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    When I was a kid:
    Cheap Orange huffy with black spatter paint
    Cheap Nakumira department store bike

    Since I got into cycling seriously in 2006:

    2006 Kona Kula (sold it)

    Cheap aluminum Raleigh frame (rattle-canned) that Peter @ Misfit Psycles helped me convert to a singlespeed (now dismantled):

    Surly 1x1:

    Zion 737 EBB (this bike has seen many different setups):

    Misfit Psycles DiSSent 29er (my favourite)

    2007 Jamis Xenith Comp:

    2007 Steelwool Sweet City SS (had brake bosses welded on and custom paint job) - Converted it to a CX bike:

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    Holy cow at some of these lists. Awesome.

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    1967 Sears 20" Mustang with banana seat and ape hanger bars
    1970 Philips 3 speed 28" wheel commuter
    1980 Raleigh Grand Prix 10 speed road bike
    1984 Kuwahara Apollo ATB 15 speed
    1986 Cycle Tech Nova MTB with DX components
    1988 Mongoose IBOC Pro with Deore XT
    1992 Mountain Cycle San Andreas FS
    1998 Norco Java hardtail
    1999 Jamis Dakar Team FS
    2000 Rocky Mountain Vertex hardtail *
    2000 Rocky Mountain Instinct FS
    2004 Rocky Mountain ETSX70 FS
    2004 Brodie 1 Ball with Rohloff hub hardtail
    2005 Rocky Mountain Blizzard hardtail
    2005 Kona A FS with Rohloff hub *
    2006 Kona A FS SS
    2006 Rocky Mountain Slayer 70 FS
    2007 Rocky Mountain Vertex Team hardtail *
    2007 Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC Canuck FS *
    2007 Rocky Mountain ETSX Team FS *

    Jeez, do you notice a trend...
    * good thing I've never had room for more than a few at a time, I'm a serial bike polygamist

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    only 23, so i don't have a stellar collection yet.

    -huffy roadmaster
    -murray (forget what it was, the first department store back with a suspension fork iirc. dark navy blue/neon green)
    -bmx2 tarantula (department store bmx bike)
    -dyno gt
    -haro shredder
    -sequiota roubideoux (local shop steel frame)
    -08 spec rockhopper (finally on something respectable!)

    took years to convince my parents i needed something that didn't come from walmart/toys r us. bought the haro and gt with my own lawn mowing cash, got the sequiota off a friend for $50 and once i had a good job, and the sequiota stolen, bought the rockhopper and have been upgrading ever since.

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    Well, I have a decent list for being 22 years of age:
    -Old ass Schwinn little kids bike from the 70's that had solid rubber tires with a banana seat
    -Orange huffy that weighed a ton, and also had a sad excuse for a suspension fork
    -Black huffy rigid that was my moms that I beat the **** out of, and eventually tacoed the rim going off jumps
    -1970's mossbrow?? touring bike that was my dads, and one day he just gave it to the salvation army, still mad...
    -1994 ross mt. hood mountain bike rigid siginature series, the first good mountain bike that I ever owned, and still own to this day but is inop.
    -2002 trek 4500 that I upgraded every part on including converting to disc brakes, first really nice bike, sold it to my friend this past summer knowing that would be the perfect owner for it.
    -2004 turner burner the first really nice American made bike that I owned and still own to this day.The only thing is this past spring the seat tube cracked by the lower shock mount, so turner warranted me a 08 turner flux along with the new rockers. Love this bike even more now.
    -2005 fuji cross comp cyclocross bike that I still own and use for road training, some cyclocross, and also trail riding. Probably the most versatile bike that I own.
    -06 redline monocog 26er, that is upgraded a bit with full discs, better wheels like a rear Paul comp word disc hub, and shimano xt/ mavic rim front wheel.
    -Newly brought and being built this winter 07 salsa em merriachi frame set 29er. Plain to go crazy on the build with this bike, and use noting but the best.

    That is all of them, except for my sisters ciginal bikes steel tank. Ten bikes, not bad for a 22 year old. I am also probably missing a few from very early on.

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    Bikes my dad bought me:
    ross 16" bmx
    fuji 24" wheel 10 spd
    peugeot 49cm road with SIS, butted tubing.

    Bikes I bought:
    Columbia mountain bike from Herman's sporting good store. Took the bus to the mall, rode it home. Broke just about every part learning to ride. Good parts went on:
    Jamis Dakota AL
    Dagger FS, Easton Elite front tri with amp b3 rear. Crazy light, always broke. Weight weenie bike, lightest it got was 23.5 with coil f&r. Had some silly parts on that thing: Klein straatum pro carbon bars, flite evo 2 carbon seat.
    Jamis Dakar- got as a backup frame because the Dagger was always cracking,
    Klein Attitude, rigid trials setup
    Klein Mantra, by far worst bike owned. Sold after 2 weeks
    Iron Horse THS-1 dh, made by Foes, giant curnutt shock, 54t chainring!, dark grey XTR
    Raleigh technium road bike, built out of the shop parts bin, free bike. Aluminum front tri, bonded to steel rear end. Came unglued doing rear wheel hops. Warranty frame was black aluminum race frame. Still have this as my commuter. 36h deepVs on campy hubs, bar end shifters.
    Specialized FSR Elite. first Z1, full xtr, king hubs.
    Marin b17, z1, van rc, hayes discs when they first came out
    Cove G-spot
    Manitou FS
    Kona Stab delux,
    Kona Chute
    Hoffman dirty130
    Specialized Enduro
    DMR sidekick
    Specialized Bighit
    Santa Cruz Superlight
    80's lugged Bertoni, fixed conversion. hot pink!
    Santa Cruz Bullit
    Iron Horse SGS DH
    Iron Horse 7point
    Turner DHR - current DH bike
    Kona Explosif SS - current XC bike

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    1967 vintage Schwinn Sting Ray
    My Dad's old Schwinn Varsity
    Sears Free Spirit - Stolen at college
    Korean-made 10 speed I bought over there for $100.

