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    Most of my friends wonder why I have so many bikes and lo and behold, people who are similarily afflicted.

    So here's my list from the beginning:

    Red and white trike-I think just about everyone started with one of these.
    Yellow CCM kid's bike- All I remember about it is riding it off the dock into Lake Ontario
    3 speed banna seat thingy-stolen from the garage 'casue I was too lazy to carry it upstairs
    Kid's 10 spd road bike- I think it was Japanese
    Raleigh Record 10 spd bike-my main mode of transport through high school
    '90 Mongoose Iboc-my high school graduation "gift" which I ended up paying for
    '93 KHS Montana Pro- Stolen
    '94 Proflex 854
    '94 Miele Road bike-it was fushia and had 105 on it. That's all I remember about it.
    '95 Rocky Mountain Fusion- replaced the KHS
    '97 Spec FSR A1- the cheaper Taiwanese built FSR
    '97 Spec FSR Max- one of my favourite bikes, still have the frame
    '96 Brodie Expresso- looked great in dark purple with a yellow Noleen fork but what do I know, I'm colour blind.
    '9? Mantis Flying V- traded the Expresso for it, then sold it, then bought it back 2 years later. I still have it and I'm not parting with it this time .
    '97 Cannondale R1000-crashed into a Brinks truck with it. We both lost.
    '99 Santa Cruz Superlight-too whippy
    '99 Specialized Crossroads-don't know what I was thinking
    '9? Cannondale Super V Freeride-see above
    '0? Schwinn Super Sport road bike-got it just before they went bankrupt for the second time.
    '04 Rocky Mountain Turbo- in the proper red and white maple leaf fade paint job
    '04 Specialized Epic Marathon- anyone interested in buying it? 'Cause its replacement just came in(see bottom of list).
    '04 Kona Dr Dew- great city bike. And good on wine tours too.
    '04 Intense Tracer-a bit too big so it's for sale. If I get around to it.
    '07 Ibis Mojo- What can I say except wow, what a bike.

    25 bikes in 35 years, wow.

    Maybe my friends have a point...

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    2006 Yeti AS-X
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    Bikes I have owned

    1. Huffy bike bought from AAFES in Guam (8 years old).
    2. Huffy Strider 10 Speed (Kmart special).
    3. Huffy 18 speed mountain bike (AAFES in Korea)
    4. Roadmaster 18 speed mountain bike (Walmart)
    5. Mongoose XR75 21 speed (Walmart)

    Then I got visited by the ghost of Walmart bikes past, present, and future after I got my shoulder separated on the Mongoose after a slideout and then I bought a:

    6. 2006 Specialized Hardrock Sport.

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    Could be worse addictions!

    Schwinn banana seat bike with shifter
    A couple of home made used-pieced together-mutts
    Raleigh Record (white with orange panels, looked great) – stolen 1976 – bastards
    Schwinn LaTour

    Motorcycles took over…

    Earth Cruiser - 1979-80
    Ross Mt. Hood 1980-1?
    Fat Chance Kicker 1982
    Columbine MTB*1984? (worst fitting bike I ever had made)
    Wicked Fat Chance – ran over by car - mine
    Wicked Fat Chance - replacement
    Manits Valkyeri* (favorite 26” MTB)
    Ibis ti Mojo
    Ibis up-tube tandem w/4 color fade paint*
    Cannondale early dual suspension - forget model
    Trek OCLV road bike
    Mantis ProFloater – broke in half
    Calfee Tetra-Pro
    Lightning P-38 (it was a phase)
    Bruce Gordon Rock & Road
    Rhygin cycles MTB w/ S&S couplers* (now my sons)
    Seven Cycles Teres
    Ellsworth Truth
    Turner 02
    Phil Wood kiss-off (steel)
    Seven Sola 29er used
    Seven Cycles Tsunami
    Rivendell Allrounder*
    Phil Wood Piss-off Ti*
    Calfee Dragonfly
    Gunner Street Dog fixie* (fun change of pace)
    Vanilla road bike* (favorite road bike)
    Steve Potts 29er
    Kirk Montana road bike* (now my other sons)
    Jeff Jones 29er* (favorite MTB ever)
    Pugsley* (a ton of fun!)
    Funk LaRuta 29er*
    Vanilla “fish bike”* (favorite bike)
    Kelly (close out cross/bad weather bike.)*
    Moots rigid, S&S, Rohloff 29er*
    Kirk travel road bike* (Italy, here I come this summer)
    Ahearne 29er singlespeed* (close 2nd favorite MTB)
    Parlee Z1* (fastest although that is not saying much with me onboard)
    Municycle (kids xmas present to me, I have no idea how to ride it)

    *still have these

    May have missed one or two. Only have one in the distant pipeline so this will be it for a while...

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    I like this thread. Brings back some great memories. Well here it goes,

    '77 black "big wheel" (first iteration of a 29er)
    '78 red Schwinn
    '80 black Huffy.
    '84 Diamondback bmx, not sure of the model
    '86 Redline bmw
    '91 Raliegh mtb, aluminum frame. pain.
    '92 Bridgestone MB-2

    long time off for partying, etc

    '03 Caloi softail. cheap bike to see if I still liked riding.
    yes Bob, I still do.
    '03 Titus custom FCR Ti with 4" of suspension.
    '04 Ventana El Saltamontes
    '05 Salsa Dos Niner
    '06 Niner SIR 9
    '07 Ventana El Padrino

    I like the progression...

