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    Every bike you've ever owned list...

    Raleigh Chopper
    Raleigh Mirage
    Offroad Comp
    Specialized Rockhopper Comp
    Specialized FSR
    Giant Boulder
    Scott Speedster S20
    Giant Talon 2

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    In descending order of ownership.

    2004 Trek 3700 - 1st MTB
    1998 Trek 8000
    2006 Giant VTOne - This is still my #1 bike
    2012 Rockhopper 29er

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    some 20" kids bike I had.... took it apart and my parents didnt get me another till highschool
    sears 26" 10 speed..... broke in half riding down stairs
    jc penny 26" 10 speed- pretty much trashed it
    1990ish huffy24" MTB- hit by car
    1990 ish murray 24" MTB- rode for several years and traded it and some cash for my next bike
    93ish roadmaster 26" MTB- it was a tank... hated it and gave it to my dad
    93 diamondback outlook-traded in on next bike
    93 cannondale m400-sold
    some random 27" road bike I dont remember- dont remember what happened to it
    96 raleigh M-80- stolen
    unkown year haro vector-sold
    2012 genesis V2100-sold.... didnt like it
    95ish magna hijinx 24" MTB-sold
    97 rockhopper- still have
    murry baja 26" MTB-sold
    1972 schwinn varsity- frame and wheel bent, scrapped
    88 miyata city runner-used for parts for next bike
    86 schwinn sierra- sold, frame was too big
    1991 raleigh tangent-sold
    1990 rockhopper-sold
    2013 GT aggressor- still have and riding everyday in commuter mode
    97 specialized rockhopper.- winter beater
    2013 GT aggressor 3.0- summer commuter

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    2007 Merida Matts 60D - Started me on my journey of riding and seeking improvements through upgrades and tweaks!
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p4pb8610147.jpg

    2011 Scott Voltage FR30 - Went overboard with this, longer dropouts, angled headset, custom linkages for extra travel. Flexy as a noodle rear end and cracked in multiple places.
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb10180981.jpg

    2013 Giant Glory 1 - Plough machine that was approximately 10000x better for DH than the FR30. It was fun whilst shuttles were available, then they stopped..
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb10973205.jpg

    2013 Corratec Opiate FX - Decided on an AM bike to replace the Glory. It did me well for a few years and by the time it was stolen there was almost nothing factory left on the thing. Great bike, took a hiding!
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb13667620.jpg

    2017 Pivot Firebird XT/XTR - Near perfection! Mixes my love of DH with the ability to do weekends of climbs and descents. It's had a few little tweaks from factory and I finally have my dream bike.
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p5pb14530825.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaBass_ View Post
    Some orange banana seat bike
    Schwinn Stingray
    Ross Apollo 5 speed (Which i made into a chopper by cutting the forks off another apollo and hammering them on)
    A multitude of Frankenbikes constructed from castoffs I pilfered from the local dump.
    1981 Schwinn World Sport which I destroyed in about a month.
    1987 Specialized Hardrock Comp
    1990 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 9 (still got it!)
    1998 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro
    1999 Airborne Zeppelin
    2007 Motobecane Fantom Pro 29er
    1986 Mongoose ATB (Dumpster scavenged - now my townie bike/kid hauler)
    2008 VooDoo Dambala SS
    And since:
    Niner SIR9 SS
    Gary Fisher Sugar 3 69er
    Trek Top Fuel 69er
    Canfield Nimble 9 SS
    Salsa Mukluk 3
    Borealis Yampa
    Surly Ice Cream Truck

    Current Quiver:
    Rocky Mountain Blizzard
    Jones Plus SS
    92 Cannondale Beast of the East