    Real Road Bikes

    Trek Touring bike of some sort (my first "serious" bike"
    Bianchi model something or other circa 1986 - back when you could get a road bike with Shimano 600 (now called Ultegra) on an actual $600 bike.
    Gitane road bike - very nice bike - another victim of theft.
    Trek 1500 - replaced the Gitane and I road it for 10 years
    Trek 5200 - bought it in 1997 and still ride it on the road
    Cannondale Aluminum road bike - not sure why I bought this one. Nice bike, but I didn't need another road bike, so I sold it.


    1986 model Bianchi Grizzly - Complete with chainstay-mounted rollercam brakes - perhaps the worst idea ever in cycling history.

    Giant Hard Tail of some sort. A big improvement on the Bianchi.

    Trek Model 930 - Crappy components, but I got 3 years out of it without ever replacing a single part. Managed to sell it for $250.

    Specialized Stumpjumper M2 - my first really nice MTB. I just took this one out of mothballs and had it fixed up to nearly-new condition. Road it for the first time in several years yesterday. Still a sweet ride.

    K2 Razorback - my first dualie and a very nice bike. Too bad the frame kept cracking.

    Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ - my regular ride for the the past 4 years until I bought my new baby, which is a:

    Santa Cruz Superlight RXC - I bought this one last June and and loving it.

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    Sears MX (late 70's with black/orange fade paint and a moto seat, bent the frame jumping curbs)
    BCA Freestyle (early 80's white and purple, broke the frame)
    86 Haro FST (red, broke it in half on a quater-pipe)
    87 GT Pro Freestyle Tour (chrome! boy I miss this bike, sold to a friend because my grades sucked)
    87 Trek 800 (black with blue graphics, converted to singlespeed in 2001 until it cracked)
    88 BCA 'racer' 10-speed roadie (sliver, donated to local bike works)
    90 Schwinn Sprint roadie (teal, still in my parents garage)
    99 Kona Nunu (back into MTB, my father rides it now)
    01 Trek 1000 roadie (white/blue, my brother in law rides it now)
    02 Yeti Kokopelli (grey and black, sold to a needy college kid for a song)
    03 Santa Cruz Chameleon (red, sold in 2004 because it was too small)
    03 BT Raven (trials bike, sold to fund the Vicious)
    04 Vicious Slider Cross bike (puzzle paint- still have this one)
    05 Giant STP (sold to fund the second chameleon)
    05 Santa Cruz Chameleon (red again, sold to fund the XTC)
    05 Surly Cross Check (was run over by an old lady in 7/08)
    06 Giant XTC (great for short-track but sold to fund the Anthem)
    07 Giant Anthem (sold to fund the el mar)
    08 Surly Karate Monkey (Husker Blu -still have this one)
    08 Surly Cross Check (replaced the one the lady ran over)
    08 Salsa El Mariachi SS (current main ride- love it!)

    Wow, thats more than I realized.....

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    1. Dyno Coyote (5th b-day, been addicted since)
    2. Cheap Yellow BMX
    3. Haro (freestyle, currently name is evading me)
    3.Mongoose Ultra Storm
    5 - 15. Misc bikes I found in trash cans and such.
    16.Pro Flex 756
    17.Schwinn Rocket 88
    19.Schwinn (freestyle, forgot which one)
    20. Dyno (20" dirt jumper)
    21.Schwinn Super Sport
    22. 1991 Haro Impulse
    23 - 27 Misc found bikes

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    1) ~1987 Peugeot BMX-style kids bike 16" IIRC
    2) 6 spd huffy 'mountain bike' style cheapo, 24" rims
    3) Biscayne (? I think?) 26" mountain bike full shimano with canti brakes and indexed trigger shifters. ~1991
    4) GT Mach 1 - red, road this for several years nearly exclusively as I got way into dirt jumping.
    5) ~1994 Used 20" (WAY too big) Diamond Back frame with a Rock Shox Quadra 10 fork, XT components, and the first grip shift.
    6) 1996 Performance M106 frame, full XT, rock shox judy DH (1997), XT V-brakes (first year). Custom built wheels XT hubs on red rhyno light rims. I was working at Performance at the time.

    ---------- hiatus from riding I never should have taken ------------

    7) 2001 Specialized Big Hit Comp w/ Stratos S7, MRP, 8" hayes f/r, 165mm race face cranks. Killer freeride/light downhill setup- thing manualed for DAYS bombing down trails and pavement with the novelty 24" rear (that didn't roll over ANYTHING).

    8) 2007 Raleigh Rush Hour SS/Fixed. Put about 25 miles on it and sold it as I moved to a super hilly area.

    9) 2009 Giant Trance X2

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    1) some 1987ish blue walmart / toys r us brand bmx thing
    2) 1990's GT interceptor upgraded pitbull breaks, DK neck, powerlite bars
    3) 1990'sTreck 830
    4) 1990's treck 9000 (purple with the lime green swing arm)
    5) 1999 specialized stumpjumpper comp
    6) 2006 specialized stumpjumpper FSR comp
    7) 2008 kona unit SS 29er
    Three out of the four voices in my head say, "Go for it!"