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    91' Trike
    93' Huffy
    97' Proflex Attack
    97' Trek Aluminum ZX 9700
    97' Trek XC 930
    05' Iron Horse MKIII Comp
    06' Specialized Enduro Expert
    06' Fuji Team RC
    06' Scott Scale 10 (coming soon)

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    1974 Yellow Banana seat bike
    197? Purple banana seat bike
    1980 Mongoose
    1980ish Schwinn Varsity 10 speed
    1984 Fuji 12 speed
    1984 Diamondback Silver Streak
    1985 Diamondback Silver Streak
    1985 Diamondback Leary Turbo
    1986 GT Pro Series built myself
    1986 GT 24" cruiser built myself
    1986 MCS chrome 20" custom build
    1986 MCS chrome cruiser custom build
    1988 MCS chrome 20
    1988 MCS chrome cruiser
    1989 MCS blue 20"
    1989 MCS blue cruiser
    1989MCS white 20"
    1989 MCS white cruiser
    1990 MCS white 20
    1990 MCS white cruiser
    1992 MCS blue 20"
    1992 MCS blue cruiser
    1995 Another MCS cruiser and 20"
    1992 Diamondback road bike
    1995 Specialized Stump Jumper
    1997 Spwcialized S Works
    2006 Giant Rein 1
    2006 Giant XTC (building now)

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    As a kid
    Huffy Mountain bike
    Some road bike, can't remember the brand

    98 GT Karakoram
    00 Raleigh M80
    00 K2 EVO 4.0
    02 Rocky Mountain Instinct
    04 Planet X Armadillo
    04 Planet X Zebdi
    06 Cove Handjob XC
    07 Tranistion Covert

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    BMX moto bike with front and back suspension (1976)
    nishiki ten speed
    another ten speed
    full race mongoose team BMX
    beach cruiser
    Cannodale M500
    45 dollar Target full suspension
    Zieg Lam whopping 3 inches of travel
    Kona Stinky
    Specialized Big Hit
    Azonic Recoil
    Azonic Saber
    Azonic Gravity
    Intense M-3
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    1. Schwinn metallic blue banana seat
    2. Sears BMX red
    3. Ross Girls bike banana seat
    4. Schwinn Beach Cruiser all original parts
    5. Peugot 10 speed way to big for me. Seat post slammed all the way down.
    6. 1993 GT Timberline green all rigid, gel grips,gel seat, Specialized Ground Controls
    7. Team RTS, Noleen shock(maybe 2.5 inches) Grafton cranks, Mag 21 SL, all anodized blue parts.
    8. Team LTS, Judy SL
    9. Team LTS the one with the coilover
    10. Litespeed Ocoee F/S
    11. Specialized Stumpjumper M2 (grey)w/Spins
    12. Tomasso SL tubing
    13. Outland VPP Marzocchi Z1
    14. Outland VPP DH, Foes Fork
    15. Yeti Straight 6
    16. Cortina DH
    17. Intense M1 SL (yellow)
    18. Sunn Radical Plus
    19. Kona King Kikapu
    20. Kona Hot 853 steel
    21. Intense M1 SL (polished)
    22. WTB hardtail Ritchey dropouts
    23. Lemond Zurich
    24. Schwinn straight 6
    25. GT Zaskar LE
    26. Standard 24" 125 (BMX Cruiser)
    27. Turner DHR Double top tube
    28. Turner 6 pack
    29. Badd 24" Cruiser
    30. Specilized Stumpjumper M2 (blue)
    31. Turner DHR Turner Honda Team model

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    1. 16" bmx made by "bmx"
    2. 20" randoor (stolen)
    3. 20" kent 5 spd
    4. 92 24" schwinn sidewinder
    5. 93 26" trek 800
    6. 95 mongoose switchback
    7. 97 trek 6000 hardtail (stolen)
    8. bianch bmx of some sort (freewheel broke, not sure what i did with it)
    9. 95 Raliegh m80 hardtail
    10. 97 klein mantra race
    11. 03 santa cruz superlight
    12. 04 bianchi SASS
    13. 06 giant faith 3 (still have)
    14. 05 santa cruz blur
    15. 03 bianchi buss (still have)
    16. 05 trek fuel ex9 (still have)
    17. 07 Free Agent Hellcat 24 (still have just bought last weekend)
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    Of all the bikes I've had before.....

    - Sears - Convertable [removeable top tube] - 20" wheels - purple - cottered cranks [liked to fall apart] - 1973?

    - Sears - 24" wheels - coaster brake - hideous greenish yellow paint - learned how not to true a wheel - 1976?

    - Schwinn "Le Tour" - 27" wheels - 10 speeds - real aluminum rims - 1978?

    - Univega - ? - some kind of road bike - grey - 12 speeds - 700c wheels - 1985?

    - Raleigh - "Cross Country" - maroon - cruiser / mountain bike - 10 speeds - side pull brakes - knock off of an early Joe breezer design - 1985?

    - Specialized Rock Hopper - navy blue - 18 speeds - bio pace chain rings! - hite rite seat adjuster! - 1987

    - Specialized - "Cross Road" - white- hybrid, set up with specialized BB-1 copies of the original dirt drop handle bar - never could get those things high enough - 700 x 45mm panaracer smokes [at one point] - 1991

    - Schwinn - "Cross Cut" - Red - frame seemed stouter than the "Cross Road", limited tire choices. Fairly stout tho. - 1994

    - Supergo - "Access" - mountain bike - blue - manitou SRX fork, LX components - 2001

    - Kona - "Major Jake" - cyclo cross bike. Great bike! Too small. - 2003

    - Redline - Conquest Pro - cyclo cross bike. Better fit, harsh ride. - 2004

    - Gary Fisher - Mount Tam 29er - ahh, very comfy and confidence inspiring mtn bike. BB too low. Took it to Moab, very happy with how it worked - 2005.

    - Soma - "Double Cross" - cyclo cross bike - good fit with frame, had S & S couplers inserted - hope to take it traveling - 2006.

