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    Ok, I'll play....

    1. 1994 GT Backwoods
    2. 1996 Cannondale CAAD 3
    3. 2000 Santa Cruz Bullit
    4. 2004 Santa Cruz Bullit
    5. 2004 Santa Cruz VP-Free
    6. 2006 Santa Cruz Nomad
    7. 2000 Santa Cruz Roadster
    8. 2000 Santa Cruz Roadster #2
    9. 2006 Santa Cruz Roadster
    10. 1999 Intense M1
    11. 1985 Cannondale Crit-3
    12. 1968 Murray "The Rail"
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    My list is very short. I didn't seriously get into cycling until 1997.

    Schwinn Moad - Hard tail
    Fat Chance Yo Eddy - very sweet bike - purple with pink touches - loved this bike and
    still be riding if the fork hadn't gone. Couldn't replace it for less than $500. Hubby insisted

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    Oops! Didn't finish post.
    Anyway, my husband thot it'd be better to get a new bike rather than putting so much money into the Yo Eddy.
    Gary Fisher Sugar 2 Genesister - great bike, got Gary to sign it too. That was cool. This bike is for sale btw if anyone is interested.
    Bianchi Giro - very smooth ride - been riding it to work lately - love it
    Yeti ASR Race - my future MT bike. It will be pink and gray. I' m very pumped about it!

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    Feeling old...

    (age 4) 1st bike, very small green bike with plastic tires.
    (5) Some model Huffy BMX, with trick 5 spoke plastic hubs.
    (12) No name $80 steel mountain'ish bike from Toys R Us
    (14) Neon green+white Mongoose BMX, prompty sprayed black
    (15) Pacific brand mountain bike, promptly sprayed ruby red
    (17) GT Timberline, Rigid, with the white and black splatter paint
    And so I enter the "brand name" bike world...
    - Raliegh Steel Lugged 12 speed touring bike
    - Supergo Full Suspension (i.e. two pieces of metal with elastomers)
    - Mongoose IBOC Hardtail
    - Schwinn S-20
    - Mongoose IBOC frame (different one), built as a single speed
    - Giant VT 2 (current ride)
    - Spicer Cyclocross, custom build
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    Man you guys really burned through bikes. I can't believe how many you've owned. I got my first truck bike when I was 10 in 1962.

    That bike got stolen in 1968 but I found a 10 speed Schwin Varsity in the garbage that I still own and ride around the city.

    About 10 years ago I found a Magna mountain bike in the garbage and rode that in the parks of NYC.

    Just a few weeks ago my friend gave me a Schwin Impact. It's in such nice condition I hate taking it into the dirt so that's my new road bike. Once I get it dinged a bit more, I'll be stump jumpin with it.

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    Wow! people tell me I'm nuts!

    Back in the 1960's we coveted a bike, a cruiser, called The President

    In the early 70's, a banana seat sting ray from Royce union, purple. Stolen from behind the baseball backstop, while I was playing catcher!

    In High school (mid 70's) I had an unknown english racer, 3 speed in ternal hub. When I tweaked the front wheel I replaced it with a 20 inch front, and rod it to football practice with no brake.

    A sears Free Spirit 10 sp for 100.00 bought with my own money. I painted it bright red, in the same garage my brother's freshly painted Harley frame was drying. When he saw the red overspray on the frame, needless to say, he beat the **** out of me!

    A 1981 Schwinn Varsity 10 speed. Did my first 40 miler on it

    Trek 1993 &50 hybrid, did my first MTB rides on. I took it to Gore Mt midstation with a friend, I went OTB every time we hit a waterbar. My brother in law still has the bike, all original parts.

    1995 Gary Fisher Montare. Aluminum frame , my first real sweet ride. First frame replacement,

    Raliegh R 600 - beastly harsh Al roadie. Set it up with a variety of new components after my 2nd frame relacement. Set it up with Heliums.

    2000 LeMond Zurich.. NIce comfortable supple steel. It took over the Heliums

    2001 Rocky Mountain Blizzard. Continuing the trend away from harsh mid range Al bikes. Sweet bike, still have it as my hartail. It has the Ti PG bar from my Fisherm and the bar ends. I broke the chain on this bike on it's first ride, the bent chainplate caught the derailleur and twited the der, hanger 180 degrees, first ride! My LBS still shakes his head at that!

    2006 Kona Kikapu Deluxe bought just 2 weeks ago. Sweet setup, first dual susser, a present to myself for my pending 50th BD.

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    Red single speed kids bike with weird friction brake. Came from ToysRUs.

    Mom's blue 3 speed. It was way too big for me for a long time, but a bike for me wasn't in the cards.

    Ross BMX. Hand-me down from a friend.

    Red Sterling 10 speed. Stolen. (I mean, it got stolen from me.)

    Cyclepro Ambush. This was just about the first thing I bought when I moved to Texas, for $118. Basically a 1990 model hybrid with 26" wheels and 18 speeds. Thumb shifters, bolt on rear wheel, and ovaltech chainrings. Tons of commuting miles on this baby.

    Diamondback Response Sport. First 'real' mountain bike I ever owned. Supposedly an 18 inch frame, but it was really too big for me. Rock Shox Quadra 10, Shimano STX, my first rapidfire shift bike. True Temper 4130 butted cromoly. Great blue color.

    Balance XR 750. I bought one of these frames online, It was purple, but the tubing was Tange Prestige butted cromoly and the 16 inch frame fit me far better. Took most of the parts from the Diamondback and built it with a new '95 Rock Shox Judy XC and my first set of SPD clipless pedals. I still ride the pedals.