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    First bike I remember:
    Next PowerClimber (awful bike)
    First Real MTB: 2010 Cannondale F9 (I sold the Next)
    First Road bike: 1994 Cannondale R300
    Then I got a 2013 Trek Cobia when I began to ride singletrack
    Schwinn Sidewinder as a beater bike.
    I got a 2015 Raleigh Misceo so I could ride dirt roads in my area.
    Trek 3700 (handed down from my dad, when he got a new bike)
    I sold the F9 and Schwinn to buy a Trek Crossrip Elite (to mix Road and Gravel- retiring the Canondale R300 as well)
    2012 Trek X-Cal (another bike handed down from my dad).
    And then in 2016, I sold the Cobia, XCal, Raleigh, and 3700 and bought a 2016 Rocky Mountain Instinct.
    I upgraded the heck out of my Cobia, and I really wish I saved my money rather than spending it on upgrades and multiple bikes. Now with college on the horizon, I understand how having one very nice bike and saving money instead of upgrading is a lot more fun than having multiple and spending all my $$ on upgrades.

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    I've had bikes on my mind a lot since a kid, but I guess I've had more restraint than most people in this thread. I was raised thinking we were poor when I was a kid, though my family was actually middle class, and I have had thrifty use-something-up-before-replacing habits since then. Also, though I wanted to be a pro cyclist for a long time (but I only raced a handful of times in college due to not having a budget for it), my main competitive sport since high school has been running. In addition to seven bikes that I've had, I'll list several of the bikes that I daydreamed about, but never owned.

    Early 1970s red 16"-wheeled kids bike - On my first ride down the street after learning how to balance on the bike, I either didn't know how to use the coaster brakes, or they didn't work, because I rode the bike down a boat ramp into the water.

    Mid-'70s department store kid's bike imitating a motocross bike with double crown rigid fork, long motorcycle-like seat, and rear swingarm suspension with a coil spring. I rode this for hours everywhere, every day after school when I was elementary school age. I knew it sucked, but because of the novelty of the rear suspension, everyone wanted to ride it. Early on, my dream bike was a banana-seated Schwinn Stingray. Then it was a nickel-plated Mongoose BMX bike. It seemed like every boy at school had a Moongoose or Diamondback BMX bike. The kid next door had a trick 14 lb Diamondback. I was jealous of their freewheels and hand brakes vs. my coaster brake. This is still my only experience with rear suspension on a bike.

    1969-1970(?) Steyr Clubman, lugged steel, 10 speed drop bar road bike with plastic Simplex derailleurs, wingnuts on the axles, centerpull brakes. Steyr was the name that Puch used for their lower end line of bikes. This bike was in the garage gathering cobwebs since I was a kid, and supposedly belonged to an uncle. It was on my mind a lot as a kid, but it was too big for me until junior high. I fixed it up, polished the rust off the steel rear rim (with textured brake tracks) and spokes (front had double butted stainless spokes and an aluminum rim), and that became my first road bike as well as high school commute bike. It might have been ancient, but it was an excellent riding and handling bike with wide 1-1/4" tires. It was better handling and more fun than my later road bikes despite being much older. I ended up destroying the bike, bending the frame and fork, when I crashed due to the old chain skipping over the freewheel sprockets when I got out of the saddle to accelerate. The bike had toe clips and straps on rattrap pedals. I remember doing 30 mile rides on it in junior high by myself or with my younger brother. With a lot of riding, the pedals cut a slot into the rubber and foam soles of my shoes and were painful to use on those longer rides as a result. Here are some photos of Clubman pulled from an internet search that was the exact same green color/graphics as mine, though mine didn't have fenders. Pretty.
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-steyr-clubman-vintage-logo.jpg
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-p4pb11668060.jpg

    1983-4(?) Miyata 912, black lugged steel road race bike with "M" cutouts in the lugs. This had Shimano 600 parts, a Selle Italia Turbo saddle, non-aero brake levers, uniglide 6 speed freewheel, still friction shifters at this point. The frame was too big for me at 60 cm because, for some dumb reason, I/my parents thought I'd still be growing as a freshman or sophmore in high school. I was probably 5'9" then, and I'm 5'9.5" now. The reach was a bit much, and the flutes in the seatpost not coming all the way out of the frame was not cool. My 22" frame Clubman was a much better fit. I got my first cycling shoes, wooden-soled Duegis, and my first helmet, a Bell V1-Pro, when I had this bike. After I had it for about two years, the Miyata was stolen out of the garage, along with my younger brother's red Trek 760.