    - Soma - "Juice" - 29er. Great fit, good bb hgt, Titec licensed H-bars - 2006. Now if I could just get the hang of the horizontal drop outs!.

    People keep saying there is no perfect bike, now if I could just believe that!

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    I added another bike to the collection this week and got to cross one of the "want / need" list to boot. She looks rather odd mixed in with all the modern bikes I have sitting in the shop and I suppose some of those bikes are getting a little jealous.

    It's a 1933 CCM men's coaster bike... the bearings and hubs have all been serviced and now all that's left is the restoration of the paint to it's original colours.

    All the original parts were intact save for the seat (but I found a decent Brooks saddle) and despite her scruffy appearance, she's a still a great ride at 74 years of age.
    I ride with 65'er...he's a mountain goat....But then again, we need to throw him in the mud and pack his pockets with lead shot before a scale will read him. - Psycho Mike

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    Green Machine....

    I see some people had a Big Wheel (pedal front wheel and steer with front wheel until plastic wheels get flat spots), but did anyone else have a Green Machine (pedal front wheel and use two 'control arms' to swivel rear wheels in order to was P.I.M.P.)!?!?!

    Big Wheel
    Green Machine
    POS Huffy BMX Bike that I 'tricked out' with parts from Target
    Mongoose Californian (SWEET).....never could afford the Uni seat.....
    Some no name 10 speed bike that was abondoned at my apt. complex in college

    Years without a bike during college/drinking/a$$ chasing years......

    Raleigh M60 (30-31 years of age...sold to friend at 1/2 price)
    2002 Gary Fisher Suger 3+ (31-32 years of age...sold to same friend above at 1/2 price)
    Santa Cruz Blur (original) (32-33 years of age...sold on to guy in Iowa)
    2006 Ventana El Salt (33 years of age.............)
    2006 Lemond Alp D Huez (34 years of age.........)

    Wish List: Ventana El Rey or El Cap.........

    2003 Specialized Hard Rock
    2007 Trek 4200 SL

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    even though some folks think i'm going back to the time before tires, here goes:

    no-name 16" cruiser, blue w/ travel stickers all over it (i'm not counting the tricycle that preceded it)
    schwinn stingray, green/white, shoulda kept
    huffy p.o.s. 3-sp cruiser, dark purple, possessed
    schwinn 10-sp, bought after riding it as a loaner on a weeklong bike trip south of Indy, loaned to buddy after buying first car, gave up on bikes for a few years when buddy paid me for the bike 'cause stolen/stripped
    murray complete p.o.s. 10-sp (26" skinnies!), damn near gave away to get rid of
    garage sale p.o.s. 12-sp w/ exercise bike saddle on it, rode it about 6 times before dumpstering it
    murray cruiser from wally, gave to bro-in-law after he dubbed it "the handicapped bike"
    huffy rigid that actually served its purpose before the frame fatigued and broke
    mongoose fs that my sister finally broke after i gave it to her
    pacific ht i still have, built up as a "ghetto cruiser"
    motobecane xb4 p.o.s. (khs fxt clone), broke frame in two places while commuting
    weyless sp, currently down for new paint
    jamis dakar xlt, new

    there was "the dark time" in the middle, between the 1st murray & the garage sale bike, about 10 years, when i was stupidly wrapped up in cars. never should have hung up the 1st schwinn 10sp....
    A bike is the only drug with no bad side effects....

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    1.) Red sears bike w/ banana seat.......hand-me-down from my sisters
    2.) Huffy BMX Bike......can't remember which model, but it was black with gold trim
    3.) Diamond Back Silver Streak BMX
    4.) Redline (PL 20?)........white w/ cool skyway mags!
    5.) GT Pro Perfromer
    6.) Trek first mountain bike! I ended up putting one of the original Trek shocks on it!
    7.) Mongoose IBOC
    8.) KHS (can't remember the model) w/ Rock Shox Judy XC
    9.) Klein Pulse
    10.) Yeti ARC
    11.) Intense Tracer
    12.) Santa Cruz Blur
    13.) Yeti 575 (current ride)

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    1974: Pinokyo: a foldable Turkish bike

    1996: Diamondback Topanga: didn't use much, a friend who has been borrowing it dumped it

    2002: Gary Fisher Tassajara: started real mountain biking with, now converted to a commuter

    2006: Titus Eleven in SS form: the real thing!


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    Here goes... I'm being constantly heckled for having this many while still in college.

    one or two I can't remember
    90's cheapo 24" Schwinn mtb

    Currently have:
    mid 80's Raleigh Technium mtb (going to get rid of it for cheap after getting a bb stuck in it - check the classifieds soon)
    2005 Gary Fisher Piranha
    1980 Raleigh Supercourse
    2005 SE Racing B.M. Flyer (29er SS)
    1973 Raleigh Competiton (this has mostly Suntour Superbe components, with a cool two-tone paint job by Matt Assenmacher)
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    93 GT Avalanche... remember the steel one with the cow paint job? I wish I had a picture of the 'ol mountain cow.
    95 Bontrager Race Lite... got ripped off
    2001 GT Avalance
    2001, Giant carbon hardtail... I can't remember the actual name other than I enjoyed it. A good friend let me borrow it for an extended period of time.
    2004 Curtlo Advanced Mountaineer.
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    it would be a LONG list
    I did it a few years ago and it was about 30..
    add probably 15 to that

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    Let's see if I can remember. I remembered some that I had forgotten about as I read this thread. Dates are approximate.