    '95 North Star Estrella. Little-known 'budget' brand bike. Frame was a 17" of Fuji Stout Lite cromoly. Full Shimano STX-RC group, Araya TM-18 rims, rigid cromoly fork. I bought this after I sold the Balance because I couldn't quite afford my dream bike yet. I have configured this bike differently over the years. For a while it had a white Manitou SX, then back to rigid, and now it has a '95 Judy with a Bontrager fork crown, XT shift / brake, LX 4 bolt cranks, and Deore XT center-pull cantilever brakes.

    '95 Raleigh R-600, 54cm. 7000 series aluminum frame, 105 kit. I paid a little too much. A fun bike.

    Vintage Ross road bike, stem shifters. My buddy had this in his backyard, abandoned by the previous tenant. Passed on it once, then took it home, added new cables and housing. When a pedal fell off (taking the threads out of the crank) a friend sold me his 105 cranks for $20. Great commuter bike.

    DK Fury, yellow cromoly frame. Play bike.

    '97 Bontrager Privateer S, size Medium. This will probably always be my favorite bike. I sold this to a young guy at a shop I worked at, then bought it from him for about 1/3 what he paid six months later ($280, which was all I could scrape up at the time; he needed the money). I wanted a Race very badly, but a Privateer was as close as I ever got (and I'm okay with that now). The burgundy color is pretty sweet. Besides the bar, stem, shifters, headset, rear derailleur, and (believe it or not) the fork, I've replaced every part on the bike. It has a threadless headset, 1" Control Tech stem, and a Marzocchi MX Comp 80mm standing by for the day I admit that the fork is trashed. The bike has 8 speed Deore XT front to back, except for a Race Face Taperlock bottom bracket, Control Tech derailleur pulleys, and a red Hadley / GT cnc rear hub. Pedals are Bontrager RE-1s, bar ends are Bontrager L-bend magnesium, post is a Zoom, and the saddle is a Selle Italia Bontrager in Italian leather.

    Giant Perigee road bike. Very early '90's, red. I bought this cheap out of the basement of a shop I worked at where it languished due to a tiny ding in the top tube and a missing rear derailleur. Down tube shifters, heavy cromoly frame (I think there's some cromoly in there). Wheels/brakes/shifters/brake levers are original. I added an anatomical bend handlebar, different stem, saddle, and the Ultegra 600 cranks. Lovely commuting sled.

    Jamis Dakar Pro (Team?). 17". Red is sexy. Easton Elite tubing, Cane Creek AD-8 air shock. I bought the frame cheap and built it with XT 9 speed, red label/ blue label rims, and a white ('98?) Judy XC. I used the older Deore XT v-brakes and levers because they rock. With Mythos XC tires it weighs in at 26.4lbs. Pedals are cheap CODA SPD, bar / stem are ICON grey.

    KHS Team ST. Black / sparkly gold, weird colors, 15" frame in True Temper butted cromoly. This one had the odd bend in the top tube and the f. der. cable routed down the down tube. I wanted to try a softtail and couldn't afford one made from TI, so I bought this for around $160. I really liked this frame. Built with XT and a 'Mt Dew green' Jett XC fork. It was fun to ride, but always a little short in the length for me.

    Diamondback Traverse. Cromoly frame, Alivio parts. A fixer-upper, a runabout. Cost me nothing but new cables and housing.

    GT BMX. Red, aluminum, another fixer-upper.

    '05 Diamondback Axis. 18" 7000 series aluminum frame, Race Face Evolve XC cranks, Marzocchi EXR Comp, 9spd LX and XT.

    '05 KHS Comp ST. 18" Alu front triangle, cromoly rear, 1" travel (if that), white/ black/ red. '99(?)Judy C fork, LX / XT 9speed kit, Race Face Evolve cranks. Fits me better than my old KHS softtail.

    '06 Giant TCR C3, new 9spd Ultegra group, FSA wheels, cheap bar/ stem. 18.1lbs, full carbon, the road bike I've always wanted.

    Schwinn Passage 52cm, early nineties or possibly late '80s, a blue road bike with downtube shifters. Still needs a new rear wheel and new cables, but should be fun.

    Schwinn Traveller, 57(ish) cm, late eighties, downtube shifters. Another fixer-upper. I'm cutting new cables, wrapping fresh cork, gonna' put some fresh grease in the hubs and then find a good home for it.
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    here goes:
    87 Muddy Fox Courier
    90 Marin Nail Trail
    97 Cannondale Super V700
    2000 Marin B17
    2007 Specialized Enduro SL Comp

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    Many of the starter mtb I had were rubbish as I was more into motorcycles and apart from a Raleigh Chopper I can't remember my early years bikes but.

    Trek 800 sport
    Trek 930 fs
    Proflex Beast (stolen)
    K2 Zed m (stolen)
    Raleigh RSP250
    Giant ATX 1
    GT Zaskar (forgot about that one...)
    Kona Chute (custom)
    Trek 6045 pub bike(... and that one)
    Yeti ASX
    Tomac ELI
    Commencal Supreme 6.10
    and Flow Drift 24"
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    Some old fockers on this thread....

    I don't remember the years of some of my bikes:

    Huffy Stu Thompson
    GT Pro Performer
    Giant Iguana
    Research Dynamics somethin or rather
    1998 Gary Fisher Aquila
    2001 Giant NRS 2
    2004 Enduro Expert
    2005 Titus Racer X
    Surly Karate Monkey
    2005 LeMond Versailles
    2007 Turner Sultan

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    My list, so far:
    1. little red 20" cruiser from sears or montgomery ward can't remember (trashed)
    2. 20" black & gold Huffy BMX (trashed)
    3. 1985 GT Performer, first real bike (sold)

    Working at a bike shop during college:
    4. 1990's Raleigh 400, first road bike (sold)
    5. 1990's Basso with Campy (sold)
    6. 1990's Giant Iguana or Bolder, can't remember (sold)
    7. 1990's Raleigh Heat (sold)
    8. 1990's Pinarello with Suntour (sold)
    9. 1990's Haro Group 1 (sold)
    10. 1992 Giordana Antares with Campy Athena & Shimano 600 (still have)
    11. 1994 GT Zaskar LE with a mix of components to long to list (still have)

    A very long 10 year break from bikes (got a job that pays the bills)
    12. 2005 GT Power Series XL, mostly stock
    13. 1987 Haro FST, restored
    14. 1986 GT Pro Performer, restored and my favorite bike
    15. 1992 Robinson SST, restored
    16. 2005 Yeti ARC with Sram XO
    17. 2007 Merlin Cyrene with Campy mix

    man i didn't realize i had that many until now
    but of course, you can never have to many bikes!