    1987 Trek 1500. This was an investment cast lugged plug and glued aluminum bike where the lugs blend in invisibly with the tubes, a style that Trek stayed with for many years and later included carbon versions. It had a newer Shimano 600 (still pre-Ultegra) than the Miyata, the first iteration of index shifting at this group level. First the bike was yellow, then a warranty replacement was black with silver fade by the bottom bracket. This is my "current" road bike still, though I left it at my parent's house when I moved to AK in 1999 and have only ridden it maybe once or twice since then. It had the same frame as the Trek 2000, which had a great review in Bicycling magazine back in 1984, same magazine issue that had the 1984 Olympic blood doping scandal and also the introduction of the first Dura Ace group with index shifting. The Trek 2000 was my dream bike in 1984 - I guess I bought into the Buycycling hype. I ran Aerolite pedals on it through college, despite it being my only transportation and needing to ride it with non-bike shoes. I raced on it my freshman year. At some point in college over the summer, I was riding this 50 miles per day. The fork cracked at a dropout at some point, and I got a quick warranty replacement (interestingly with a Vitus fork). The frame later cracked at the right rear dropout, but the warranty replacement took 3-4 month, so that took me out of college bike racing and back to running. I put the standard pedals and toeclips/straps back on after the Aerolites wore out and fell apart on me. I also did a lot of gravel/trail rides on this in the late '80s, and '90s. The ~20 mm tires that I had on it most of the time meant constant pinch flats though.

    Not my bike, but ~1990 nameplateless baby blue Asian rigid steel mountain bike with decent Shimano Deore parts owned by a college roommate. I rode this around enough to put it on this list. I'd ride it mostly on campus at UCLA, trying to ride difficult things with it: up and down really steep, rutted gullies, up stairways, like practicing trials riding. I also did some trail rides. It was a fun bike to ride.

    1993 Stumpjumper FS hardtail, nice Tange Prestige TIG welded steel frame, with Specialized Future Shock air/oil fork (internals like the Rockshox Mag 21, I think, no negative spring, ~48 mm travel). Though this has been my main ride since I got it new in 1994, I always found it very poor handling on downhills. It came with a 13 cm stem that raised as high as it could be raised was still about 8 cm below the saddle, like a road race bike. It made for an OTB position on not very steep downhills, especially since my arms are not that long. It was much worse handling than my former roommate's mountain bike. About a decade after buying it, I put on a 9 cm riser quill stem, and that made downhills a lot better, but compromised the fit. I used it primarily as a commute bike since 1999. I used it with toeclips and straps until about 2000 when put SPDs on it. The toeclips and straps sucked, but the SPDs were not good for me either, because I was mostly using the tiny SPDs as flats for commuting. I finally put some decent flat pedals on them last month, 20+ years late. The fork finally started puking oil too, and with no rebuild parts available, I put on a 2000 RS Judy hydracoil that I got for almost free at the local bike co-op (along with changing the headset, stem, and brakes due to the threaded to threadless - canti to V-brake due to no cable hanger, etc). Unfortunately the longer fork has made the cockpit even shorter. The old thought to get the smallest frame possible for road bikes is not a good thing for mountain bikes. Or I need to find a 130 mm threadless stem to put back on it. The bike is fairly light at 26.4 lbs. I'll probably keep it forever because though it's kept in perfect condition and it's worth maybe $400 to me, it's probably not worth more than $150 to anyone else unless they are a vintage bike fan.

