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    I'm sure I posted in this thread before (but then it could have been another forum...)

    1977 Some gold kiddies bike
    1979 some red slightly larger kiddies bike
    1982 Hallmark "chrommo BMX
    1984 MT Racing UFO
    1987 Cyclops 10 speed (BSO)
    198 9DiamondBack Apex
    1994 DiamondBack Axis TR
    1994 Manitou FS
    2004 Specialised Epic
    2004 Yeti ARC
    2008 GT Zaskar Re-Issue
    2012 Cannondale Synapse 3 Carbon
    1996 GT Xizang

    here's most of them in 1 spot
    2003 Yeti ARC
    2008 GT Zaskar Reissue
    1996 GT Xizang
    2012 Cervelo R3
    2015 Look 675 Light
    2015 Scott Spark 710

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    Here's mine (not as big as some though)
    1994 Giant Iguana
    1995 Balance AL250
    1997 Marin Nail FRS (manitou F/S look-a-like) Still have the frame, although it's looking quite sad now
    1999 Voodoo Hoodoo - aluminium framed version
    2004 Kona Kikapu
    2008 Merida One-Five-O
    2011 Marin Mount Vision XM8
    I don't crash, I just have slightly uncontrolled dismounts!

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    1995 Schwinn Badlands
    2007 Surly 1x1
    2000 Cannondale F700SX

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    1979ish KMX 'BMX knockoff'
    1985 Schwinn Sprint
    1994 Trek 930 singletrack
    1994 Tommasini Sintesi
    2012 9:zero:7

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    1970 Huffy 10 speed road hybrid of some sort (first bike).
    1991 Schwinn MTB (model unrecalled).
    2000 Specialized Rockhopper
    2001 Kona Caldera
    1997 Kona King Kahuna
    2010 Trek EX8

    oh yeah ...... 2005 Bianchi Giro (roadie)

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    1995 Mongoose Rockadile RIP.....
    1995 Mongoose IBOC Zero-G (still have this old steal beast)
    2009 Jamis Dragon
    2011 Tomac Automatic and Tomac Type X

    A small but well ridden list

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    Every bike I can remember, from 1987/1988

    Atala mtb Eos 300
    Specialized Hardrock
    2 self made mtb ss
    Daccordi cx
    Wilier Escape
    Cinelli Bootleg Racing Rats
    Cannondale Bad Boy
    Kona Stuff
    Viner Shark
    Cannondale R400
    Cannondale F500
    Scott Aspen
    Specialized Rockhopper
    Specialized Sirrus
    Specialized Stumpjumper ht
    Scott Aspect 30
    Kona Jake
    Scott Scale
    2 Specialized Hardrock
    Focus Mares Ax 3
    Kona Ute

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    I hate sugar sand.
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    1. Red tricycle
    2. Some old bike from the 70's with solid tires
    3. Kmart bike - cracked at the stem, stabbed myself in the side of the knee
    4. Another Kmart bike
    5. Yet another department store bike (maybe Toys R Us?)

    Asked for a mountain bike when I was 13, but my mom wasn't having it. I then took about a 17 year hiatus from biking in any form.

    6. Ungodly horrible dual suspension bike from Target
    7. 1997(?) Research Dynamics Coyote One - my grandpa got it at a yard sale for $5, thought I might be able to use it
    8. 2012 Trek/GF Marlin

    All in all, quite a horrible bike history. Having cheap parents did not help.

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    As a young kid I had dept store bikes. I'll start with what I can remember...
    20 or 24 inch murray MTB
    ironhorse bmx (currently my ski bike!)
    Eastern traildigger bmx, lots of custom parts
    70s Columbia 3 speed street bike, custom
    2002 specialized stumpjumper m4 pro
    2012 gt gtr series 2.0 road bike
    2012 trek superfly 100 al pro
    Novara buzz stripped down and made into a Singlespeed CX
    I work at a bike shop. Trek, Gt, fuji, DB, etc...

    2012 Trek Superfly 100 al pro-sold
    Soon to be 2014 trek slash 8

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    How in the heck can you people remember all the bikes you've ever owned? I'll try but I'm sure I'm going to miss a few lol Now this in't in any order.

