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    2 Trike - no suspencion tubeless wheels plastic muddy tesco crank and reverse gears
    3 no suspencion bike- apex 4 stablisers 3 gears one worked pig iron frame construction
    4- fs bike- red 2" front travel back didnt really work tubed tyres 5 gears
    6- fs bike - blue hyper rust techonilgy tesco brand the suspencion smelt funny 5 gears
    9- fs- black allways found it hard to pedal dad said tyres where fine they fell off =)
    10- anouther cheap fs bike- 6 gears this time baby i was rocketing when i wasent going over bumps then the wheels turned buckled so bad it got stolen funny days....

    became fat bad years lol

    13-bike thingey wasent achually worth more than £100 and 14 gears yeuh
    13.1- didnt like the bike took it back bought a mongoose rockeydale frame way to big for me
    14- bought some up grades
    15- still rideing my god its damaged but decide to get a xbox

    15.3 - stopped getting fat got fit and sexy still rideing my good old mongoose

    16- yup i should really get a nice bike now

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    1. Girls Schwinn green 20" coaster
    2. Huffy BMX w. bananna seat, black
    3. Schwinn Letour Tour, bronze
    4. car for 6 years
    5. Cannondale M800 Beast of the East, gloss black w. orange splatter
    6. Stumpjumper, maroon, Deore DX
    7. Stumpjumper M2FS, XT, Specialized carbon judy
    8. Trek Y33 XTR/XT Judy long travel 3"
    9 Blur 2003, XT, talus 125

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    Hand me down tricycle (I am the youngest) ~ 2 to 3 years old: learned how to pedal
    Neighbors cruiser bike loaner: about 7 or 8 years old; learned how to bike 2 wheels.
    Department Store easy rider with solid rear tire single speed: I lived in the country so I had done off road since, mainly fire road, and industrial type roads.
    BMX: about 15 y/o to adulthood: considered my first "wheel" as I assembled it and bought the frame and parts out of my earnings
    Cannondale M200 sort of. Rigid bike bought second hand from a re cycle bike shop.
    Specialized Hardrock
    Cannondale F300
    Cannondale Jekyll 600 disc
    Rocky mountain ETSX 50

    Enjoying mountain biking...

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    This could take a while, mostly chronological...

    - race inc bmx
    - redline proline
    - panda pro am
    - champion
    - schwinn predator
    - GT performer
    - MCS pro bmx
    - Elf doublecross 24in bmx
    - redline proline bmx
    - Shimano skykomish mtb
    - Scott chromoly mtb
    - Torker 24in bmx

    Adult bikes
    - Marin bear mtn
    - SC Chameleon (slalom)
    - SC Heckler
    - SC Chameleon (xc)
    - Intense Uzzi SL
    - Chameleon (2nd slalom)
    - Da Bomb Sputnik urban rig
    - Specialized enduro ht (setup as singlespeed)
    - Surly 1x1
    - Litespeed Pisgah
    - SC heckler (new style, 5th element coil shock, AM build)
    - SC Chameleon (xc build)
    - On One Inbred SS
    - SC heckler (AM build, dhx coil, etc)
    - Surly 1x1 (basic build)
    - SC Bullit (freeride/am build)
    - Surly Instigator (am build)
    - Specialized enduro ht (am build)
    - Cove stiffee fr hardtail, urban rig
    - SC Blur LT (am build)
    - Rock Lobster road bike (lugged and brazed baby )
    - Rock Lobster EBB SS, rigid
    - Specialized Rockhopper Pro disc xc with custom build
    - SE Racing Assassin 20in bmx bike (for nostalgia sake)

    That should just about do it. I may be forgetting something in there but who cares, thats a lot of bikes and fun. Obviously there were some repeats in there. Some frames I tried in multiple sizes and build configurations. I am trying to settle down in my old age and spend more time riding / less time wrenching, buying, and selling

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    1. Huffy Timberwolf
    2. Schwinn Powermatic Mag
    3. Schwinn Frontier (This bike got me into the sport)
    4. Fuji Gran Tourier
    5.Schwinn Varsity
    6. Cannondale Super V 700sx (I loved this bike so much, but I out grew it and sold it.)
    7. Nishiki International (My first SS Conversion)

    This weekend I am purchasing my first SS MTB and Im STOKED

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    I'll play

    here is my list....