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    no name 16in jet back bike from walmart- got ran over
    huffy flame- cracked head tube
    trek hard tail mountain bike- junk yard some where
    free agent hell cat bmx dirt jumper- still have
    free agent race way bmx race bike- still have
    mirra co blend 1 bmx street- still have
    gary fisher mullit 07- still have
    cannondale chase 3 05-still have

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    1. 1967 Schwinn Sting Ray ( someone stole it)
    2. 1963 Schwinn 26 inch single speed. (Paper boy type bike)
    3. 1969 Murry Sting Ray with 24 inch rear tire. ( Broke the frame)
    4. 1971 Sears Dragster bike
    5. 1995 Huffy Mt bike ( bought matching bikes for me & soon to be X-wife)
    6. 1996 Nashiki Cascade Mt. Bike ( upgraded to XTR and had a set of Hope Hubs with Union Tye dye spokes on Mavic 217 rims.)
    7. 1999 Mongoose FS Mt. bike ( won it but gave it to my daughter)
    8. 2001 Gary Fisher Marlin ( Still have this one)
    9. 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR. ( just bought it})

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    1. Blue and Grey Huffy BMX 32 around 1985
    2. Black chrome Predator BMX w/ cro mo main tubes circa 1987
    3. Blue GT pro Series with 3 pc cranks bulldog brake Tiago comp III joytech hubs araya rims, bear trap peadals circa 1988
    4. Elf Double cross BMX w/ 3 pc cranks, bulldog, etc from the pro Series build 1990
    5. Ross Mt. Washington circa 1991
    6. Miyata elevation 500 (bright orange) with STX components? c.1993-4 added an Manitou 3, contol stem and ahead set in 1994-5 geometry was horrible!
    7. bought KHS aluminum frame built it up with the Miyata stuff, but got custom built wheels Nuke proof hubs with bladed spokes and sun rims (they were the coolest)! Ringle skewers of course. stolen circa 1998
    8. Iron Horse G-spot "downhill" bike lx/xt manitou x vert triple crown
    9. Iron horse MKIII sport 2007
    10. GT Pantera 1992 converted to single speed....friend left it in my basement

    ...then the obsession begins....all bought within the last three months. i always wanted a GT from the 90's now I have too many

    11. 1994 GT avalance Al buit with expensive stuff
    12. 1996 Giant STX 990....tomacs old ride. robbed the xt stuff, sold it with lx stuff
    13. 1995 GT pantera all original full STX
    14. 1994 Zaskar all original full XT Mag 21 Blue Anno frame
    15. 2001 Hive Bicycles titanium frame to be built with Cross max, white bros fork, XT/XTR. All of the stuff from my avalanche

    In my BMX days I also had a revcore frame, and a lime green predator freestyle bike with white slicks 48 spoke rims, and a "rotor" the cheap mans giro.
    2012 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO carbon 29 2010 felt solo nine SS, 1994 Zaskar ,1995 GT Pantera, 2001 Hive Ti SS....

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    First real mountain bike?

    Cannondale F600 comp - 1996
    Cannondale F2000SX - 2000
    Rocky Mountain Pipeline - 2001
    Trek Session 77 - 2005
    Iron Horse Azure Comp - 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbuncle
    Murray 24" BMX Cruiser in about 1982
    Kmart-special hot pink and neon green MTB in about '90-'92
    Sears branded "cross"(training) bike with MTB style and road wheels in '93, rode that thing all over Seattle when I first moved here.
    Blue Shogun MTB, bought from Play It Again Sports in Northgate in '94, my first messenger bike and it came with those silly Scott MTB aero bar things (which later got cut off to about 20" wide for serious high speed whitelining)
    Some kind of Diamond Back MTB, was neon orange when my friend bought it from a pawnshop at first and Pike, then he painted it rattle can green. Under heavy messenger work the rattle can got roughed off by constant locking and banging and the bike ended up a lovely multi-layered orange/green/bare steel mix. Lasted forever.
    Kona Hahanna full rigid, tan, with the original Project Two fork. Great bike. Bought used from a friend mostly stock, ended up spec'ed with full XT and Syncros group with a CK threaded headset (purple, of course) before it got run over in Seattle's beautiful Lake Union neighborhood. It gave it's life for me, as that accident was the closest I have ever come to death (that I know about).
    GT Avalanche, brushed aluminum, with a Ritchey rigid steel fork and the surviving remnants of the group from the Hahanna. Purchased for me by the driver in the above-listed accident's insurance company. Sold when I switched jobs and need some scratch, still regret selling the Syncros tubular cranks, seatpost and bar ends that were on it.
    Kona Fire Mountain, red, the last year they were steel. Another great Kona frame, lasted through two years of messenger work, ended up full XT/LX with Salsa highlights. Replaced the crappy R(eally)S(uspect)T(echnology) fork with a Project Two rigid.
    Iron Horse SGS Sport ('03). First freeride bike, not bad. Broke the frame after two seasons.
    Kona Smoke Commuter. Yet another great steel Kona, still have this bad boy, which just became nearly all XT.
    Iron Horse Yakuza Waka-Gashira. Not bad for a freeride hardtail, but ultimately too piggy to do it all. Sold it last September and still in the market for an All Mountain bike that can handle freeriding.
    Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho. Good in a way, but too big for me. As an aside, I will never buy another single pivot bike.
    Fetish Cycles Obsession DJ/park bike. Fun, light and single speed all the way!
    '06 Transition Dirtbag, newest member of the family! It sports many aof the parts from the Kumicho, with Azonic Outlaw wheels and an X.7/Saint/RF Diabolus custom group.
    Picked up an '06 Kona Coiler Deluxe to fit the AM need and it's working out spectacularly, and just replaced the Fetish with a Transition Trail or Park: I could never find my happy place with the Fetish and have always regretted selling my Giant '05 STP2 (I think I forgot to list that one, it falls between the SGS and the Kona Smoke) so hopefully the ToP will get me back there!
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    I'll limit the list to just mountain bikes:

    1995 Balance AL-150
    1997 Univega Team AL
    1998 Specialized FSR Comp
    2000 Specialized FSR S-Works
    2001 Santa Cruz Superlight
    2001 Da Bomb slalom bike (don't remember the name)
    2002 Specialized BigHit DH
    2002 Gary Fisher Paragon
    2006 Kona Kikapu

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    Ok, I'll go...

    1973 Huffy
    1975 Raleigh Supercourse
    1976 Alan Aluminum Frame
    1977 Ron Kitching
    1978 Coppi Super leggero
    1981 Masi Gran Criterium
    1983 Paletti
    1983 Specialized S Works Ultimate
    1985 Klein Mantra
    2000 Ellsworth Dare
    2005 Brodie One ball
    2007 Yeti 575

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    Each bike has a story...I'll try to be brief
    1. Yellow and black "bmx"-er with full plastic motorcycle racing plates and a banana seat (got to love the 80's!)
    2. Diamond back bmx (my first sweet! until my brother got one with pegs...lucky dog)
    3. some cheap generic mountain bike that I bought with paper route money
    4. Honda 75cc...oh, sorry, you mean the kind with pedals
    6. early 90's Schwinn Highplains, GS 300 components, bio-pace (yeah buddy) (the first bike I ever went mountain biking a flat on the rear tire on the trail w/ no patch kit, so took it off and and road the rim all the way home)
    From here on out, it was mountain bikes (mostly)
    7. 95' Schwinn Moab (returned after 1 week b/c the paint started chipping)
    8. 95' Schwinn Sierra-STX throughout, Scott AT3 (great for carrying groceries) handlebars, Ritchey Rock 440 rims...still my favorite hardtail I've ever owned (say what you will) and one of the lightest chro-mo bikes I've ever seen
    9. Diamond Back Ascent piece of poo
    10. sweet three speed crusier
    11. another three speed crusier that one of my friends chopped and made into a full-susser...too bad the frame broke
    12. Centurion LeMans RS (don't know why I tried a road bike...)
    13. Got my Sierra back from the guy I sold it to, put a trek dds3 on the front! (It weighed alot more after that)
    14. '92 Trek 9000 that I traded a guy for after it went through a house first (real) full susser...DX all around except XT levers/shifters
    15. '98 GT Zaskar (bought frame from LBS to ride around while Trek was back at the factory having brake post re-welded)
    16. '94 Nishiki FS4 (got frame on ebay and built with parts from Trek, put Manitou Spyder-R on the front)..great ride till someone stole it
    17. '03 Raleigh RAM, deore rear der., lx front der., deore discs, alex rims, WTB raptors, Manitou Axel FS, Risse Astro 5 RS...I've owned it longer than any other ride (coming up on 5 years now...almost have the wife convinced that it's time for a new new one )
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane...
    The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you'll crash.
    - Juli Furtado

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    Since I started this post, and it is still kicking,, I'd thought I would give an update:

    1. Schwinn Banana seat coaster brake (my first singlespeed!)
    2. Schwinn 10 speed that could shift while coasting
    3. Panasonic RX-4000 (car ran into me)
    4. Performance Superbe Pro (bought with car accident insurance money)
    5. Cannondale Road bike (bought from some Ironman guy our shop sponsored)
    6. Miyata with old Shimano 600
    7. Tommasini Super Prestige (wrecked into a signpost at 35 mph)
    8. Marushi mountain bike with 6 speed Deore XT.
    9. Fat Chance Wicked
    10. Redline 24” cruiser
    11. Trek 930 with Funk Big fork

    ............Long break with no bikes when I smoked cigs and ate too much junk food....................

    12. Raleigh M-400 (got me back into riding, thank you! )
    13. Tommasini Prestige (too small)
    14. Marin Mount Vision (I hated full suspension so much that it started me on singlespeed, converted the Raleigh M-400)
    15. Surly 1x1
    16. Phobia Anxiety fixed gear mountain bike (bad name for a fixed gear mtb)
    17. Raleigh Technium townie singlespeed with wicked witch of the west handlebars
    18. Oschner fixed gear road bike
    19. Tomasso fixed gear road bike
    20. Mountain Cycles Zen (still hated full suspension, why did I build this bike?)
    21. Surly Karate Monkey 29er singlespeed
    22. Bianchi CUSS singlespeed
    23. Specialized Stumpjumper singlespeed
    24. Indigo Cycles road fixie (still have)
    25. Indigo Cycles 29er singlespeed
    26. Matt Chester Indie Rock Cross Bike
    27. Trek Tandem
    28. Carver 96'er
    29. Black Sheep Fixie Commuter (still have)
    30. Niner One9
    31. Niner SIR9 (still have)
    32. Salsa El Mariachi (should have today if DHL delivers )

    God, I'm a bike wh0re...