    1970: Schwinn Stingray. I had a few of these as I kept breaking them and they kept replacing them.
    1975: BMX bike. I can't remember the brand, but it had a top tube that was almost a straight line from the head tube to the rear axle. The seat tube stuck up to far and I cracked it there, but the local metal shop teacher welded it for me.
    1977: Schwinn ten speed with 24" wheels.
    1980: Robinson BMX bike.
    1982: Cheap Bianchi roadbike.
    1984: Old vintage cruiser. I trashed it, but it's still in my parents shed, so sometime I need to collect it and restore it.
    1988: Diamond Back Apex. My first mountain bike.
    1993: Schwinn Paramount. This was way too flexible for me, but I bought it mostly for parts.
    1993: Alpinestar Full suspension. This got all the parts off the paramount. I went from rigid to full without ever trying front suspension. This bike had the option of different rear triangle parts so you could race xc or dh with it. I abused it for a few years and the bushings got very sloppy. It finally died in a head-on crash with a jeep on a fireroad. Fortunately I was fine.
    1998: Supergo Access. This got all the parts off the Alpinestars and was converted to SS.
    1998: Intense Tracer. This was a new bike and was awesome, but I found that the SS was more fun on the local trails and only used the Tracer when I thought it was warranted.
    2000: Vitus roadbike. This was pieced together via a couple of friends old parts.
    2001: Cannondale CAAD 4. This was my first good roadbike. It was awesome.
    2004: Cannondale Optimo. This replaced the CAAD 4 frame, which was getting old, and it got mostly old parts.
    2005: Gary Fisher Rig. This was my introduction to 29ers. I loved it.
    2006: Vulture. This replaced the Rig, but got mostly new parts.

    Hmm, 16. Not too bad.


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    My list

    Compared to many of the posters, my list is pretty short. As with most, I don't remember the childhood bikes, but here are the ones I remember since picking up mountain biking in 1993.

    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH (still have)
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite (still have)
    05 Seven Sola Ti (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Moment (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Rogue (still have)
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS (waiting to be built up)

    and 2 road bikes:

    05 Orbea Lobular (still have)
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri (still have)
    Kokopelli Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by indigosky
    Every bike I’ve owned, funny how I can remember these better than I can my ex-girlfriends…
    of course -- the bikes treated you better (ortherwise they wouldn't be EX-girlfriends)!
    A bike is the only drug with no bad side effects....

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    Ex-bikes don't follow you around and get psycho
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    Dude what a cool thread!

    1. huffy still got it in the basement!
    2.Western Auto FreedomIII psuedofreestule bike which I later turned into a steamroller
    3.Diamondback Sorrento- my first forray into mountainbiking I later slapped a softride stem with almost 2 inches of travel for the "DH" runs
    4. specialized stumpjumper 96 my first "quality" bike
    5.KHS it was shiny
    6.Specialized m4 FSR all zooted up still got it its a loaner bike now anyone wanna buy it?
    7.Litespeed Toccoa still got that one! This marks my enrty into the brand whore realm I guess fun hardtail but I'm no racer
    8.Ellsworth Id 02 nice long travel bike to substitute my FSR. The litespeed was more fun than the FSR.
    9.Ellsworth Dare 02 I still can't ride this thing anywhere close to its limits. I call it my barco bike cuz its laid back like the barko lounger weighs as much as one too. One ellsworth which i'll hang onto.
    10.Ellsworth Moment traded my squirrely, too tall Id in for this one then had problems with swarf destroying my bb threads. Gonna fix it, sell it, and buy something else.

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    Schwinn Gremlin
    GT Dyno
    03 Specialized Hardrock
    03 Specialized Epic
    05 Specialized Allez Elite
    69 Schwinn Super Sport
    06 Specialized Enduro
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    1960- I went to the neighbor's house and gave them $1 for this tiny bike. I broke the frame about three years later.
    1965- A gold Stingray with a slick.
    1966- Brazed a gear onto a three speed hub. Made my first mountain bike. Proceeded to ride it on trails.
    1967- Mercier ten speed. Plum color. Huret crappy derailleurs. The beginning of my road riding. Oh, 69 dollars new.
    1969- Italvega Super Speciale (Wow! All Campi.) Sew ups. I began road riding on the San Francisco penninsula. Every day for years I road up Old La Honda or Page Mill or Kings Mt. Road and then along Skyline and swooping down home. Met Jobst Brandt. Tom Ritchey. Not many bikers back then.
    1985- 1983 Diamondback Ridgerunner. Started hitting trails in Palo Alto and Los Alto hills, and Mount Tam.
    1988- Broke the Ridgerunner frame. Got a Diamondback Apex.
    2001 Giant NRS Air
    2002 Giant NRS Air
    2003 Giant NRS Air
    2007 Ibis Mojo carbon fiber. Just got it two days ago. Holy Cow!

    There was a unicycle in there too. I actually road Page Mill on that thing. I also commuted to school on it for years, in the late 60's.
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    See if I can remember that far back.......

    1955...Hand painted red Xmas special-loved the freedom
    1958..Black Schwinn Racer single speed
    1964..Western Auto import conversion. SA 3 spd hub+Cyclo 3 speed derailler
    1966..White Pugeot PX-10- tour de france replica
    1972..Raliegh Professional- full campy record
    1974..Colnago Super - need to say more?
    1976..Raliegh Professional- should have kept the first!
    1978...Self-bulit Custom Touring frame-retired after 20 years use and hanges on the wall
    1998..Santa Cruz Heckler
    2006..Turner 5-Spot - LOVE THE FREEDOM!