    Starting around 1972
    Iverson? 20"
    Columbia 20"
    various "dump" bikes cobbled together
    Yamaha "moto bike"
    1st real BMX bike 1981, Mongoose team
    Raleigh Grand Prix (10 speed)
    Redline PL20
    GT BMX 20"(cant remember model)
    GT BMX 24"
    Redline PL24
    1st mtbike 1984, used Ross (Tom Kellog hand built frame)
    Ritchey Ascent
    Motobecane road bike
    GT team avalanche
    Klein road bike (old used model)
    Proflex 853
    Raliegh Technium road bike
    Cannondale beast of the east
    Cannondale touring bike used for cyclocross
    Bianchi Cross project (cyclocross)
    Proflex 955
    **Cannondale CAAD 3 road bike
    Trek (steel hartail cant remember the model)
    Litespeed Ocoee
    Cannondale CAAD 3 mtn
    **IF Deluxe
    Cannondale cyclocross
    Norco VPS1
    **Cannondale MT4000 mountain tandem (technically I only own the front half)
    Santacruz Superlight
    Santacruz Heckler
    Jamis (cant remeber the model) hardtail
    Tomac 98 special (won in a raffle & immediatly sold)
    **Fuji fixed gear track bike
    Gary Fisher Cake
    Surly Karate Monkey
    Salsa Dos Niner
    **On-One inbred 29er
    **Waltworks 29er
    **Giant TCR-c1 road bike
    **Flyte cyclocross bike

    ** indicates that I still have the bike

    Holy crap I've had a lot of bikes
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    Flying-O BMX bike - outgrew
    Giant Awesome MTB (24" wheels) - outgrew
    Schwinn (early Al bike) - broke
    Schwinn Moab (steel) - warranty for above, outgrew
    97 Specialized Stumpjumper (new) - broke
    Monty X-Lite 221, 2000 (modified trials bike) - broke, reparied, broke, repaired, sold
    Trek 760 SS road bike - gave away
    Cove Stiffee FR - sold
    Planet X Zebdi, steel prototype (stock trials bike) - broke
    99 Specialized S-Works - broke (2005)
    Brisa B26D (stock trials bike) - sold
    Trek 760 SS road bike (different one), now geared
    Diamondback BMX Cruiser - gave away
    Salsa Ala Carte (2006)

    I ride my bikes until they fall apart...

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    this is my current ride: GT avalanche 1.0 disk

    this is my ride before: 1998ish GT LTS

    GT timberline before that, which had LX parts and a indy c fork
    CCM excel 16speed i think...

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    1974 Peugot kid racer with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed
    1976 SUN brand kid racer with a 10-speed
    1979 full size upright 10 speed, kind of an early hybrid
    1983 Raleigh road bike of some kind, 10 speed. Really like it, so fast
    1986 Orbit touring bike (stolen)
    1994 Some Marin hybrid (stolen)
    1996 Trek 730 ridden daily, still going strong
    2006 SIR9 29er, waiting for the frame to arrive!

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    Starting with the green machine at 3 years old

    The green machine.(wish they made these bigger for adults)
    Mongoose bmx when they were good bikes. Uncle bought it for me.

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    Starting with the green machine at 3 years old

    The green machine.(wish they made these bigger for adults)
    Mongoose bmx when they were good bikes. Uncle bought it for me.
    Schwinn ten speed.
    2001 Schwinn moab 1
    2000 Rocky mountain spice.
    Gary fisher Idrive 5.0
    2004 Specialized Stumpjumper fsr
    Jamis 2.0 ss
    Kona manomano
    kona caldera
    Surly karate monkey ss
    Gary fisher rig. ss
    Redline monocog ss
    2005 rocky mountain slayer
    Trek 8500 racing bike hardtail
    Salsa Dos Niner that got stolen.
    2006 Yeti 575 Race that I still own and the best of all of them.