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    1. 1980 bannana seat type bike (not sure what type)
    2. 1984 huffy bmx bike
    3. 1991 mongoose solution bmx bike
    4. 1993 trek 800 antelope
    5. 1995 gary fisher montare w/ lx xt drivetrain (which i still have and ride)
    6. 2007 gt idrive 4 5.0 w/ x9 drivetrain

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    1. GT backwoods
    2. GT Ricochet
    3. GT Zaskar
    4. GT Zaskar LE team edition
    5. Santa Cruz superlight
    5 Specialized enduro expert

    6. Don't have it yet ( SC Nomad )

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    I always had some sort of bike growing up... I think this list includes all of them.

    12" Blue bike with white tires
    16" Blue bike
    20" Black Murray
    20" Vinage Banana Seat Cruiser with ape hangers
    24" Huffy Mt. Storm 10 Speed
    26" Murray Cruiser
    26" Huffy with front suspension (1995)
    20" 2 Speed BMX
    20" Old GT BMX with mag wheels (found abandoned)
    20" Mongoose Freestyle BMX (destroyed)
    20" Mongoose BMX (1999)
    26" Vintage 3 Speed Comfort Bike
    ---Years pass---
    26" Next Shocker (lamest one yet, but I still put over 600 miles on it)
    29" Ibex Section 29
    700c Ibex Classic 3300

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    Since I posted last:

    Salsa Mamasita w/ Lefty
    Specialized Stumpjumper Pro (07, 26" wheel)
    Specialized Tarmac Comp w/ Sram Rival
    Salsa Casseroll w/ Sram Rival
    Salsa Dos Niner
    Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29er

    gee, do you see a common thread for what brands I sell right now?
    Steel is Real:
    Tires for real rides:

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    Circa 1972 Generic 3 speed bike (learned to ride)
    Circa 1976 Raleigh Arena 10 speed (first road rides, stolen)
    Circa 1978 Unknown used frame (built up myself as a proto-BMX bike)
    Circa 1980 Unknown used 10 speed (crashed into van, top tube bent beyond repair)

    Smoked, drank, moved to USA, college; didn't ride....

    1991 Diamond Back something (first "mountain" bike, stolen)
    1995 Specialized Rockhopper (stolen)
    1999 Nishiki Cascade (first suspension fork)
    2000 Santa Cruz Heckler (first full suspension)
    2001 Trek 1000 (for road rides)
    2002 Bontrager Ti-Lite (great deal on a closeout)
    2003 Redline Mono Cog (first singlespeed)
    2004 Santa Cruz Blur
    2007 Salsa El Mariachi (first 29er)

    Oh, and a new Ibis Mojo frame that I've had for several years and haven't built up yet.

    The Trek onwards are in my current stable.

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    Jun 2006
    Asst. Big Wheels and banana-seated kids bikes

    197? Schwinn Varsity 10 Speed <- $132 iirc of my own money
    1983 Univega MTB converted to SS at time of purchase...I really wanted a beach cruiser
    1987 Nishiki Cascade
    1996 Trek OCLV 9800 (now SS; still have)
    1998 Cannondale MT800? (still have)
    2002 Trek 520 Touring Bike/Monster-X (still have)
    2006 Gary Fischer Supercaliber 29er (still have)

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    hmm...wayyy to many BMX bikes to remember....
    1st MTB was a Nishiki Alien
    Fisher Montare
    Yeti Ultimate
    pieced together Centurion Ironman roadie
    Guerciotti roadie (can't remember the model)
    Specialized S-Works steel
    Specialized S-Works M2
    GT Zaskar LE
    S&M new model Dirt Bike 20" BMX
    Specialized Enduro Comp
    Tomac 98 Special
    Trek Fuel 90
    Foes FXC
    Redline Monocog
    converted Bianchi fixie
    Fisher Rig
    Iro Mark V fixie
    DK Xenia
    Fisher Ferrous 29
    Casati Monza SLX roadie
    DK 24" BMX bike
    and more to come I am sure

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    Dec 2006
    #1) A kids trike.
    #2) A gold GTO banana seat bike.
    #3) A cousins 3 speed Schwin(I Then converted it to a chopper with fork extentions & sissy bar!
    #4) Same bike but took off the fork & sissy bar and then added moto cross motor cycle handlebars & a REAR tire to the front!...into jumping & dirt riding!
    #5) A Schwinn 10 speed that my father bought for 2.00, then had me strip it one Saturday because it was for my mom & he wanted to refinish it! It disappeared for a long time & reappeared Christmas morning with all new components, bright orange, toe clips & MY NAME ON THE TAG!...WOW!
    #6) A Motive sporting good store mountain bike!
    .......It gets good now!
    #7) A Klein Rascal
    #8) A Klein Pulse
    #9) A Burley(for kids & me!)
    #10) Alley Cat (for kids & me!)
    #11) A Cannondale Tandem Mountain with a Fatty fork! (for kids & me!)
    #12) A Specialized FS M4, 1st year of production
    #13) A Ellsworth final ride!
    ...ALSO NUMEROUS kids bikes ALWAYS from my local bike store! ...Fisher & Specialized!
    Ride Dirt
    Matt W.
    Press On !
    Gal 5:6,b NIV
    Celebrating 20+ YEARS of strictly MTB riding!..I'm old

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    Well, this takes me back....

    They're sort of in order, and I'm sure I've forgotten a few, but you get the idea.