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    1983 black banana seat thing with 3 peed shifter on the down tube
    1984 black moto looking thing with front and rear 'suspension', complete with orange plastic fenders and gas tank (stolen )
    1988 split stem something that looked like a real mountain bike (broken bb, rode home once with one crank arm, front wheel and fork came off during a ride, put to sleep)
    1994 Kuwahara Roc D'Azur XT (first real mountain bike, one of the last Japanese built)
    1996 GT Zaskar LE (still have the frame)
    1996 GT Team LTS (with 98 rear triangle, transfered Zaskar parts to shiny new frame)
    2006 Ibis Mojo carbon SLX (all new parts)

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    97 Spec Ground Control A1 (shop demo bike, bought in 98)
    -Sold when I outgrew it
    06 Kona Scrap
    -Bought two weeks ago

    Looking at adding a road/cyclocross bike to the list soon, don't like commuting on the scrap
    EDIT: that plan went horribly wrong. Lol, bike numero three, summed up in one word: softride
    now still looking for something to drag to school!
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    Starting from when I was super young (I am only 25 currently)

    Raleigh Monger (91/92 maybe)
    Raleigh Legend (93 ish) was probably the first bike I had that actually got me into riding.
    Concorde Team Comp (my first real bike) 1995 ish.
    Gary Fisher Supercaliber (1997) Just sold this bike last year, was my longest running, best overall bike to date. I miss her sometimes.
    Devinci Silverstone road bike (2004)
    Current: 2006 Trek 8000 disc, looking at a full susser for this spring.
    2013 Cannondale F29 2
    2013 Giant Seek 0
    2010 Specialized SX Trail
    2009 Cannondale Rize 4

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    early 70's 4 Big Wheels
    early 70's Some kind of three wheeled three speed chopper thing
    mid 70's Schwinn bannana seat (sisters hand me down, man was I cool)
    late 70's Huffy wannabe 20" BMX
    early 80's Schwinn Duster 20"
    mid 80's off brand discount store 10 speed
    late 80's Schwinn World ten speed
    1993 Trek Antelope 830 (neighbor kids still riding it, very durable cromolly bike)
    2001 Trek 8000 (sold to help pay for the EX9 wish I still had it now that it is gone)
    2006 Trek 1000
    2006 Trek Fuel EX9
    We'll have to wait and see what the future brings.

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    circa 1966- a red no-name coaster brake bike...singlespeed you say? been there, done that!
    circa 1970- green Raleigh Colt 3-speed
    1976- siler Motobecane Mirage
    1987- Red/Yellow Miyata 712
    1997- green/purple Trek 930 Singletrack (my first mountainbike)
    2001- GVH Raleigh Professional
    2002- Trek 8000 hardtail
    2002- Cannondale R900 (1986 frame built up as a project)
    2002- Raleigh Grand Prix (1987)
    2003- Raleigh GS Professional (1978) my first Campy equipped bke
    2003- Peugeot Nice (1987)
    2004- KHS Solo One singlespeed MTB
    2005- Santa Cruz Heckler
    2006- Santa Cruz Chameleon
    2007- Cycles Gitanes Tandem (1976)
    2007- Specialized Allez (1992)
    2007- Titus Racer X (on the way!!!)

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    1992---Specialized Crossroads.
    1995---Giant ATX 890. (saved up $1000 for it when I was 15)
    1997---Schwinn Homegrown XT Hardtail.
    1997---Schwinn Homegrown Factory. Black w/ red darts; replaced from XT (BB threads crossthreaded from the schwinn)
    1998---Scwhinn Homegrown Factory. Bassboat red/gold - Replaced the black frame which I accidentally crumpled riding off an 7' drop
    1999---Trek 5500 Team OCLV. (Sold about 2 years later, road biking wasn't my thing then)
    2006---Titus Modena. Road bike
    2007---Just ordered a 2006 black ano Racer-X (can't wait, haven't had a all new mtn. bike for 10 years!)

    I was so happy with the Yeti built Homegrown Factory hardtail (soon to be single speed), I thought I would never replace it, but I've been drawn to the RX for a year and finally decided to pull the trigger!!
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    I've had a few....

    • Gary Fisher CR-7
    • Haro Extreme
    • Fat Chance Buck Shaver
    • Aegis Carbon Fiber
    • Spooky Darkside
    • KHS Pro FZ
    • KHS Team Issue (x2)
    • Cannondale F900
    • Cannondale "Beast of the East"
    • Yeti 575
    • Titus Moto-Lite
    • GT Zaskar
    • Breezer Jet Stream
    • Schwinn Panther
    • Surly 1x1
    • Surly Karate Monkey
    • Intense Spider
    • Santa Cruz Super-Lite
    • Anvil Hammer
    • Access XCL
    • Giant XTC Hybrid (carbon/AL)
    • Two Circles Cycloid
    • Ritchey P-20
    • Slingshot
    • Scott Pro Team
    • Spot SS
    • Kona Jake the Snake
    • Alan ALU cross
    • Simoncini 'cross
    • Soma Double-Cross
    • Look CX
    • Redline 'cross
    • Diamond Back TG roadie
    • Look AL384
    • Cannondale AL roadies (x2)
    • Trek 1200 roadie
    • KHS roadie w/ the goofy curved seat tube
    • Macalu (Built by Russ Denny) roadie
    • Morgul Bismark Zinger
    • Anvil Chisel
    • Jamis 853 roadie
    • Fuji roadie
    • Numerous BMX bikes
    • Honda CR125
    • Honda XR400
    • Honda XR80
    • Honda CBR F2
    • Honda Superhawk 996
    • Honda Interceptor
    • Suzuki RM125 and 250
    • Yamaha YZ 400/426
    • Kawasaki KX250

    That about sums it up.....but I'm sure I missed a few

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    Ohhh fun game! I grew up in a real effed up neighborhood so most of the bikes were stolen. The rest were broken during bmx racing (and later mtb idiocy).