    2010 Ventana El Comandante

    08 Kona Unit 2-9

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    Let's see, as a semi-adult:

    1. Schwinn Moab;
    2. Specialized Epic;
    3. Lemond Tourmalet
    4. Orbea Onix
    5. Niner E.M.D.
    6. Astrix Rook
    7. Turner Sultan
    8. Lenz Leviathan 4.0

    9. As a kid, I had the nicest schwinn bmx bike around...
    10. Before the schwinn bmx bike, I had some other 20 incher, which was upgraded when my dad got involved with in the only bike shop in town.

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    You really wouldn't need much more that these two. Very nice taste, the SS gods approve and so do I!

    Quote Originally Posted by nspace
    Misfit Psycles DiSSent 29er (my favourite)

    2007 Steelwool Sweet City SS (had brake bosses welded on and custom paint job) - Converted it to a CX bike:

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    I'm too old to remember but my first bike came from the police auction. I broke the frame jumping. My dad welded it and I broke it again. My dad welded it and... You get the idea.

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    My List...
    1) Schwinn brown banana seat
    2) Mongoose BMX
    3) Diamond Back BMX
    4) Schwinn ten speed
    5) Raleigh hardtail mtb -black w/ bright splatter paint
    6) Marin hardtail mtb -whiite w/ black splatter paint
    7) Cannondale hardtail
    8) '00 Kona Muni-Mula (cracked frame)
    9) '03 Kona Muni-Mula (cracked frame in same spot)
    10) '05 Kona Caldera (still have- grocery getter)
    11) '06 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR (I love this bike- and always will)

    I really want a Turner RFX and a Niner 29er dual suspension.

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    You guys had real bikes. My list is something like this...

    1) The brown unknown brand weld-repair bike.
    2) The beat-up red one with the torn banana seat.
    3) The one I made from the parts Johnny gave me plus some tape.
    4) The one with the bent frame that would only turn left and only 1 pedal.

    I took good care of my stuff but all my parents could afford until I was about 13-14 was hand-me-down stuff.

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    Big Wheel
    Dont remember brand (but it had that cool azz mattel veroom thing) 1968/69
    Another no name painted thing perhaps stolen & re painted?
    Poguet 10 speed road bike or something like that. It had a lugged frame! used
    Then years later....
    Schwinn road bike dont remember the model
    Falcon Black Diamond- family hand me down
    Schwinn "Mirada" Stolen. see line 3 for payback
    TREK 7000 hardtail
    GT I drive XCR 2000
    GT I drive 4.0 warrenty replacement for above
    TREK ???? Y2K warrenty replacement frame for 7000
    Niner RIP 9 (08)
    Niner SIR 9 rigid SS assembled as I write this never ridden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorfish
    I took good care of my stuff but all my parents could afford until I was about 13-14 was hand-me-down stuff.
    Im with you on that- the only thing that made it so I could start affording nicer bikes was a double-paper-route!

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    Still more updates

    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite
    05 Banshee Scirocco
    06 Seven Duo
    06 Ellsworth Moment
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS
    07 Niner RIP9
    05 Seven Sola Ti (still have)
    08 Ellsworth Tiruth (still have)
    08 Ellsworth Moment (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Rogue (still have)
    07 Ellsworth Epiphany (still have)
    08 Vassago Optimus Ti 29er SS (still have)
    08 Sinister Ridge (still have)

    and road bikes:

    05 Orbea Lobular
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri
    06 Titus FCR Ti
    07 Orbea Ora Tri (still have)
    05 Seven Elium SG (still have)
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    Huffy unknown model black with green splatter paint
    Unknown spraypainted black BMX bike
    Mongoose BMX racing bike
    Dyno comp freestyle BMX bike
    Diamond back steel hardtail with a softride stem
    Baracuda Mtn bike
    Schwinn S96.1 hardtail mountain bike
    Schwinn Homegrown Hardtail
    Redline monocog
    Gary Fisher Rig
    Trek 2100 roadbike
    Gary Fisher Hi-Fi Pro
    Jabberwocky SS (current and main bike)

    Typing out that list I feel like I've had more bikes, but I think it's just the various builds I've had on each bike (though technically they have the same frames).

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    1. Early '80s Schwinn Stingray clone - Don't remember brand name. Blue w/white pin stripping, full fenders, banana seat, ape hangers

    2. Mid-'80s BMX bike - Don't remember brand name. Chrome.

    3. White department store MTB - Don't remember brand name. Stolen at school/

    4. Columbia MTB - Red. High school commuter.

    5. Mainland China SS cruiser - No brand name. Complete rubbish.

    6. Trek 850 MTB. Still own. Commute to work every day on it, plus weekend rides.
    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio ~ July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010

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    1. 16" BMX (Still in the shed)
    2. Standish MTB (must have been a 24" as I got it when I was young)
    3. GT Avalanche with RST forks (was amazing back in the day)
    4. Craftworks Slalom Pro
    5. Schwinn BMX
    6. Kona Coiler
    7. Kona Smoke (converted to SS)
    8. Morewood Izimu DH
    9. Transition Trail or Park
    10. On-One Il Pompino
    11. Scott Scale 35
    12. Haro Mary SS

    I'm sure I've missed one or two though.

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    pony bike when i was little
    scott sportster p3
    author airline (cross bike, 2 years old)
    kona caldera(15 days old)

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_slacker
    You really wouldn't need much more that these two. Very nice taste, the SS gods approve and so do I!
    Haha, thanks!