    1. 20" BRC banana seat bike converted to 5 speed w/ Brooks seat and Magura moto bars
    2. Norco CroMo BMX
    3. BRC Focus (my sister still has this one)
    4. Nishiki Kodiak w/ the first Shimano Deore kit
    5. Rocky Mountain Discovery
    6. Kona Explosif
    7. another Kona Explosif
    8. Brodie ClimbMax Select (the bike that made me a mechanic)
    9. Marin Team (the steel bike that looked like a ti)
    10. Cove Hummer (#7)
    11. Kona Sex Proto
    12. Kona DH proto
    13. Kona King Kikapu
    14. Kona King Kikapu #2
    15. Kona King Kikapu #3
    16. Kona King Kikapu #4 (they kept breaking)
    17. Kona Stinky
    18. Kona Stinky #2
    19. Kona Stinky #3
    20. Kona Stinky #4
    21. Kona Stinky #5
    22. Kona Stinky #6 (are you sensing a theme here?)
    23. Kona Stinky #7
    24. Kona Humhumunukunukuapua'a
    25. Kona Humhumunukunukuapua'a #2 -- the only aluminum ones ever made. I still have the one that didn't break.
    26. F.O.R. 4:20 -- a little frame company we rode into the history books.
    27. F.O.R. 4:40
    28. F.O.R. FMH
    29. Some weird American full squish design.....MacSomething. didn't last
    30. Psyclewerks MadDog
    31. Leader Lo-rider 20" (vintage 1969 model)
    32. Cove G-Spot 15"
    33. Cove G-Spot 17"
    34. Rocky Mountain RMX
    35. Rocky Mountain RMX #2
    36. Cove Shocker
    37. Knolly Delerium T
    38. Chromag Gypsy

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    Slowly but surely...
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    Wife let me buy a new frame b/c I got a deal on ebay, so adding:
    #18 2000 GT XCR-1000 i-drive
    can't wait to build it
    The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you'll crash.
    - Juli Furtado

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    Dec 2005

    Da List

    little red fixy
    banana seat 3 speed
    kmart 10 speed
    GT Outback
    Giant 760X
    Trek 930 SHX
    Trek 8500
    SC Heckler '97
    SC Heckler '99
    SC Chameleon SS
    Ventana Pantera (still have)
    Ventana El toro SS (still have)

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    Apr 2004

    More updates to the list

    My bike list keeps growing!

    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH (still have)
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite
    05 Seven Sola Ti (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Moment (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Rogue (still have)
    07 Ellsworth Epiphany (still have)
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS (still have)
    07 Niner RIP9 (still have)

    and road bikes:

    05 Orbea Lobular
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri (still have)
    06 Titus FCR Ti (still have)
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    Schwinn Stingray
    ~1980 Mongoose Motomag BMX
    ~1981 Peugeot 10 speed (24" wheels)
    ~1985 Nishiki 12 speed
    1986 Nishiki Tri-A Equipe
    1988 Schwinn Prologue
    1988 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp
    2000 Fisher Sugar 3
    2004 Fuji Team

    The last three I still own and ride.

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    Jan 2004
    1. Some kids bike, 1972, it broke, start of a trend.
    2. Apollo kids dirt bike, a pre BMX BMX bike with front shocks about 1975 - sold.
    3. TCI Olympic (?) Road bike, my parents thought it was time to ride an 'adult' bike - WRONG!! , last road bike I've owned, beat the sh1t out of it pretty quick.1977
    4. Raleigh BMX bike, with original Mongoose forks and seat, loved it and broke it. 1978
    5. Redline MX III, 1980 (?) stolen twice, first time saw the guys swipe it and got their licence plate!
    6. Raleigh Pro-Am BMX approx 1982, original GT bars and layback seatpost and lots of trick parts. Cracked frame in 3 places.
    7. SE Racing Quadangle 1983 ish, reynolds 531 frame, broke in spectacular fashion re-entering on a half pipe after 3 months.
    8. SE Racing Quadangle #2, warranty replacement. Lasted 2 months, cracked, got a replacement, sold it to a guy in the Yukon.
    9. Kuwahara Laser Lite, wasn't really mine but borrowed it from a friend who raced for Kuwahara while waiting for next bike. Broke it, friend not happy.
    10. 1984 Navajo BMX Race frame, thing of beauty, still have it
    11. GT Pro Performer, first generation freestyle, 1984 (?). Loved this bike, tricked to the nuts, frame outlasted so many parts including a set of Redline flight cranks, broke at axle, a set of first generation Profiles, broke at pedal, several sets of Skyway Tuff IIs, lots of stems. Only one set of bars though, some VDC Woody Itson Signature bars, I wish I still had those... Sold the bike after discovering MTBing

    12. Fisher Pro Caliber 1986, bent the forks in the first two weeks, replaced them with some Bontrager bolt togethers, still have them, bent two stems, and wrecked the XT cranks, replaced with Cooks cranks. Sold.
    13. Townsend Custom 1988 proto elevated chainstay design, beautiful bike but it broke.
    14. Townsend Custom 1989 proto, elevated chainstay design, obviouly didn't learn, broke.
    15. Townsend Custom 1990 proto, standard frame design, didn't break.
    16. Slingshot 1991, (still running Bontrager forks), great bike, lasted 2 seasons, frame cracked.
    17. Slingshot 1993, still going but a SS, with Bontrager forks or RS Mag 21s.
    18. Specialized M2 1994, POS, rode terrible, cracked.
    19. Unknown year, Kuwahara Cyclocross frame, built up with bits and pieces including a WTB drop bar, used as a commuter in Winter.
    20. 1998 Kona King Kahuna Titanium, never need to buy another hardtail, still going.
    21. 2001 Aeon/Ellsworth Joker, lucked out and got one that lasted longer than most of my friends ones, but eventually exploded last day of the chairlift season at Fernie Alpine Resort at the bottom of the hill on almost the last run. Blew into 4 pieces on the landing, rear wheel shot out, I was still standing on the pedals, my hands on the bars.
    22. 2004 Ellsworth Joker, nice bike, but I shattered my Tibia on it in Whistler, didn't ride again for 6 months, eventually sold it.
    23. 2006 Nomad, still going but am getting the itch for a Knolly DT in 08 as well as a Banshee Pyre MK II...