    1980's Team Murray
    1980's Religh 20" BMX
    1980's GT Performer
    1980's GT Pacifica
    1987 Hutch Excel (white)
    1980's Hutch Pro Racer
    1980's GT Wold Tour
    1990 GT Dyno chrome
    1990's GT Dyno black


    2007 KHS XC 104 (FS)
    2013 Cannondale Trail 7 (HT)

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    70's no name that my dad painted for me, birthday present
    late 70's wallmart type road bike, turned the handlebars around (sticking up), took the mudgards off and rode the hills (mtb before it had a name )
    _______ no bike

    late 90's Scott Peak
    1999 kona Explosif
    2000 Ventana El Saltamontes
    2012 Santacruz Nickel

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    I inherited my sisters bike when I was 4. I learned to ride it in one day and my dad helped me paint it black and we put ape hangers on it.

    I had a moto-cross style bike that had a rear shock on it. It was stolen the week I got it.

    Sears 10 speed. I rode that bike everywhere. I was riding cyclocross long before I know what cyclocross was

    GT Hybrid
    Specialized Stump Jumper
    Miele road bike
    Cannondale F900
    Bontrager road bike
    Jamis Dakota CroMo
    Schwinn Fastback road bike
    Santa Cruz Super Light
    Jamis Dragon
    Specialized Epic
    Gary Fisher Rig
    Zion 727 29er
    Specialized S-Works road bike
    Salsa Mamasita
    Specialized Roubaix road bike
    Salsa Selma
    Salsa Chile Con Crosso
    Salsa Mamasita Replacement Frame
    Giant XTC29 1

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    walk down memory lane

    Schwinn Stingray
    Schwinn Stingray painted silver with BMX bars (same bike!)
    Motobecane mirage (hit by a truck, I survived the bike did not)
    Cycle Pro with yellow mag wheels
    Redline 102b with SE Racing Landing Gear Forks and Z-rims
    Trek 610
    Specialized Allez
    Specialized Stumpjumper
    Fisher Procaliber
    12 year break
    Fisher X-Caliber 29er, currently 1x9 with a rigid fork
    Specialized Roubaix Expert
    Salsa Fargo (3 days old)

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    Haro BMX
    Rigid Trek
    IRO Mark V Single Speed
    03 Cannondale Gemini 900
    Felt Jetty Beach Cruiser

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    1969- MTD Banana seat bike
    1974 Sears Free Spirit 10 spd.
    1982 S&S 26'' Rainbow Cruiser
    1985 Diamond Back Meanstreak, first MTB
    1986 Trek 400 road bike
    1987 Jamis Dakota, couldn't afford the Dakar
    1988 Schwinn Circuit, Columbus SL, made in Mississippi,
    1990 Trek 950 MTB,
    1996 Voodoo Bizango, broke it the first week I had it. Tange prestige was a little too light for me.
    1996 Voodoo Wanga, crash replacement programs are great!
    1997 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro
    1998 Lemond Buenos Aires
    1998 Gunnar Rockhound
    1999 Bianchi BUSS single speed
    2007 Gunnar Sport
    2007 SE Lager
    2008 Serotta GP Suisse
    2010 Focus Black Forest Expert
    2011 Salsa Mukluk
    2011 Surly Troll
    2012 Felt New Belgium Cruiser

    Still own eight of them, but I will always regret selling the S&S cruiser, the Voodoo Wanga and the Schwinn Circuit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LostBoyScout View Post
    Oh man cool topic. I have owned twice as many bikes as on this list but I'm not going to count bikes I only had a very short while, beaters that never really worked, project / novelty bikes, etc. I've built a few monstrosities not on this list.

