory. It did me well for a few years and by the time it was stolen there was almost nothing factory left on the thing. Great bike, took a hiding!
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb13667620.jpg

    2017 Pivot Firebird XT/XTR - Near perfection! Mixes my love of DH with the ability to do weekends of climbs and descents. It's had a few little tweaks from factory and I finally have my dream bike.
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb14530825.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBass_ View Post
    Some orange banana seat bike
    Schwinn Stingray
    Ross Apollo 5 speed (Which i made into a chopper by cutting the forks off another apollo and hammering them on)
    A multitude of Frankenbikes constructed from castoffs I pilfered from the local dump.
    1981 Schwinn World Sport which I destroyed in about a month.
    1987 Specialized Hardrock Comp
    1990 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 9 (still got it!)
    1998 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro
    1999 Airborne Zeppelin
    2007 Motobecane Fantom Pro 29er
    1986 Mongoose ATB (Dumpster scavenged - now my townie bike/kid hauler)
    2008 VooDoo Dambala SS
    And since:
    Niner SIR9 SS
    Gary Fisher Sugar 3 69er
    Trek Top Fuel 69er
    Canfield Nimble 9 SS
    Salsa Mukluk 3
    Borealis Yampa
    Surly Ice Cream Truck

    Current Quiver:
    Rocky Mountain Blizzard
    Jones Plus SS
    92 Cannondale Beast of the East

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