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    old man riding!
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    1No name w/training wheels
    2Schwinn stingray
    2Mongoose supergoose
    3Redline proline
    4hutch 24"
    5Race Inc
    6diamondback silver streak
    - Freestyle-
    2haro sport
    3haro master
    4 3 hutch trickstars
    2giant cadex
    4gary fisher
    5specialized m-2
    6specialized m-4
    7giant xtc
    8redline monocog 29er
    - road bikes-
    1specialized allez
    2diamondback podium
    I have slowed down on my bike buying it used to be about two a year then I took a long break from bikes but I came back.I am 40 with two kids so I have to take it easy with the bike buying or i'll get something I don't want from my wife. Thank god for e-bay..

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    bikes i own and ride

    1992 nishiki blazer
    2003 specialized allez
    2003 klein palomino
    2006 cannondale prophet

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    Good topic

    1972 and on:

    little red tricycle. I first lived in San Francisco near GG park, near the panhandle. I was 3. My mom used to let me ride around the sidewalk on the front stoop of the apartment. She would turn her back, and the first thing I would do is go ride it around the block. That would of course totally freak her out.

    I have a sister who is 9 years older than I am. I got her purple girls sting ray as a hand-me-down. I rode that for a while.

    I had a blue Raleigh Rampart BMXer, complete with yellow tuff wheels.

    Then a chrome redline, that got ripped off.

    Then a blue redline 102b.

    Then I got into freestyle. I got a Haro Freestyler. That was sweet. best bike yet. I got a drum brake from the local junk store and built it up with an araya gold ano rim, and ran it with those old Shimano motorcycle brake levers. Can you say crazy brake power wtih no modulation? I sure could. Complete it with CW bars and Oakley 3 grips.

    I then got a Schwinn Sierra, my first mountain bike, off a guy at school. It had a busted front brake boss, so I bought a Fisher fork back when they were still locally owned in San Anselmo (where I grew up). I rode that for a while, and it got ripped off.

    I have another sister who is 2 years older than me. After my Sierra was ripped off, she got a Mongoose chrome mountain bike, and soon after went to Germany on foreign exchange for a year. It was my size, so naturally I rode that bike for the year. That was a rad bike, but I did so many drops I bent the fork out. I bent it back with a long piece of pipe and kept on riding it. She rode it for a couple years when she went to Cal, but it was stolen.

    Raleigh USA Grand Prix road bike. Fun, broke my hand when a chain exploded on me and went OTB... good times. It now sits bolted to my trainer after I converted it to a fixie, since I'm too much of a wuss to ride it in the street.

    Then I got out of biking for a bunch of years.

    Then I got back in. I got a Giant Yukon in 2000. The frame is still in my basement. Great bike, but it rattled my teeth out.

    I caught the bug and went crazy.

    I got a K2 Razorback from some guy in Canada. Loved it, but it was too small for me.

    Aosty set me up with some parts and an old '90 Trek 9500 bonded alu frame. I made it a low-rent singlespeed. I painted it neutral 50% grey. Love it.

    I also built up a used Giant TCR road bike with Dura Ace 8 speed.

    The Razorback really needed replacement, so I got a used '03 Stumpjumper FSR-XC frame. Love it.

    Missing the sheer crazy speed and lightweight of a hardtail, I built up the Yukon as a light bike. I found it was also a tad small, and rode really harshly, so I found a used Supergo Access frame, and built that up. Its now my race hardtail.

    So currently in the stable:

    '03 stumpy
    Access hardtail
    Giant TCR roadie
    Trek 9500 rigid SS
    Raleigh USA Grand Prix, built as a fixie.