    Wow, 23 bikes and I broke 11 of them and 1 tibia!!

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    Ritchey Ultra 21" frame I bought from a Quebecois guy in east van
    Rocky Mountain Stratos - I broke it in 8 mths on a flat to flat on Ladies Only.....
    Norco Team Issue..- Broke it in 6 months on a flat to flat on Cypress...
    Santa Cruz - Heckler
    Cove G-spot...sold it to ebay...
    Cove Stiffee...still got it..
    Santa Cruz 4X...nicest bike of em all...

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    Lets see if I can remember all the rides owned...

    91 Giant Granite
    90 Kona Explosive
    94 Rocky Mountain Blizzard
    97 Mountain Cycle San Andreas (FS)
    97 Pro Flex 857 (FS)
    98 Intense M1 (FS)
    99 Azonic DS2
    00 Azonic Evolution
    01 Foes DHS (FS)
    97 Turner Burner DH (FS)
    03 Santa Cruz Heckler (FS)
    03 Santa Cruz Chameleon
    04 Santa Cruz Heckler (FS)
    05 Turner SixPack(RFX) (FS)
    06 GT Moto

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    Nov 2007
    1. Some Huffy POS
    2. Some Magma POS
    3. Giant Rincon

    Soon, either a Kona Stab or Giant Glory 1 after the holidays. Anyone have any experience with these two?

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    Back in the '80s BMX days:
    GT Performer
    PK Ripper

    My grown-up bikes:
    03 Specialized Hardrock
    03 Specialized Epic disc
    03 Giant VT1
    04 Santa Cruz Blur
    01 Giant NRS1
    05 Marin Attack Trail
    04 Specialized Enduro
    01 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
    04 Specialized Epic S-Works
    04 Access (converted to SS)
    05 Giant Trance1
    03 Gary Fisher 292 29er
    06 Giant Reign1
    06 Giant Anthem1
    04 Fuji Roubaix Pro(all these MTBs, need a roadie in there somewhere)
    07 Zion 29er (used as geared and SS)
    07 Cannondale Rush
    02 Cannondale Jekyll
    05 Specialized Epic Marathon(converted to SS)

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    This is a cool thread.

    Can't remember/name all the BMX bikes I had, so I'll just stick to mt. bikes

    In order of appearance:
    '86 24" Schwinn Enduro (5 speed)
    '88 Nishiki Colorado
    '89 Specialized Rock Hopper
    '90 Diamondback Apex
    '93 GT Avalanche
    '01 KHS Rigid One (now converted to DJ/SS status)
    '05 Giant Faith
    '06 IronHorse Yakuza Kumicho Type R
    '99 or '00 (not sure) Santa Cruz Heckler
    '05 Cannondale Prophet

    I kept out-growing/having to sell bikes until my dad hinted that I should probably just get a 21" frame if I was going to spend that much on a GT Avalanche. That bike lasted me from when I was 13 until I got to college, then my fat college, stair hucking, beer drinking butt finally destroyed the frame around the bottom bracket.

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    Roger Decoster BMX bike (wish I still had that)
    Dyno Compe Freestyle bike
    Haro Master Freestyle bike

    Quit riding to play music and drink lots of beer and smoke lots of cigarettes...

    Quit smoking and started riding again...

    Diamondback Response
    Santa Cruz Chameleon
    Gary Fisher Sugar 3+
    2007 Rocky Mountain Element 30

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    1. Some Kent mini bmx bike ~1983
    2. Diamondback Viper ~1985
    3. Hutch Pro Racer (pre serial #)
    4. Schwinn Mountain bike w/ 24" wheels around 1986
    5. Specialized Hard Rock Comp (early 1990's)

    Stopped riding bicycles, rode dirtbikes, finished highschool, went to college, rode sportbikes and dirtbikes for a while...

    6. 2006 Cannondale F300 (Graduation present from my wife).
    7. Hutch Pro Racer Frame (serial #, USA frame... planning on building up like the one I had as a kid).
    8. 2007 Cannondale Rush 3Z (Gift to myself to mourn the sale of my motorcycles).

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    Nov 2007

    bikes i've loved

    1955 my dad's english three speed racer and my own single speed starter (no trainers thx)

    1960 a sears three speed (with speedometer)
    1965 sears ten speed road bike (made in austria with good geometry & heuret parts)
    1968 Mondia (Paul Elgi model)
    1970 Schwinn Paramount track bike
    1971 Ron Cooper road ( i had two ) & a Holdsworth (which wasn't)
    1979 Pro Cruiser w/ drum brakes (from eric & don koski.cove bike shop)
    this bike was destroyed when it fell off a car at speed)
    1980 Trailmaster (i had two ser.# 002 and have one ser # 021)
    1986 an '84 cunningham racer ( bought from pt. reyes bike shop) ser. # "U".
    transfered to the cycle shark museum inzurich switzerland 12/20/07.
    2000 Santa cruz heckla
    2005 Scott aluminum- full campi/ritchey

    plus i have a couple o' townies

    oh an two beautiful bicycle trailer which I built in 1980 for commercial deliveries in Marin County

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    2006: Giant BoxShock: broke it in two halves the day I got my new bike


    2007: American Eagle Lightning: fantastic frame, weighing only 2280 grams including shock (manitou SPV 3-way)

    built up to
    yeah, I know
    Quote Originally Posted by 88 rex
    Maybe "AM" riding will break a XC bike, but maybe XC riding will break an AM rider