    1. Huffy bmx (stolen)
    2. Schwinn bmx (stolen)
    3. Haro freestyle (stolen)
    4. Redline bmx (broken)
    5. Robinson bmx (stolen)
    6. GT mtb (sold)
    7. Mongoose mtb (stolen)
    8. Voodoo Bokor (broken)
    9. Voodo Canzo (sold)
    10. Trek 2000 road (sold)
    11. Jamis XLT (broken)
    12. Norco Shore (sold)
    13. Specialized p.3 (sold)
    14. Norco Sasquatch (broken)
    14. Norco Manik (sold)
    15. Trek 1200 road (gave to friend)
    16. Giant TCR1 carbon road (still have)
    17. Santa Cruz V10 (sold)
    18. Specialized Enduro Expert (still have)

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    01. AMF Renegade 1971
    02. Schwinn Stingray (Yellow)
    03. Sears 10 Speed (stolen)
    04. Huffy BMX (dumpster)
    05. Redline BMX (sold)
    06. Huffy low-rider bike. (sold)
    07. Schwinn Stingray low-rider. (sold)
    08. Schwinn World Traveler converted into a fixed-gear (1986)(given to friend)
    09. Nashbar Time Trial with a 24" front wheel.(sold)
    10. Schwinn Madison track bike (Suntour,with flip-flop rear hub)
    11. Schwinn Mesa Runner.(trashed)
    12. Tour de Mode mountain bike(free,with purchase of electric appliance)(crashed and trashed)
    13. Peugeot 14 speed road bike.(sold)
    14. Schwinn Madison track bike(2nd) with Campy components,sew-up wheels and Cinelli track fork.(sold)
    15. Univega Alpina Uno (stripped down and modified)(sold)
    16. Mongoose IBOC Pro (1989)(recently sold)
    17. Specialized Stumpjumper Team (Dave Tesch built)(stolen)
    18. Univega Alpina Pro.(traded)
    19. Raleigh Technium Heat.(given away)
    20. Trek Singletrack MTB(traded the Alpina Pro for this one)
    21. Olmo Time Trial with Campy and Mavic components and 26" front wheel.(crashed and badly damaged doing 33mph)
    22. Bottachia roadbike with Campy Record.(sold for the MB-1)
    23. Bridgestone MB-1(1991)(stolen)
    24. Alenax MTB( tossed out,no regrets)
    25. Schwinn World Traveler with cantis/for cross-country traveling.(sold)
    26. Raleigh 24/26 Trials.(sold)
    27. Jamis Diablo MTB.(given to friend)
    28. Specialized Stumpjumper with Bontrager composite fork.(stolen)
    29. Schwinn Aluminum MTB.(sold)
    30. Specialized Rockhopper,red wit Shimano XT and Deore.(still own)
    31. Schwinn Moab M3.(sold frame,donated parts to F500)
    32. Specialized Stumpjumper with threadless fork.(Maroon with gray Umma Gumma tires)(sold)
    33. Specialized Stumpjumper (Yellow)(sold)
    34. Scott CST with XTR (frame#309)(spare frame)
    35. Haro Extreme elevated chainstay (Pearl Orange,cracked frame)
    36. Diamond Back Ascent.(sold)
    37. Ritchey P-23 MTB.(sold)
    38. Scott CST / Team Ritchey- Former T.Frischknecht race bike.(Frame #143)
    39. Haro Impulse elevated chainstay.
    40. Specialized Ground Control AL.
    41. Specialized Stumpjumper (1983)
    42. Shogun Prairie Breaker MTB
    43. Trek Singletrack 930 MTB
    44. Trek Suspension Track 9500 MTB(sold)
    45. Raleigh Technium Carbon Fiber MTB (1988)
    46. Mongoose IBOC Team(sold)
    47. Raleigh F500 Police MTB.
    48. Bridgestone MB5.(sold)
    49. Bridgestone MB6.(sold)
    50. Specialized Rockcombo
    51. GT Korakorum K2 (1987)
    52. Ross Mt Hood Hi-Tech
    53. Nishiki Cascade.
    54. Schwinn Aluminum 5.0 roadbike with the seat-post/binder bolt.(sold)
    55. Ross Mt Hood Hi-Tech (2nd bike)(sold)
    56. Motiv MTB. Beater bike.(crap)
    57. Trek Singletrack, Drk gray with 1 1/8 headset.(sold)
    58. Specialized Rockhopper,black with Suntour X-1.(sold)
    Hey,I searched to see if I already posted so I didn't have to do this again but guess what?. I added some bikes since then.Sorry.
    No,I didn't add my wife's bikes or motorcycles since they don't count.
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    'Faster and faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death'

    Joe R.

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    Sorry,I tried to edit my original post
    'Faster and faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death'

    Joe R.

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    This post has forced me to realize two things about myself: 1.) My memory sucks compared to most of you. 2.) I suddenly realize that I haven't owned all that many bikes(in comparison).

    It started with a trike-I have a pic of me riding it at 3 years old..with nothing on but a cowboy hat, boxer shorts and cowboy boots. That's still my riding attire to this day.
    Several inexpensive kids bikes.
    My first big purchase..a Schwinn Stingray..3 speed
    Ross Mono Shock
    Swing Bike..don't recall the brand
    Schwinn BMX..several of them
    Mongoose was a sweet bike..and it was stolen
    Peugeot 10 only road bike
    My first mountain bike was in 1990..don't remember the brand, but it was blue..and about $350
    1991 GT Tequesta
    1992 GT Avalanche with Rock Shox Mag 20..or was it 21?
    Long lull in bike purchases..ex wife didn't approve..I had to get rid of her, and buy more bikes
    2000 GT Avalanche
    2005 Jamis Dakar..another one that was stolen
    2005 Kona Coiler
    2006 Raleigh Phase 2
    2006 Fetish Fixation SS
    And the ones that I know I've forgotten about..