    My wife's bikes:

    Giant Boulder with slicks for street
    Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works hardtail... currently getting painted.
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    1. Schwinn Stingray
    2. Schwinn Sting
    3. Schwinn Predator
    4. GT Pro 20 inch
    5. Hutch Pro 20 inch (chrome)
    6. Hutch Pro 20 inch* (white)
    7. Hutch Pro 24 inch*

    8. CW Lighting
    9. CW Pro 24 inch
    10. GHB Pro 24 inch
    11. Torker Pro 20 inch
    12. Profile Pro 24 inch
    13. GT Timberline
    14. GT Avalance LE*
    15. Canondale R600
    16. Specialized FSR Pro
    17. Giant TCR2
    18. Specialized Epic Pro
    19. Free Agent 20 inch
    20. Mosh Pro 24 inch
    21. Specialized S-Works Hardtail
    22. Specialized Roabaix
    23. Bianchi Pista (Fixie)
    24. Bianchi Pista Concept 2005 (Fixie)
    25. Giant TCR Team*
    26. Pro Concept 24inch
    27. Specialized S-Works Epic*
    28. Bianchi Pista Concept 2006 (Fixie)*

    29. Jamis Dakar
    30. Trek Commuter/Townie

    Italics: Still Have
    * All time favorite

    Future Bikes:
    Vanilla, Pinarello, maybe the new Scott Full Susser that is at Eurobike 2006
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    I may of missed a few...

    1989 Bridgestone MB-1
    1990 Bridgestone MB-1
    1991 Bridgestone MB-1
    Bianchi cross(now fixed)
    Bianchi Ibex
    Bianchi Pista

    Cannondale Chase 2
    Cannondale Darwin (yes I did ride one)
    Cannondale F4000sl
    Cannondale Gemini 800
    Cannondale Jekyll 900SL
    Cannondale Judge 1
    Cannondale Prophet 2 MX
    Cannondale Prophet 4000
    Cannondale Prophet 4Cross
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon

    Eddie Mercxx road
    edge cycles Icarus full suspension

    Ellsworth Chaos
    Ellsworth Epiphany
    Ellsworth Flight
    Ellsworth ID
    Ellsworth Moment
    Ellsworth Rogue
    Ellsworth Specialist
    Ellsworth Truth (the crappy one)
    Ellsworth witness (sweet)

    Fisher Cake 2 DLX
    Fisher Fat Possum XO
    Fisher King Fisher 2
    Fisher Procaliber
    Fisher Rig
    Giant ATX Team XC
    Giant XcX DS1
    GT I-drive
    Ibis Bow-ti
    Ibis Mojo
    Ibis Ripley

    Ironhorse 7.7
    Ironhorse MKIII
    Ironhorse Yakuza

    Lemond zurich road

    Litespeed Bella
    Litespeed Ghisallo
    Litespeed Mount Diablo
    Litespeed Niota Ti
    Litespeed Pisgah

    Marin (Something crappy)
    Merlin Newsboy
    Merlin Works 4.0 (wow)
    Merlin XLM 6/4
    Nishiki Manitoba
    Redline MX-2 BMX

    Santa Cruz Blur (old one)
    Santa Cruz Blur 4X
    Santa Cruz Blur LT
    Santa Cruz Blur XC
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Santa Cruz Jackal
    Santa Cruz Nomad
    Santa Cruz Tazman

    schwinn 1960 cruiser
    Schwinn Aluminium MTB,
    Schwinn something MTB
    Schwinn Tourney ATB

    SE Racing PK Ripper Looptail,

    specialized hardrock
    Specialized P.1 (still have)
    Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS
    Specialized Stumphumper 120

    Titus quasimoto
    Titus racer x
    Titus supermoto
    Titus titanium 29" racer x exogrid

    Trek Fuel EX 9.5
    Trek Jack 1
    Trek Police Bike FS (bar ends and a rear rack)
    Trek Remedy 66
    Trek session 77
    Trek Y

    Yeti ASR Full Carbon
    Yeti 575
    Yeti 303
    Yeti DH9
    Yeti ARC Ti
    Yeti ARC

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    [QUOTE=Jessep]I may of missed a few...

    SE Racing PK Ripper Looptail,

    ah...the SE Racing PK Ripper was a classic, one of the first, if not the first BMX frame made from aluminum. I thought the Quadangle was pretty cool as well.