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    Here's mine:

    -1984 Kuwahara Nova
    -1987 Trek 830
    -1989 Specialized Rockhopper Comp
    -1994 Scott Comp CST
    -1995 GT RTS-2
    -1999 Azonic DS-1
    -1998 GT Lobo Thermoplastic
    -1998 Specialized FSR
    -2000 Karpiel Disco Volante
    -2002 Diamondback RM-24
    -2004 Kona Hoss
    -2004 Santa Cruz Bullit
    -2005 Specialized Enduro Expert
    -2005 Bianchi Giro

    Of these I still have the Disco, the Hoss, the Specialized Enduro, the Bianchi, and the RTS-2 frame.

    Oh, to think of all the money I could have saved if I had just taken the minute to THINK before purchasing some of these!!! But, it's all part of the fun.
    "What do I know of You who spoke me into motion? Where have I even stood but along the shore of Your ocean?"

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    1987 Huffy MTB of some sort. I don't remember much about it except that all the bmxer kids made fun of me for having such a huge bike.
    1988 Sears road bike. Painted it florescent orange. Had drum brakes.
    2000-2001 Giant ATX 850 (euro model) (quickly advanced beyond it's limits)
    2001-2001 Giant NRS 1 (too small)
    2002-2003 Cannondale Jekyll 800
    2002-2004 Cannondale Scalpel 800
    2003-2004 Cannondale F3000
    2003-2006 Airborne Thunderbolt
    2004-2006Airborne Liberator
    2004-2004 Specialized FSR Expert (didn't last long, never got comfy on it)
    2004-2006 Kona Kikapu (bought in 05 on sale and seriously modified)
    2005 Redline Conquest Pro

    Move a lot in the military, so I've sold a bunch of stuff I wish I hadn't, currently down to the Liberator, the Kona, and the Redline.

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    Bridgestone 600 (year ?) -stolen
    Giant Cadex (1991) -still have, works great

    K2 4000 Proflex (1998) -unrideable front shocks and rear suspension linkage blown
    Cannondale Prophet 800 (2006) -current

    I also ride my wife's Specialized RockHopper hardtail from 1999.

    I'm blown away by all the different bikes some of you have owned. I tend to ride the same rig until it falls apart (had been riding the K2 since 2000).

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    OK, I thought this was a silly thread, but then I made my own list and it was a fun time. Some bikes I had forgotten about completely.

    -01- blue "Gator" bike [~1981 - 1983] (16" wheels)
    -02- cheap generic chrome BMX bike [~1984 - 1990]
    -03- my dads huffy 10-speed [~1988 - 1990]
    -04- 1990 Giant Chinook [1990 - 1992] stolen!
    -05- 1992 Giant Aquapulco [1992 - 1993] crashed to death
    -06- 1993 Giant Iguana [1993 - 1999] eventually stolen
    -07- 1995 GT Pantera [1995 - 1997] also stolen!
    -08- 1972 Schwinn Colegate [~1995 - ~1998] rebuilt as a funky cruizer
    -09- 1996 Giant CFR [1998 - 2000] upgraded nicely but shortly replaced
    -10- 1997 GT Zaskar [1997-2003] built up frame, later converted to "hard core" bike
    -11- 1996 Bianchi Grizzly [1998 - 2001] built up the frame as a city/winter bike
    -12- 2000 Salsa Ala Carte [2000 - present] built up frame, now a SS
    -13- 1993 Miyata Team Miyata [2000 - present] built up with newer parts, still my main road bike
    -14- ~1991 Ross Mt. Hood [2000-present] the nasty weather commuter
    -15- 1996 Barracuda A2V [2001 - 2006] singlespeeded
    -16- 2002 Bruce Gordon BLT [2002 - present] took me from one coast to the other
    -17- 2004 Titus Loco-Moto [2004-2005/6]
    -18- 2006 Soulcraft Option 3 [2006 - present]
    Last edited by FishMan473; 09-09-2006 at 07:27 AM.
    I have a car. I made a choice. I ride my bike.