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    1. More big wheels than I can remember.
    2. A purple Schwinn with a banana seat and 3 speed gear shifter.
    3. Green 3 wheel Schwinn town and country. Used to deliver my news papers with that.
    4. A Firenze Mt. bike from top of the hill Daily city. My bro got a car stereo and gave me the free bike.
    5. Saved and saved and saved for a yellow and black Panasonic DX-5000?. Bought it from Palo Alto bike shop back when there we not so stuck up. Road the wheels off that thing till the frame broke at Alpine and Portola Rd.
    6. Wised up and bought my first mt. bike. A Diamondback apex. Kind of a smoky purple camouflage with purple h2o cages. Dam it looked gay but hey it was the 80's.
    7. A Pro-Flex 855. Road that bike into the ground.
    8. A Specialized FSR elite.
    9. Rocky Mountain Element

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    Yellow Schwinn String Ray circa 1972 (liked it)
    Dan Gurney Factory Racing BMX circa 1975 - Blue, home-build (one with it)
    *Stolen and got it back!
    Red Schwinn Continental 10-speed c. 1979 - Lived with it
    Yellow Jamis Dakota Mtn Bike 1983 - College bike; dated on it!
    White Jamis Avalanche Tange HT Mtn Bike - San Diego; best bike ever
    *Brother got hit on it; bro OK, bike lost (RIP)
    2002 Spesh SJ Comp FS - Never really bonded with it*
    2003 Spesh SJ Comp FS - Still groovin' on it, upgrading as we fo
    2002 Cannondale Cad-3 Tri bike - Too much TT for me (want it?)
    2008 Spesh Tarmac upgraded with Ultegra SL - Wow, bikes sure are better
    2007 GT Legato 1.0 - Errand bike and trips to the pool, picking it up next week!

    Nice thread...old school and good memories. Wish I had that Avalanche back!

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    1.1967 Schwinn Stingray (metallic blue) when I was 7. I rode this bike till I was about 12 years old.

    2. early 70's Crystal 10-speed. Japanese...I was about 12...started riding long distance. Stolen one day...I was heart broken. I liked that bike! It had cool stuff for the downtube shifters.

    3. A cheap Chinese folding bike I rode in Jr. High. It was a fun ride. Funky looking, but it was the 70's so it was cool.

    4. 1979 Raleigh Super Grand Prix, started touring on this bike. Went with me to Idaho on the front of my Jeep. It is where I met a Bikecennenial group travelling on the TransAm trail...changed everything for me. I decided I was going to tour the following summer. This bike was stolen in Albuquerque when riding to Canada from Mexico.

    5. 1981 Univega Gran Turismo, bought this one in Albuquerque to continue my tour. I still have it. I had it rebuilt and toured on it last summer. Still a great riding touring bike.

    6. 1986 Trek 850 "antelope", my first mtn bike...changed everything. The Gran Turismo went into storage.

    7. 1988 Fisher ProCaliber, my first true badass mtn bike. Delicate Prestige tubing. Broke after 11 months.

    8. Specialized Sirius (bright red) road bike. Sold it after about a year.

    9. Broke my Trek while waiting for the Fisher replacement. Trek sent me another steel bike, but it didn't feel the same as my old yellow 850. I sold it.

    10. Specialized Allez carbonfiber. An upgrade from the Sirius. A badass road bike! Sold it in 1991 or 1992 after seeing them fail in the Tour of the Gila.

    11. Fisher ProCaliber warranty frame. Rode it for a while and then sold it when the next bike arrived.

    12. 1990 Merlin titanium mtn bike. It arrived 1 week after the Worlds in Durango. Cracked at the BB shell. Merlin performed a Bottom-bracket-ectomy by machining out the small pressed in BB shell and welded in a new standard threaded shell. Cracked again at head tube downtube junction.

    13. 1992 Bridgestone RB-2 roadbike. A replacement to the Allez. A pound heavier, but a better riding bike. Classic steel. I still have this bike! I love it. Last new bike I have bought.

    14. 1993 Merlin warranty frame. Nice bike! Better than the 1990 version. Bigger tubes, but still only a 1" headtube. Cracked again at the same spot; headtube/downtube.

    15. 1996 Merlin warranty frame. The ultimate Merlin! Last of the true Rob Vandermark Merlins. Big tubes, 1 1/8" headtube. I still ride this bike offroad! Its my primary mountain bike! I love this bike! I've toured on it, raced on it, and generally just have fun riding it. I still like looking at it. It is a thing of beauty!

    16. 2000 Litespeed Toccoa (bought used in 2006). I live and work overseas and I wanted a travel bike. I could not bring myself to hack my Merlin in two for an S & S couping retrofit, so I bought this one. It is a Super bike! Rides awesome! Love this bike...and it packs in a suitcase sized case. Its been quite a few places now. The retrofit has paid for itself in saved airline fees alone.

    note: bold print is bikes I still have and ride.
    Gila Proven

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    Way back to '84

    Schwinn High Sierra (84-86), stolen; High Sierra (86-87), stolen; Diamondback Ascent (87-89), broken; Ascent (89-92), broken; Diamondback Ascent, retired (92-08); Santa Cruz Heckler (08-present). Not sure about the Diamondback years; they all kind of run together. But the one I have hanging in my garage has S-stays.