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    Feb 2004
    Diamond Back Show Time
    GT Pro
    Mongoose - Something or other BMX Frame
    GT Richochet (first MTB)
    Giant Tomac Yellow Hardtail
    Giant SE1 Red
    Cannondale R900 (first Road Bike)
    Giant NRS-1
    Giant Mosh (shoprat bike)
    Cannondale R???? Whichever one had ultegra in 1998 - Yellow
    Dean Ti Lite Road Frame with Ultegra (First Ti Bike)
    Interloc Racing Design Steel Hardtail (Jenson Closeout)
    On-One Inbred Geared Frame
    Weyless SP
    K2 Road Bike (I forget the model...hated it)
    Bianchi SASS (First SS)
    Salsa Juan Solo
    On-One Inbred SS Frame
    On-One Inbred 456 Geared
    Iron Horse MKIII Expert
    Scott Scale
    Landshark MTB (Vintage, currently building up)
    Fuji Sunset (Junker Vintage, making a townie out of it)
    Lemond Road Bike (Riding Today)
    Ellsworth Moment (Riding Today)
    Redline Flight Monocog (Riding Today)

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    I Tried Them ALL... SuperModerator
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    My Bikes

    Young Punk Days:
    1) 1975 JCPenney 5-speed w/ sissy bar.
    2) 1978 D&G 20" BMX w/ Motomag wheels.
    3) 1979 Red Line Chrome Moly 20" BMX w/ Tuff Wheels.
    4) 1980 FMF Alloy 20" BMX w/ Cook Bros. headset.

    Dope Fiend Days:
    1) 1997 Specialized Rockhopper A1 FS - Traded for leather jacket + $50 cash.
    2) 1999 Pacific Full-Suspension - Found it dumpster-diving. Abandoned it after RD broke.
    3) 2001 NEXT 24" Full-Suspension - Found it in front of house. Later stolen, while locked.
    4) 1997 Roadmaster hardtail - Lost my license, and this was my primary ride.
    5) 1993 Giant Innova hardtail - Unattended bike, in front of house. Left Roadmaster behind.
    6) 2002 Giant Full-Suspension - Saw kids cut lock, and chased them away. Got bike easy
    7) 2004 Gary Fisher Zebrano hardtail - Purchased for $40. Stolen from rehab facility.

    Recovered XC Rider:
    1) 2006 Trek 4900 Disc - Great bike to train on, but weighed 33lbs. Sold it after 1400miles.
    2) 2006 Cannondale F600 Furio - Lost 50lbs of fat, riding this bike. I have a new addiction.
    3) 2005 Cannondale F2000 SL - Just purchased frame. This wll re-ignite my passion for the sport, now. Shooting for 23lb XC race build.
    Last edited by Cayenne_Pepa; 01-24-2008 at 12:03 AM.

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    Cool read…good times/memories.

    My list is fairly short, with a new mtb ~2yrs.

    1.’94 Trek 8000, rigid: ridden for 2 yrs. Sold

    2.’96 Trek 9200, 3” full sus: ridden for 2 yrs. Sold.

    3.’98 Kona King Kickapoo, 4” full sus with original Bomber Z1.
    Rode everything from XC/AM to lift access DH at Snow Summit. Still have, and put out to pasture.

    4.’00 Ellsworth Truth SE, 4” full sus (25.5 lbs):
    Mostly good for buff singletrack, still have, using now on “easy” rides with my wife or on road when trails are too muddy.

    5.’02 Intense Uzzy DH, 7/6” full sus f/r (36 lbs):
    Mainly built up for DH at Snow Summit. Some parts swapped to Nomad, frame/fork boxed up.

    6.’04 Specialized Enduro Pro, 5” full sus (28 lbs):
    Still have in S.D for business trips out there.

    7.’06 Ellsworth Epiphany, 5.25” full sus (28 lbs):
    Still have, current ride for XC/light-AM.

    8.’07 Santa Cruz Nomad, 6/6.5” full sus f/r (32.5 lbs):
    Still have, current ride.for AM/light-FR. Can swap-in DH rims for beefier setup.
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    15 Speed Huffy Mt. Storm
    18 Speed Murray ULTRA
    95 Diamondback Master TG
    96 GT Timberline
    96 Diamondback Apex SE
    96 Diamondback WCF 4.0
    98 GT Avalanche
    02 Aegis Aro Svelte
    06 Diamondback XSL Trail

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    Schwinn (year unknown) with banana seat (General Lee orange)
    Huffy (year unknown)
    Hutch BMX (year unknown)
    Huffy Scout (approx. 1986)
    Flying O (bought new in 1987)
    Kuwahara Mountain bike (year unknown); Suntour XC comp.
    1990 Bianchi Forte
    1996 Bianch Martini Racing (Reparto Corse)
    1998 Bianchi Peregrine
    1985 Bianchi Volpe ; $5.00 at garage sale and I race CX on it!
    2006 Bianchi M.U.S.S.
    New project: Vintage lugged steel road bike of unknown origin (soon to be fixie)

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    1982 Mongoose Californian BMX
    1984 Patterson Racing BMX
    1988 Mongoose MTB (can't remember the model)
    1988 Specialized Stumpjumper (was stolen)
    1989 Scott MTB (can't remember the model)
    1989 Diamond Back Ascent
    1990 Ritchey Super Comp (Bent the frame)
    1990 KHS Team MTB
    1990 Vitus Road Bike
    -hiatus from riding-
    2005 Santa Cruz Chameleon
    1999 Trek 7000 SS Conversion
    2005 Voodoo Erzulie SS Conversion

    My current rides
    1987 Schwinn LeTour Fixie Conversion
    2007 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp
    2008 Ventana El Toro SS

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    Raleigh something?
    Raleigh Red Baron bmx
    Torker race bmx
    Gt Pro Performer bmx
    Nishiki Bushwhacker
    Kona Cindercone
    Gary Fisher Paragon
    Ellsworth Joker
    Canondale Gemini
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Transition Preston
    Turner Six Pack
    Chumba Evo

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