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    Humble list

    198? Schwinn Predator
    1989 GT Performer
    1992 Bridgestone MB-4
    1999 Fisher Procaliber (still have now ss)
    2001 Santa Cruz Superlight (still have)

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    ... and if we just ...

    Well lets see, not very many.......

    GT BMX bike
    Trek 6700
    Trek fuel 80
    Klein Reve
    GF Bitter
    GF SuperCaliber 29er
    GF HIFI Pro
    GF Kingfisher

    I will have some more someday.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by indigosky
    Every bike I’ve owned
    Lets see...

    Some no name Sears Bike
    Then another No Name Sears Bike
    Then another No Name Sears Bike

    Then came High School...
    First 'real' bike. Schwinn Frontier '91. Abused that bike for many years.
    94 - Univega Alpina 7.5
    Schwinn Sierra
    Specialized Rockhopper (First bike bought used off the Internet)
    95? - Diamondback V-Link 1.0
    Giant Road Bike (Don't remember the name)
    97 - Specialized Ground Control
    97 - Jamis Dakar Team
    01? - Specialized Rockhopper
    94 - Univega Alpina 7.5 (Reclaimed the one above)
    03 - Rocky Mountain Fanatik
    04 - Interloc Hardtail
    05/06 - Ventana El Feugo
    94 - Univega Carbon Bike.

    One hopefully planned for this year too...

    That's not including the kids or wife's bikes.


    From one flat land to another.

    Advocate as if your ride depends on it...

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    bikes! bikes! bikes!

    1987 De Rosa SLX campy chorus (sweet wine colored)
    1988 Eddy Merkx SLX campy chorus (tri colored rose to pearl)
    1991 Serotta colorado 2 (red to yellow with blue forks)
    1991 Wicked fat chance (hot pink,black splatter)
    1993 Litespeed E-stay full mavic groupo (frame was the worst frame- too soft and too stif to ride)
    1993 Serotta TG (red)
    Went back to school...took some time away from bikes.....
    1997 Maranai SL (steath black for the streets)
    1993 Merlin with dura-ace
    1992 Merlin mountain
    1998 Cannondale cyclocross with headshok
    1998 Serotta soft tail titanium
    1998 Merlin Extralite
    2002 Ellsworth Truth dark grey ano- sweet ride!
    2004 Bianchi DISS
    2004 Dean titanium singlespeed
    2002 Seven Axiom
    2005 Argon 18 Platinum (full carbon lugged) campy record 10 carbon.
    2006 Ellsworth Truth smoky red (broke the 2002) full race build 24.5 lbs f100x
    2002 Cannondale scalpel lefty 2000- turned into single speed SWEET! My favorite bike!
    2006 Serotta titanium 1x9 custom cyclocross WOW!
    not sure whats next...........maybe a Custom Serotta road bike, also need a touring bike, and a 29er and a .....

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    Murray 24" BMX Cruiser in about 1982
    Kmart-special hot pink and neon green MTB in about '90-'92
    Sears branded "cross"(training) bike with MTB style and road wheels in '93, rode that thing all over Seattle when I first moved here.
    Blue Shogun MTB, bought from Play It Again Sports in Northgate in '94, my first messenger bike and it came with those silly Scott MTB aero bar things (which later got cut off to about 20" wide for serious high speed whitelining)
    Some kind of Diamond Back MTB, was neon orange when my friend bought it from a pawnshop at first and Pike, then he painted it rattle can green. Under heavy messenger work the rattle can got roughed off by constant locking and banging and the bike ended up a lovely multi-layered orange/green/bare steel mix. Lasted forever.
    Kona Hahanna full rigid, tan, with the original Project Two fork. Great bike. Bought used from a friend mostly stock, ended up spec'ed with full XT and Syncros group with a CK threaded headset (purple, of course) before it got run over in Seattle's beautiful Lake Union neighborhood. It gave it's life for me, as that accident was the closest I have ever come to death (that I know about).
    GT Avalanche, brushed aluminum, with a Ritchey rigid steel fork and the surviving remnants of the group from the Hahanna. Purchased for me by the driver in the above-listed accident's insurance company. Sold when I switched jobs and need some scratch, still regret selling the Syncros tubular cranks, seatpost and bar ends that were on it.
    Kona Fire Mountain, red, the last year they were steel. Another great Kona frame, lasted through two years of messenger work, ended up full XT/LX with Salsa highlights. Replaced the crappy R(eally)S(uspect)T(echnology) fork with a Project Two rigid.
    Iron Horse SGS Sport ('03). First freeride bike, not bad. Broke the frame after two seasons.
    Kona Smoke Commuter. Yet another great steel Kona, still have this bad boy, which just became nearly all XT.
    Iron Horse Yakuza Waka-Gashira. Not bad for a freeride hardtail, but ultimately too piggy to do it all. Sold it last September.
    Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho. Good in a way, but too big for me. As an aside, I will never buy another single pivot bike.
    Fetish Cycles Obsession DJ/park bike. Fun, light and single speed all the way!
    '06 Transition Dirtbag,it sports many of the parts from the Kumicho, with Azonic Outlaw wheels and an X.7/Saint/RF Diabolus custom group.
    '06 Kona Coiler Deluxe: just picked it up yesterday and broke it in on some jumps and drops, inaugural AM ride tomorrow at Galby. Love it! Like a more nimble little brother of the Dirtbag, but with all the confidence and less of the bulk.