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    hmm ive had to many bikes to remember 4 or 5 giants an old panasonic with the clutch in the crank old mongoose pro bmx 4 or 5 khs 99 dbr x2 02 k2 pos dual suspention brok the frame in 2 weeksa couple of old haros with th v frame 3 iron horse hard tails95 96 97 07 specialized hard rock sport still have sette flite still have
    "look mom no hands"

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    1997 gt timberline in gold stx-rc drive train mantiou sx-r fork (sold)2002
    1998 cannondale charger orange F900 hope mini disc front avid ultimate lever rear with bb7 and hope hubs(stolen 2007)
    2000 cannondale F2000sx shorter stem hayes brakes
    Had an old trek 1200 road bike i sold a lotus and schwinn i flipped for profit

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    Batman edition Big Wheel
    Murray something or other BMX bike, probably early 90s
    Ross Pirahna (80's) that my dad bought at a garage sale
    2001Specialized Hardrock
    2004 Cannondale F600
    1972? Schwinn Continental
    SS is like beer...its an acquired taste.

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    wish I were riding!
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    From first to last:
    --Free Spirit MTB, from Sears
    --Nishiki Competion, $25 at a garage sale, my first road bike that started it all
    --Serotta, not sure which model, but it was pink
    --Vitus 939, one of my favorite riding road bikes
    --Lemond Zurich, a 1996 model with about 16,000 miles on it. Yay for steal!
    --Jamis Durango Sport, my first MTB that started it all
    --'02 Trek Fuel 100, my baby
    Brakes? Who needs brakes?!?! They just slow you down...

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    one more time, with more cowbell...

    1. Schwinn Banana seat coaster brake (my first singlespeed!)
    2. Schwinn Deluxe Varsity 10 speed that could shift while coasting
    3. Panasonic RX-4000 (car ran into me)
    4. Performance Superbe Pro (bought with car accident insurance money)
    5. Cannondale Road bike (bought from some Ironman guy our shop sponsored)
    6. Miyata with old Shimano 600
    7. Tommasini Super Prestige (wrecked into a signpost at 35 mph)
    8. Marushi mountain bike with 6 speed Deore XT.
    9. Fat Chance Wicked
    10. Redline 24” cruiser
    11. Trek 930 with Funk Big fork

    ............Long break with no bikes when I smoked cigs and ate too much junk food....................

    12. Raleigh M-400 (got me back into riding, thank you! )
    13. Tommasini Prestige (too small)
    14. Marin Mount Vision (I hated full suspension so much that it started me on singlespeed, converted the Raleigh M-400)
    15. Surly 1x1
    16. Phobia Anxiety fixed gear mountain bike (bad name for a fixed gear mtb)
    17. Raleigh Technium townie singlespeed with wicked witch of the west handlebars
    18. Oschner fixed gear road bike
    19. Tomasso fixed gear road bike
    20. Mountain Cycles Zen (still hated full suspension, why did I build this bike?)
    21. Surly Karate Monkey 29er singlespeed
    22. Bianchi CUSS singlespeed
    23. Specialized Stumpjumper singlespeed
    24. Indigo Cycles road fixie (still have)
    25. Indigo Cycles 29er singlespeed
    26. Matt Chester Indie Rock Cross Bike
    27. Trek Tandem (still have)
    28. Carver 96'er
    29. Black Sheep Fixie Commuter
    30. Niner One9
    31. Niner SIR9
    32. Salsa El Mariachi
    33. Seven Verve Ti
    34. Surly Long Haul Trucker
    35. Surly Karate Monkey Commuter Bike (still have)
    36. Trek Navigator 100 with Xtracycle (still have)
    37. Carl Strong Ti 29er
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessep
    I may of missed a few...

    1989 Bridgestone MB-1
    1990 Bridgestone MB-1
    1991 Bridgestone MB-1
    Bianchi cross(now fixed)
    Bianchi Ibex
    Bianchi Pista

    Cannondale Chase 2
    Cannondale Darwin (yes I did ride one)
    Cannondale F4000sl
    Cannondale Gemini 800
    Cannondale Jekyll 900SL
    Cannondale Judge 1
    Cannondale Prophet 2 MX
    Cannondale Prophet 4000
    Cannondale Prophet 4Cross
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon

    Eddie Mercxx road
    edge cycles Icarus full suspension

    Ellsworth Chaos
    Ellsworth Epiphany
    Ellsworth Flight
    Ellsworth ID
    Ellsworth Moment
    Ellsworth Rogue
    Ellsworth Specialist
    Ellsworth Truth (the crappy one)
    Ellsworth witness (sweet)

    Fisher Cake 2 DLX
    Fisher Fat Possum XO
    Fisher King Fisher 2
    Fisher Procaliber
    Fisher Rig
    Giant ATX Team XC
    Giant XcX DS1
    GT I-drive
    Ibis Bow-ti
    Ibis Mojo
    Ibis Ripley

    Ironhorse 7.7
    Ironhorse MKIII
    Ironhorse Yakuza

    Lemond zurich road

    Litespeed Bella
    Litespeed Ghisallo
    Litespeed Mount Diablo
    Litespeed Niota Ti
    Litespeed Pisgah

    Marin (Something crappy)
    Merlin Newsboy
    Merlin Works 4.0 (wow)
    Merlin XLM 6/4
    Nishiki Manitoba
    Redline MX-2 BMX

    Santa Cruz Blur (old one)
    Santa Cruz Blur 4X
    Santa Cruz Blur LT
    Santa Cruz Blur XC
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Santa Cruz Jackal
    Santa Cruz Nomad
    Santa Cruz Tazman

    schwinn 1960 cruiser
    Schwinn Aluminium MTB,
    Schwinn something MTB
    Schwinn Tourney ATB

    SE Racing PK Ripper Looptail,

    specialized hardrock
    Specialized P.1 (still have)
    Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS
    Specialized Stumphumper 120

    Titus quasimoto
    Titus racer x
    Titus supermoto
    Titus titanium 29" racer x exogrid

    Trek Fuel EX 9.5
    Trek Jack 1
    Trek Police Bike FS (bar ends and a rear rack)
    Trek Remedy 66
    Trek session 77
    Trek Y

    Yeti ASR Full Carbon
    Yeti 575
    Yeti 303
    Yeti DH9
    Yeti ARC Ti
    Yeti ARC
    You are one lucky guy.
    "A Fifth of Yager, a four pack or Red Bull, and a full suspension mountain bike, now thats quite a combo."