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    04 Schwinn Mesa
    02 Cannondale Jekyll 800
    04 Stumpjumper FSR
    05 Titus Motolite
    06 Banshee viento

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessep
    I may of missed a few...

    1989 Bridgestone MB-1
    <snip long list>
    Yeti ARC
    Jesse - these are every bike you've OWNED or every bike you've RIDDEN? 'Cause that's a lot of bikes to have owned. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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    1. Black Huffy Python 16" wheels
    2. Orange Huffy 20" wheels
    3. 86 Diamondback bmx, with mags
    4. Schwinn Sidewinder 21 speeds, 26"
    5. 98 Dyno VFR
    6. 99 Dyno Zone (still have)
    7. 97 GT Mach 1
    8. 00 Fuji Nevada, cannibalized into a race bike (still have)
    9. Raleigh Technium road, pink and fixed (pissed that I sold)
    10.01 Cannondale XR800 (16,000 miles and still ridden daily)
    11. 02 Klein Attitude Race (sold to fund first car)
    13. 02 Specialized Rockhopper, cannibalized into a race bike (still have)

    I am almost 20 so that makes a little more than a bike every other year, I get team bikes this year so I am not too sure how many I will be adding but it looks promising.

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    1. Huffy Dragster, not my first bike, but the first I can remember. My Mother tells me I T'boned the neighbor's car on it not too long after I got it since it was really too big for me Conveniently I don't remember that.
    2. Columbia BMX Bike, rode the heck out of that thing.
    3. Schwinn Tandem yellow tandem my sister and I rode around with, cool generator lights and all.
    4. Mongoose SuperGoose 24" wheels, so good that my Mother put some smooth tires on it and rode it for years when I was done with it.
    5. 1987 Cannondale SR400 Sold when I bought the F3000, now I wish I'd kept it.
    6. Mid 90's Gary Fisher Mt. Tam Polished frame, great for a month till I broke the frame. LBS gave me a credit towards the F3000.
    7. 1996 Cannondale F3000 Magic crank, XTR, Syncros Ti, Spinergy Rev X Rocks, all the good stuff. My Brother in law now has it but I have dibs on buying it back if he ever sells it.
    8. 2000 Cannondale F5000SL Another one I should have kept.
    9. Schwinn Tandem, yellow just like the one my sister and I rode as kids, bought it at a garage sale for $75, restored it with steel wool and degreaser, repacked all the bearings and rode it a couple of times and scared the crap out of my GF, sold it on eBay for $300.
    10. 2005 Cannondale Prophet 1000 Should have gone FS sooner.
    11. 2006 Cannondale R800 CAAD 8 Road. Down to 16 lb. doesn't resemble stock anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plim
    Three bikes in childhood I don't remember
    '85 Univega Nuovo Sport
    '93 Bridgestone MB-6
    '97 Voodoo Hoodoo
    '98 Bianchi Volpe
    '01 Santa Cruz Superlight
    '04 Calfee Luna Pro
    '05 Turner Flux
    Wow, some similarities here:

    197?? Big wheel, zat count?
    197?? had two wheels, purple then rattle can painted orange
    1979? KHS Duster BMX (Rode this gem to pick up Devo's Freedom of Coice album opening week)
    1980's Scorpion BMX
    1985 Univega Nuovo Sport, completely non-stock upon sale
    1988 Nishiki Colorado (traded for a fishing pole and reel)
    1992 Bridgestone MB-3 (gutted for the next bike)
    1991? Klein Rascal (my sister has this)
    1997 Bontrager Privateer Comp (stolen)
    2003 Dean Scout (still have)
    2002 On-One Inbred (sold for the next one)
    1999? Dean Private (converted SS)
    2006 Bianchi Volpe (commuter)

    This does not even begin to describe the many projects that have come and gone in my brain
    Tuff Schist

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    GF Paragon
    7 Sola
    Titus Quasi-Moto
    Moots YBB geared
    Moots Mootaineer
    Spot SS
    Moots YBB SS
    7 Verve 29er SS

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    I'm not really doing this because I think someone will actually read it, but more for my own amusement. These are bikes that I actually rode, not just fiddled around with.