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    ok I'll play

    The ones I remember:

    1981 - Gios Torino; full Campy race package except for Phil Hubs; natch great bike parted out

    1980 - Trailmaster #5 - I was of the Cove Bike shops mascots. I had it eight years; straight guage aircraft 4130; Mert Lawill built them and Eric Koski brazed the braze-ons. This I really do regret selling.

    1986 - Cunningham 014 - aggh many permutations on this beast, it chewed up a lot of parts - now on permanent display in europe and not being ridden - such a shame


    2001 series Mikkelsen rides like a dream
    Rock Lobster fixed: one of the most rediculous bikes in the world. No expense saved here - all that said it rides f'ing schweet
    Singlespeed. I love singlespeed, its no maintenance man - no problams man


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    Not too at age 35

    circa 1976 - Schwinn single speed (bought off the radio "swap shop", maybe $5)
    circa 1980 - Huffy 20" BMX (hristmas present)
    circa 1987 - Western Auto Flyer single speed (still rusting at the parents')
    1991 - Giant Iguana (later traded it in, had at least 3 lives)
    1996 - Diamondback Ascent EX (stolen after about 6 months)
    1996 - Kona Lavadome bought used in '99 (trashed frame after RD failed)
    1999 - Kona Muni-Mula (built up from the frame, still have)


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    Updated list

    I've made some changes to my list. It seems like there's a new bike every 2-3 months or so. This was how the list looked in March:

    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH (still have)
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite (still have)
    05 Seven Sola Ti (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Moment (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Rogue (still have)
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS (waiting to be built up)

    and 2 road bikes:

    05 Orbea Lobular (still have)
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri (still have)

    Now, the Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS is built up. I've sold the Orbea Lobular and now have a 06 Titus FCR road titanium road bike. I'm thinking about building up a 29er FS bike - either a Ellsworth Evolve or a Niner RIP9. Eventually, I'd like to replace the Moto-Lite with either an Ellsworth Epiphany or maybe an Oracle. Decisions, decisions.
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    late 90s Cannondale f200 (still have the frame)
    2005 Gary Fisher Wahoo (sold that ****)
    2006 Iron Horse Yakuza Aniki (love this thing!)

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    1. Late 50s: a small trike.
    2. Early 60s: a bigger trike later changed into real 2-wheeled bike.
    3. Mid-60s: "Schoolboy"
    4.Mid-60s: "Eaglet" - to terrible envy of my peers, even despite being second hand.
    5.Late 60s: "Ukraine". 1 speed, 18 kg, kick brake. I did quite a few long solo trips in Lithuanean forests on it.
    6.Late 70s: "Sputnik" - no, it wasn't by DaBomb, it was the real thing. 8 speeds, quite decent bike for the time
    7. Early 80s: one more "Sputnik", after riding my first one into grave.
    8. Early 90s - one more Ukraine, given me by my sister.
    9. Early 90s - No name, no paint, 1 frame, 2 wheels. With gears, some working, some not. Ended up in garbage bin.
    10.Mid to late 90s - same, with paint. 3 in a row. Strange but true, I somehow succeeded in riding pretty tough Galilean trails on them. I believe, I was by far first mountain biker in my town. We still have just 1 LBS keeping no brands at all.
    11. 2000: Marin Palisades Trail 1999!! Still alive, even with original wheels(Ritchey Rock rims on Ovation hubs.) Over all this time and kilometrage - just once out of true, due to broken spoke!
    12. 2001: Diamondback X-Link sport. Gave everything to me, now retired - in shape of cannibalized frame.
    13. 2005: Diamondback XSL comp.

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    1. Ventana El Ciclon
    2. Bianchi SASS
    3. Bianchi Veloce
    4. Kona Bear
    5. Raliegh Super Corse
    6. Giant Iguana (?)
    7. Ventana Chamuco
    8. 1998 Schwinn HomeGrown Pro
    9. 2004 SC Blur LT
    10. 2003 Ellsworth Joker
    11. 2002 Ellsworth Isis
    12. 2001 Ellsworth Joker
    13. 2001 GT I-Drive Team (Ping pong paddles)
    14. 2000 GT I-Drive 1000
    15. 1999 GT I-Drive 1000
    16. 1999 Ellsworth Joker
    17. Kona Unit
    18. 1997 14.5" GT Zaskar
    19. 1989 16" GT Zaskar
    20. 1996, 96, 97, 97, 98, 98 (six in all) GT LTS (1's or team frames)
    21. 1992 GT Richtor
    22. 1993 GT Pantera
    23. 2004 Turner 5-Spot
    24. 1987 Jamis Dakota
    25. 1983 Bianchi Squadra
    Memory is too fuzzy beyond 1983 other than I remember the bikes used to come equipped with a "turbo boost button" that I used during one race and got DQ'd.

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    "Belvedere" Red white and blue trike (Not sure why I named it that.)
    "The Green Bean" Schwinn pixie maybe. (literally a junkyard bike my Dad got at the dump.)
    Schwinn Tornado (with MX seat, fenders, number plate)
    Unknown (raleigh?) Blue 1970's 10 speed, 24 inch road bike (restored wreck)
    Puch Pathfinder 12 speed road bike (hit by car)
    Fuji Whitecap BMX (bought it part by part, took all summer mowing lawns)
    Cannondale SR400 1985 Roadbike (sold last year)
    Jamis Diablo 1988 (still have it somewhere in Michigan?)
    Specialized Stumpjumper 1995 (stolen)
    Living-X Team Edition 1995 (broke frame last year right after riding Kokopelli Trail)
    Specialized Epic 2003 (my current good bike)
    Specialized Rockhopper 1986 (the commuter. rode it to work today too)

    Summary: I have 3 bikes, but I'm not sure where the Jamis Diablo is right now.

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