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    yeah, uh............bikes
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    as many as I can remember

    Huffy Six Shift (i think that's what it was called)
    Dyno Nitro
    GT Palomar
    Specialized Rockhopper

    **Begin Serious Mtn biking on Rockhopper**

    03 Kona Dawg
    Lemond Reno
    Trek Madone 4.5
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    Its great to see so many people have had/ still own more bikes than me!

    1. 88' 16" wheel Universal BMX (blue everything!)
    2. 2nd hand Gold and black Raleigh BMX
    3. 2nd hand Universal Pegasus MTB (Matt grey and pink!)
    4. 98' Giant Mosh BMX
    5. 02' Giant Terrago
    6. 03' Giant XTC 840
    7. 03' Handsomedog Rockolla jump bike (Kona copy)
    8. 03' Specialized Big Hit
    9. 04' Klein Palomino*
    10.80' Dawes Mirage - First roady
    11.05' Giant MCM Team*
    12.03' Lemond Arrivee*
    13.06' Kona Lava Dome
    14.05' GT Power series 24" Cruiser
    15.05' Kona Humu*
    16.89' Haro Extreme*
    17.07' On one Inbred 853 (Pink No.100 of 100)*
    18.08' Orange Patriot*
    19.08' Panasonic Titanium 29er*
    20.08' Orange St4*

    * still own

    My brother has owned

    1.Universal trike
    2.Unbranded BMX
    3.Giant Boulder FS
    4.Klein Adept*

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    Wow I thought I had had a lot. Guess not though... although I guess I've only been riding for 5-6 seasons.

    I'm going to go with ridden rather then owned though... more interesting list.

    2003 Schwinn Homegrown (my sisters, got me into riding)
    Old Trek mtb (my moms, fully rigid)
    Bridgestone MB-1 (my dad's old bike)
    2004 Specialized FSR XC Comp (recently converted to SS)
    2007 Turner Nitrous (now for sale)
    2008 Yeti 575
    2006 Iron Horse Sunday

    Currently I'm riding the 575, Sunday, and FSR XC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasali
    20.08' Orange St4
    Have you got any pics of the ST4???

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    Early 60s Schwinn kids cruiser
    1968 Schwinn Sting Ray Deluxe ss with coaster brake (campus green)
    Early 70s Schwinn Varsity road bike
    1985 Miyata Trail Runner mtb
    1987 Miyata Ridge Runner mtb (factory warranty for broken Trail Runner)
    1994 Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS mtb
    1994 Cannondale 2.8 Series road bike
    1997 Specialized M2 S-Works mtb
    1996 Serotta Atlanta road bike
    2002 Trek 5500 OCLV road bike
    2004 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR mtb
    2008 Trek Madone 5.2 Pro road bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by grrrah
    crappy green toys-r-us bike with banana seat (~1982)
    crappy bmx bike (~1986)
    crappy huffy rigid mtn bike (college commuter)
    mid-90's Raleigh rigid mtn bike, which I got in exchange for some golf clubs

    1998 GT I-drive 4.0 (first real bike)
    2001 Santa Cruz Bullit (miss this one)
    2003 Jamis Komodo Hardtail (still have the frame)
    2003 Giant NRS 2
    1994 Trek 1220 roadie/commuter
    2006 Santa Cruz Blur LT (current)
    2005 Giant TCR Limited Roadie (current)
    2004 Cannondale 1FG (current)
    2006 Surly Karate Monkey (current, but needs to be put back together)
    Giant TCR is the only bike remaining from above.

    But have added and still have:

    07 Niner EMD9
    04 Specialized langster
    07 Niner One9
    08 Niner Rip9
    New Retrotec Classic (still need to build up)

    (One9 may go after Retrotec is finished)

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    i call it a kaiser blade
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    1993-ish bontrager OR with diagonal dropouts (rebuilt several times as technology advanced), right now the frame is sitting in my closet because i don't feel like dumping two grand into making it into a pimpass SS. i even have a corsa 1'' steerer fork for it
    2003 cannondale jekyll: some ******* stole it along with my yakima rack right off of my 4runner.
    2004 fuji odessa: what the fcuk was i thinking?
    2005 rockhopper comp: average bike
    2006 crossroads xc pro: commuter. heavy like anchor. good drivetrain
    2006 handjob: started out as geared bike, now an SS. best bike i've ever owned
    2007 singlecross: singlespeed tricross, not much else to say
    2008 el santo: great bike, my first soft tail. stopped riding it after i rigged the handjob to SS singletrack duty

    other bikes:
    generic target schwinn "mountain" bike: commuter bike. no one will steal that piece of crap, and if they do, i really don't care. i lock it up outside. it just might rust to death first
    diamond back BMX: 1040 tubing, naked metal finish. my first bike at 8, and it was even a singlespeed
    huffy rock something: blue and purple 18, or was that 21?, speed monstrosity that attempted to kill me several times and stopped me from mountain biking until i grew tall enough to ride dad's bontrager (he later gave it to me)

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    A late 80's pink girls 16" single speed with coaster brake (the bike I learned to ride on)
    Early 90's 20" Silver Huffy - Stolen
    1995 24" Walmart 12 speed (The Cheetah)
    1998 26" Walmart 18 speed commuter.