    1) Big Wheel!
    2) blue trike
    3) 1985? Western Flyer Dirt Duster
    4) Murray Red Wing 24" wheel 10 speed
    5) Murray something with suspension
    6) 1995 Schwinn Moab S << first bike I purchased myself
    7) 1999 Trek 7000 << current frame, broken
    8) Nuke Proof "Prime" frankenbike later turned SS << current frame
    9) 198? Schwinn Sprint 12
    10) 1987? Schwinn Super Sport later turned fixie <<current
    11) 2001? Monty Alp 219
    12) 2003 KHS Flite 2000 <<Current
    13) 1972 Schwinn Varsity converted to crappy SS Cross bike project, broke on first ride
    14) 1995ish Redline BMX
    15) GT Borrego frame converted to SS commuter for school
    16) 2004 Santa Cruz Blur
    17) 2006 Cove Handjob << Current
    18) 2006 Kona Explosif 2-9, broke within a month.
    19) 2006 Voodoo Dambala 29 <<Current
    20) early '90s Giant Allegro 14 speed

    That should be everything up to now? Still want to get a trials bike again.

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    1.Giant Iguana - 2002
    2. Rocky Moutain Carve - 2002
    3. Giant Iguana- broke the old one, got new frame from giant, made it single)-2003
    4.Redline DJ - 2002- this was a bomber cromo DJ bike
    5. Giant NRS 1- 2003
    6. Redline Monocog - custom painted pink, it was sick bird!
    7. Giant TCR 2 - 2005
    8. Kona Kula Primo - 2006

    Not that many bikes, but I am not even eighteen so...

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    1998 trek 720 hybrid - for the road
    1998 gary fisher big sur hard tail
    2000 klein mantra race my first fs bike

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    Cool-blue Rhythm More bikes

    Little red fire engine (not a bike, but the first set of wheels I remember)
    Bright orange banana seat bike
    A few 10/12 speed bikes before I regained my senses and got back to the dirt.

    Then there are the bike I bought or built up

    1996 - Kulahara Mesa
    1998 - Diamondback Ascent
    2000 - Kona Hardtail (name ???, but white paint with color speckles throughout)
    2000 - Specialized HardRock
    2001 - Stinky Dee-Lux
    2002 - Ellsworth Joker
    2002 - Giant NRS
    2002 - Airbomb Nukeproof Hardtail
    2004 - Ellsworth Joker
    2004 - Specialized BigHit DH
    2005 - Giant Reign
    2005 - Giant Trance
    2005 - Iron Horse 7 Point 7 (frame too large)
    2005 - Santa Cruz VP-Free
    2005 - Iron Horse 7 Point 5
    2005 - Iron Horse MK III Expert (current XC/AM ride)
    2006 - Santa Cruz Nomad (current AM/Freeride bike)

    You may notice that I now like the virtual pivot type bikes. For the record the Iron 7 Point bikes are the best Freeride bikes I have been on. They pedal expeptionally well, soak up all the bumps, mine was just too heavy as I had it setup with a full on DH/Freeride build, it was cheaper and easier to look for another frame rather than to try to drop the weight on the 7 Point and still keep it slack and plush.

    The VP-Free is an excellent park bike, but you don't want to be pedalling it too far. The Nomad is close to the 7 Point bikes in terms of pedalling and taking the bumps, but I was able to drop a good 4 lbs with pretty much the same component build. The build I have on my Nomad puts it around 37-38 lbs, it is still pretty heavy but perfect for what I ride. I also have second set of wheels/tires that drop it to around 34-35, should I want that epic all day singletrack, techincal XC ride.

    That's my ride list. I reckon that the Nomad and the MK III will remaing as the current rides, as I can't image any other bikes working better for the type of riding I like to do.



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