    1. 80’s Raleigh cruiser with banana seat, blue
    2. late 80’s Kuwahara 5 speed 20”, black
    3. early 90’s GT BMX race bike
    4. 1992 Trek 830 Antelope – got me into XC racing
    5. 1993 Rocky Mountain Stratos – raced for several years until I was sponsored, everything pimped out on this bike.
    6. 1994 Norco TNT – full XTR, Fox fork – ultimate machine, bought Nov stolen Feb ☹
    7. 1996 Marin Team Titanium – racing machine, took me to several big races
    8. 2001? Monty mod trials bike, cromo frame!
    9. 2003? Twenty Four Bicycles Le Toy – insanely overbuilt hardtail for hucking
    10. 2003? Planet X Zebdi trials bike
    11. 2005 243 Racing hardtail, similar build to Le Toy.
    12. 2005 Woodman trials bike – no-holes-barred ultralight build, 19-20 lbs
    13. 2003ish Independent Fabrications Team Slalom - one of the employee's own bikes - why did I sell that bike?????
    14. 2002 Santa Cruz Chameleon, blue
    15. 2008 Giant Bowery singlespeed/fixed gear
    16. 2008 Santa Cruz Chameleon, white
    17. 2008 Soma Rush fixed gear
    18. 2009 Kona Humu
    19. 2004 Kona Dawg
    20. 2008 Adamant A1 trials bike
    21. 2010 Premium Garrett Reynolds BMX
    22. 1969 Raleigh Twenty folding bike (fully restored / pimped out with modern parts)
    23. 2010 Salsa Vaya touring bike
    24. 2010 Kona Paddy Wagon
    25. 2011 Transition Bottlerocket
    26. 2012 Transition Bandit 29
    27. 2011 Transition TR250

    And the list grows...
    Added the missing Kona Humu and +1 for a new addition to the family:

    28. 2013 Surly Ogre

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    Gary Fisher Marlin
    Fuji Roubaix
    Motobacon Fantom Elite
    Gary Fisher carbon Superfly
    Specialized Tricross Comp
    Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 29

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    Mongoose rockadile
    GT Karakoram
    Yeti 575
    Yeti Asr 7
    Lynn Woods
    JRA cycles

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    16" solid-tired bike dad found on the side of the road and fixed up for me - late 1970s.
    Some sort of Huffy BMX...I remember it had mag wheels - 1979.
    BMX bike called a "Cobra"..I believe it was legit - early 1980s.
    Schwinn Predator b/c the above-mentioned Cobra was stolen - early 1980s.
    Jamis beach cruiser - mid 1980s.
    GT Talera - first mountain bike..was my going away to college gift - 1991.
    GT Corado - had XT top mounts and a Manitou M-Sport fork - 1993....the bike that got me to where I am today.
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR - 1995....I was a FS pioneer!
    Dirt Research Kanai - 1996...did some fun things to this one most notably a Girvin Pro-Link suspension fork..yeah baby yeah!
    Schwinn Homegrown - my all-time favorites and the bike that got me to be a fairly decent XC racer.
    Redline Monocog 29er - me into 29ers and rigid SSing....a rebirth of sorts for my riding!
    Mongoose IBOC Road (1996 model year) - 2010...finally bit the bullet and got a road bike...yeah...its a full Campy 'Goose!!
    Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 29 HT - a word....MONEY!
    Geologist by trade...bicycle mechanic (former) by the grace of God!

    2012 Specialized Stumpy EVO 29 HT

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    Murray bmx style bike (dept. store bike with16" wheels and training wheels)
    Huffy bmx style bike (moved up to 20" wheels)
    Roadmaster mtb style bike (18 speeds and handbrakes!)
    Magna mtb style bike (coil spring shock, 21 speed!) I bent the crown on this bike and my dad replaced it with a 24" BMX fork
    Raleigh M22 (first "real" mountain bike)
    Raleigh M80 (first bike with brand name suspension and components)
    Specialized Rockhopper A1 Comp Disc (first bike with disc brakes)
    Scott Scale 30 (first carbon frame)

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    An assortment of bikes as a kid...
    2008 kink bmx bike complete
    a custom fit s1 (that I still have and haven't rode in a year or so)
    Just bought an Iron Horse Quantum 2 mtb

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    A few more ...