    Stopped riding till 2007
    2001 Tech team POS commuter
    2008 Kona Dr. Dew
    Learned the difference between a cheap bike and well made one.
    2006 Norco Rampage (sold)
    2007 Haro Mary XC (converted to SS)
    2007 Commencal Meta 5.5

    A Modest list compared to most of yours (although I've acquired the last 4 bikes on the list in the past 10 months). Hopefully I'll catch up to some of you in a couple of years.

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    I posted this in an older thread but wanted to get on the list so here you go.

    1. 2007 Cannondale Prophet 5 (purchased at REI for $1,299)

    2. 2007 Cannondale Bad Boy (lowest priced model, rim brakes purchased at a REI
    scratch and dent sale for $299).

    3. 2001 Cannondale F600 (purchased at a pawn shop for $200, eBayed the Headshok for $150)

    4. 2004 Cannondale R2000 (paid $200 and traded an LCD flat-screen 27 inch TV to a friend).

    5. 1994 Cannondale H200 (free, donated to me from a co-worker, was missing the front wheel. Plan on turning it into a single-speed, entry level 29er/cross bike). UPDATE AS OF 1/31/09: Scraped the 29er project and turned it into a cool looking hybrid commuter. Left it in GA with my cousin because I don't have the space for it in NY.

    I got pretty good deals on most of my bikes. I think the best deal was for the R2000. The Bad Boy is priceless because its what I use to make my daily commute to and from work (800 miles since I purchased it, all maintenance free). UPDATE AS OF 1/31/09: Before leaving Georgia, I had over 1500 miles on this bike. Swapped the Maxxis Detonator tires (donated to the H200) for some Continental Grand Prix 3000 kevlar tires (donated from the R2000). Really anxious to get the F600 built up and customize it with a few personal touches. The H200 is an ongoing project. The challenge with this bike is to see how cheaply I can build it. The Prophet is a sweet bike. I haven't had the time to ride it like I want but it will be getting a workout this summer.
    I plan on upgrading the wheels in the next month or so. Trying to see if I find a good deal on a whole bike with a decent Lefty wheelset.

    Other bikes I've owned in the past (listed chronologically).

    6. 2007 Cannondale Rush (paid $450 at a REI scratch and dent sale). It was a women's medium. Just test rode it to make sure everything was working. Never hit the trail with it. I eBayed the frame to a guy in Ireland for $320. Moved the rear deraileur (SRAM X-9) and the cranks (FSA V-Drive) to the Prophet. I kept all the other parts including the Lefty Speed and the wheels for the F600 frame which I am in the process of building up.

    7. 200? Motobecane Fantom 3.0. Purchased in 2005. This was my introduction to full-suspension and disc brakes. It was $450 used at a Play-It-Again Sports store. I traded my Giant Sedona for it. The store gave me a $150 credit toward the purchase so I paid about $300 including tax. The bike was a 16" (too small). I learned a lot from riding it and eventually sold it to a guy at work who wanted to buy a decent entry level bike. Before I sold it, I removed the disc brakes and wheels, swapped the wheels and rim brakes from the F600 and sold it for $200

    8. 1996 Giant Sedona (paid $500 new). This was my introduction to mountain biking. I purchased this bike with no knowledge of mountain biking whatsoever. I went into the store, looked at a couple of bikes and sat on a couple. Purchased this one based on the salesperson's recommendation. It was basic black, fully rigid and it was a 23.5 inch frame (bb to seatpost). I actually thought this sizing was right, basing it on a road bike but it was waaay too big for the trail. Back then, higher end bikes seem to all have Rock Shox forks and one disc brake in the front. I don't even remember seeing a full-suspension bike back then. Rode it on the trails occassionally and a few more times in the city. Used it as a commuter a few times between 2002 and 2004. Spent a few years just hanging in the garage.

    9. GT Pro Performer. Not sure of the year model (this was back 1986). I think I paid a friend $75 for the frame, all chrome, and built it up with a set of Peregrine 48 spoke wheels, After I moved away from home, it stayed in my father's tool shed for a number of years. He gave it away to some kid in the neighborhood (I am still salty about that. I could've gotten a nice piece of change for that bike). You would think a man that owns 6 bikes would give away one of his own (he has a few Raleigh and Schwinn old school ten speeds and hybrids). I guess he saw the BMX as a kid bike and thought I had outgrown it.

    10. A neon green Mongoose BMX (paid $175 through mail order out of a BMX Plus! magazine). This was my introduction to BMX/Freestyle. Can't remember the model name but it had white Skyway mag (six spoke) and white tires. It had pegs that screwed into holes threaded on the front fork. It had a hard white plastic seat and grips and a ACS rotor. I rode that bike everywhere and tried to jump over everything. I cracked the frame near the headtube and the downtube. A guy wanted to purchase the frame from me. I told him about the crack and he still wanted to buy it. Sold the frame, handlebars, seat and seatpost for $75. Sold the mags to another buddy for $50.