    Every bike you've ever owned list...-wp_20170728_07_16_25_pro.jpg

    2015 Stumpjumper Elite M5 World Cup aluminum 29er hardtail in Large. I got this used last month. It's really high spec for an aluminum frame bike, coming with carbon Roval wheels, a huge selling point, as well as a Rockshox SID Brain fork. But the previous owner had swapped out the original drivetrain for an old 1x9 setup, which was light weight (XTR rear derailleur, 11-34 cassette), but had very limited gear range for a 1x drivetrain. After changes for fit and a completely new drivetrain (XT 1x11 and carbon SRAM XX1 cranks for the narrow 156 mm Q and a switch to my favored 170 length) and $1600 total spent after all the upgrades, it's 23.4 lbs, even with somewhat heavy tires. It's fast, fun, the large frame fits great, is comfortable, and handles great. If this bike wasn't used, I would have had a choice between a large and a medium. I compromised standover clearance and a tiny bit of weight with the large frame, but that is basically meaningless, as I have confirmed since I've had the bike. I'm convinced that it's better than a medium with a longer stem would have been for overall handling. The bike perfect for the cross country type trails that I ride.

    Every bike you've ever owned list...-wp_20170808_12_20_25_rich.jpg

    Bikes I've daydreamed about have mostly been road bikes, and too numerous to list. My favorites have been red Ritcheys fillet brazed by the man himself and fitted fat road tires. I also really liked fillet brazed Landsharks and some of the one-off paintjobs that they had. I liked Bridgestones before they went out of bike business too, and still have a collection of their last 4 catalogs. My brother still has his MB-1.
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    Raleigh M55
    Specialized Rockhopper 29er
    Specialized Allez
    Another Specialized Allez
    Misfit diSSent
    Custom Siren steel frame
    Canfield Nimble 9 gen 2
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon
    Cannondale F29 Carbon
    Cannondale CAADX carbon
    Kona Big Unit
    Kona Private Jake
    Jamis Renegade Elite
    DiamondBack Release 3 (as of tomorrow)

    I think that's it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Every bike you've ever owned list...-bikeforsale.jpg  

    Every bike you've ever owned list...-rockhopperforsale.jpg  

    Kona Big Unit SS
    Kona Private Jake SSCX
    DiamondBack Release 3

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    Love that Clubman xcandrew - super classy

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    Every bike you've ever owned list...

    * Schwinn Stingray - 1970's
    * Mongoose BMX - 1980's with Moto Mags!
    * Team Fugi Road Bike - 1980's
    * Viner Road Bike - 1980's Campagnolo Components & Sew Ups
    * Specialized Rockhopper - 1980's
    * Trek 930 MTB - Early 1990's
    * Trek 7000 MTB - 1995 (Still Own) Now a rigid singlespeed
    * Giant Trance X2 - 2010 (Still Own) close to 7,000 restored to almost new
    * Giant Flat Bar Road / Fitness Bike 2010
    * Giant Defy Advanced 3 Road Bike 2011 (Still Own) Weight Weenie/Slammed
    * Specialized Stumpjumper EVO 29er HT 2011 (great climber but never decended well - Sold)
    * Civillian Luditte 2012 29er Singlespeed (Still Own) Now 1x10, Carbon Wheels, Carbon Bar, Fox 120 Fork & Dropper Post. A Beast....Love it!
    * Santa Cruz Highball Carbon 2013 (Broke Frame, Replaced With 2015 Still Own)
    * Giant Defy Advanced 1 Road Bike 2015 (Still Own)
    * Specialized Sequoia Elite 2017 Gravel Bike / Currently "most ridden" bike.

    I think that's it.....For now! 
    MTB Rob was taken!

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    Raleigh 20" whodahellknowswhat
    Mongoose BMX
    Little John BMX
    Raleigh Technium MTB
    Miyata Team Issue road bike
    Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo
    Kona Cinder Cone
    Controltech Team Issue hardtail in SS
    Giant Talon 2 27.5
    Diamondback El Oso Grande

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    Huffy kid's bike
    Roadmaster kid's bike
    2004 Specialized Rockhopper
    2006 Cannondale Scalpel 1000
    2008 Surly Crosscheck (custom build)
    2009 Cannondale Caffeine F29er (custom build, WVU livery)
    2011 Trek Madone 3.1
    2011 Trek Allant
    2012 Cannondale Scalpel 29er Carbon 1
    2016 Cannondale Slate Ultegra
    2016 Cannondale CAAD12 Ultegra

    Not very imaginative, but I like 'em.

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