    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite
    05 Banshee Scirocco
    06 Seven Duo
    06 Ellsworth Moment
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS
    07 Niner RIP9
    08 Sinister Ridge
    08 Vassago Optimus Ti 29er SS
    05 Seven Sola Ti
    08 Ellsworth Tiruth (still have)
    08 Ellsworth Moment
    06 Ellsworth Rogue
    07 Ellsworth Epiphany
    09 Jones Spaceframe / ti truss fork (still have)
    09 Cotic BFe
    10 Knolly Delirium (still have)
    11 Pivot Mach 5.7 carbon (still have)
    12 Knolly Chilcotin (still have)
    12 Canfield Formula 1 Jedi (still have)

    05 Orbea Lobular
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri
    06 Titus FCR Ti
    05 Independent Fabrication Club Racer fixie
    07 Orbea Ora Tri
    05 Seven Elium SG
    09 Seven V-II
    10 Pinarello Dogma 60.1 (still have)
    10 Moots Vamoots CR (still have)
    10 WIlier Triestina Cento1 (still have)
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    2013 Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Zachariah View Post
    Young Punk Days:
    1) 1975 JCPenney 5-speed w/ sissy bar.
    2) 1978 D&G 20" BMX w/ Motomag wheels.
    3) 1979 Red Line Chrome Moly 20" BMX w/ Tuff Wheels.
    4) 1980 FMF Alloy 20" BMX w/ Cook Bros. headset.

    Dope Fiend Days:
    1) 1997 Specialized Rockhopper A1 FS - Traded for leather jacket + $50 cash.
    2) 1999 Pacific Full-Suspension - Found it dumpster-diving. Abandoned it after RD broke.
    3) 2001 NEXT 24" Full-Suspension - Found it in front of house. Later stolen, while locked.
    4) 1997 Roadmaster hardtail - Lost my license, and this was my primary ride.
    5) 1993 Giant Innova hardtail - Unattended bike, in front of house. Left Roadmaster behind.
    6) 2001 Giant Warp DS3 - Saw kids cut lock, and chased them away. Got bike easy
    7) 2004 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo hardtail - Purchased for $40. Stolen from rehab facility.

    Recovered XC Rider:
    1) 2006 Trek 4900 Disc - Great bike to train on, but weighed 33lbs. Sold it after 1400miles.
    2) 2006 Cannondale F600 Furio - Lost 50lbs of fat, riding this bike. I have a new addiction.
    3) 2005 Cannondale F2000 SL - Final XC race weight was 18.7 pounds, with 2x9 XTR crankset and Maxxis 310g tires. For "show" only...but climbed like a raped ape.
    4) 2010 Giant Anthem X2 - 22.9 pound, "gravitating" Trail beast never ceases to amaze me. Very FAST downhill too.

    Fast Bike Fanatic:
    1) 2007 Cannondale System Six - 15 pound, uber-thick, carbon headtube and Hollowgram Si BB30 crankset makes for a bike that accelerates like a rocket and easily handles 54mph descent without a hint of sketchiness.
    2) 2001 Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra - Rescued this beat-up, Hybrid frameset/fork/bars combo from the aluminum recyclers, for $30 and gave her a new life, with paint respray, fork rebuild and ALL weight weenie race components. Weight as shown, is 19.81 pounds/8.9kg:



    Nearly as fast as my road race bike!!!
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    "The ONLY person who needs to the entrant"

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    Every bike you've ever owned list...

    1. Schwinn silver SS coaster brake
    2. Trek 26" rigid MTB
    3. Trek 3700 (just sold, got $190!)
    4. Cannondale SL 4 Trail 29er

    And in 1 month:
    5. 2013 Giant Composite XTC 1 29er

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    1. 1972 powerlite bmx
    2. 1997 gt backwoods
    3. 1996 gt rts. still have and ride
    4. 1960's sting ray
    5. 1980shwinn world sport. still have and ride
    6. 2005 fuji adventure hi. my current bike
    7. 1985 shwinn predator bmx. still have and ride
    8. intense crabtree bmx.
    and many more i have forgotten the name of.
    mountain biking is my passion. ill bike just about any were even it its off limits to bikers.

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