    11. A beige-colored ten speed looking bike with only five speeds. Model unknown, price unknown. It had brown bartape and those brake lever things that allowed you to squeeze the brakes from the top bar. They looked like an 'L'. It was given to me by my aunt after she found out my other bike was stolen. I rode it for a few months until a buddy of mines pulled up on a Mongoose BMX. After I purchased my Mongoose, it never got ridden again. My aunt came around after that and saw me riding the BMX. She asked me about the bike she bought and I told her it was in the shed. She had a funny look on her face. I think I offended her. Oh well. Don't know where that bike is...

    12. A black ten speed with red bartape. Model unknown, price unknown. It was a X-mas gift from my father. It was cool looking and racy. I had it for a month and it was stolen from in front of a video game arcade when I was playing Ms. Pac Man.

    14. A Kermit the frog green Tyler ten speed looking bike with only five speeds. Had drop bars and rattrap pedals. Price unknown. I believe my father purchased this bike from Woolworth (remember them?). I had just learned to ride a bike back then from the other kids in the neighborhood (I believe I was eight at the time). He also purchased a 3 speed aqua blue Tyler bike with coaster brakes for my sister who had just learned to ride too. Her bike was woman's style frame with the slanted top tube and had moustache bars with plasticky-looking handgrips and hard rubber pedals.

    15. A maroon tricycle. Model unknown, price unknown. Don't remember anything about this bike (or trike). I only know about it from a few old pictures.

    It actually was kinda nice taking inventory and strolling back down memory lane. Had fun riding bikes for the past 37 years (will be 38 in April). As long as I am in good health and if God sees fit to let me live another 38 years, I hope to still be riding.

    Take care folks and keep riding those bikes 'til the wheels fall off!
    RIDE OR DIE...

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    1987 DBS bmx
    1991 Myiata Evolution?
    1995 Cannondale M900
    1997 Cannondale M1000
    1999? Azonic DS1
    2002 Schwinn Straight 6
    2002 Turner RFX
    2004 On One Inbred
    2005 Seven Sola steel
    1985 Myiata One Ten roadbike
    2008 Turner RFX
    2008 Canfield F1 Jedi

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    This is going to be depressing for me in terms of money spent and bikes now gone but I'll play. I'll only go with bikes I purchased myself from about 17yrs old and on.

    Giant Yukon
    Trek 7000
    Fat Chance Yo Eddy
    Bianchi cyclocross
    Ritchey P23 2x9 way before 9spd was standard
    Bontrager Privateer
    Salsa LaRaza road
    Soulcraft cyclocross
    Santa Cruz Chameleon
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Azonic DS1
    Trek 520 and old road bike I converted to single speed
    Sycip Unleaded
    Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er
    Intense 5.5 EVP - curretly own
    Sycip Diesel singlespeed - curretly own
    Vicious Cycles 29er - curretly own

    I'm pretty sure that's it. I guess its not as long as some of your guys' lists but the saddest thing about my list is that it should have never gotten past bike #3. That Yo Eddy was probably the best bike I'd ever ridden. But it was a little small for me and the one inch head tube was limiting in terms of what kind of fork could get etc. I love the bikes I own now though. I could be fine without all those other bikes I've owned but I'd like that Yo back and the Sycip Unleaded (a very close 2nd to the Yo). Those are the only two I truly regret.

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    Relax. I'm a pro.
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    A bunch of crappy, no name BMX bikes
    Diamond Back Ascent
    Cannondale F700 w/ Headshok DD50
    Curtlo Advanced Mountaineer (current ride)
    Standard STA500
    Metal Burma
    S&M Stricker (current ride)
    Bianchi Pista (current ride)
    Brooklyn Machine Works Park Bike 26/24 (current ride)

    Frames stashed away waiting to be built into bikes:
    Terrible One Barcode
    Metal Burma

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    Well it all started with a few childhood bikes... probably a huffy! ...

    Graduated to a Raleigh... which was stolen
    then onto a Giant Rincon or Yukon... which was stolen...

    Then I had a huge hiatus from bikes... and in 2007 I got:

    '07 Cannondale Prophet 4

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    Red K-Mart Something
    Pacific Mountain Bike?
    Pacific Mountain Bike?
    NEXT Mountain Bike = TRASHED
    Trek 4300 (Got smart. Saved my own money!)
    08 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo
    06 Trek Madone 5.2 (Thanks Marc!) (still have)
    Vitus 979 (still have)
    09 Gary Fisher Paragon (still have)

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    Can't remember all the bikes from my youth but here is the list starting in the 80's to present.
    1985 Norco 10 speed- sold it for $50
    1992 Miele mtb- stolen in 96
    1993 Specialized Stumpjumper- Stolen after three weeks
    1993 Specialized M2- stolen in 2001
    2000 Rocky Mountain RM6- sold in 2000, moved from BC to Ontario
    2001 Cannondale Jekyll- Stolen off roof rack with above M2
    2001 Cannondale Tandem- keeps wifey happy
    2002 Cannondale Jekyll - sold in 02
    2003 Cannondale Jekyll- Sold in 03
    2004 Santa Cruz Heckler- still own it and still love it, built light
    2005 Specialized Allez- for when trails are too wet
    2007 Giant Reign X- for when things get rough

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    Huffy bmx piece of crap
    Sears 10 speed
    98 Giant Rincon MTB ( 1st one)
    Mid to late 90's Gary Fisher Hoo koo e koo
    2003 Specialized Enduro pro
    2003 Kona Stinky dee lux
    2006 Bianchi Wuss singlespeed
    2006 Transition Gran mal
    Surly Karate Monkey 29 er
    Free agent Hellcat 24" bmx cruiser

    I think thats it

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