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    Gravity Tester
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    Tricycle (of course)
    Some non-descript little red bike I learned "two wheeling" on.
    Several Schwinns of unknown makes.
    Some odd department store bike 5 sp. with "butterfly" handlebars and top-tube "Hurst" style shifter.
    Schwinn Stingray "Orange Crate"
    Sears "Freespirit" 10-sp.
    Schwinn Varsity 10 sp.
    Redline BMX
    Mongoose BMX
    Haro Freestyle BMX
    Murray 24" BMX styled 5 sp. POS
    Cannondale Hardtail MTB model unknown
    Gary Fisher Wahoo
    Raleigh MT600
    Giant Warp 1
    Giant AC 1
    Giant NRS 1
    Giant TCR 1 Alloy roadie
    Giant TCR Composite 0 roadie
    Look 585 roadie
    Titus MotoLite
    Yeti 575
    Bianchi W.U.S.S.

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    Sep 2004


    1) Some old Huffy BMX bike
    2) Murray Mountain Bike (stolen)
    3) 1998 Trek 820
    4) Cannondale Road Bike
    5) Older Steel HT converted to SS, can't remember the make
    6) 2000 Kona Stinky (broke it)
    7) 2000 Kona Kaboom (stolen)
    8) 2004 Karpiel Apocalypse (sold it, miss that one too)
    9) 2005 Kona Sutra
    10) 2006 Kona Smoke with Xtracycle
    11) 2004 Banshee Scream with Monster T (sold it)
    12) 2003 Foes Mono with Boxxer (current ride)

    I still have the Sutra, the Smoke and the Foes. Everything else was either stolen, broken, or sold. It was cool to go back and remember, thanks!


    Quote Originally Posted by azdog View Post
    I think he was born around the time of the Chernobyl fallout which would explain a lot.

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    88 Rockhopper Comp (my 66 year old dad crashed it and bent the frame)
    89 Rockhopper Comp
    91 Paramount Series 70 (wish I still had it)
    96 (or 97) Bontrager Titanium (wish I still had it)
    01 Rocky Mountain Instinct
    04 SC Blur
    05 Turner Flux (still have it)
    05 Trek Liquid 55 (still have it)

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    Jan 2004
    Schwinn Pixie
    Schwinn Stingray
    Another Schwinn Stingray
    Vista Esquire
    Raleigh Super Course
    Nishiki Olympic
    Dumpster bikes 1, 2, and 3 (College)
    Schwinn Corvette
    Another Schwinn Corvette
    Raleigh Competition GS
    Another Schwinn Corvette
    Specialized Rockhopper
    Windsor something
    Trek 760
    Jamis Dakota
    Specialized Stumpjumper
    Still yet another Schwinn Corvette
    Huffy tandem
    Schwinn Collegiate
    Schwinn Breeze
    Fisher Sugar 2
    Specialized Allez
    Surly 1x1
    Voodoo Dambala
    Burley Duet
    When the going gets weird its bedtime.

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    This is fun. Thought I would have had more bikes than this, but guess not. Here's my list:
    • Target bought bike with fenders with Banana Seat (later took off the fenders, replaced banana seat, and put nobbies on to be a "BMX" bike)
    • Team Murry BMX freewheel
    • PK Ripper BMX
    • 92 Specialized Rockhopper
    • 95 Specialized Rockhopper Comp
    • ------------- Big Break spent getting fat-----------------------
    • 05 Trek 4300
    • 05 Specialized FSRxc
    • 07 Cannondale Rush 4

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    When in doubt, go faster
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    i dont remember up to my last two.
    Cannondale f200
    Fisher Wahoo

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    Aug 2006
    redline (gave away)
    haro (broken)
    bob jackson (sold)
    Jamis (still have)
    mountain cycle (still have)
    Giant trance 4 (still have)

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    Kona Cinder Cone
    Kona Kula
    Kona Dawg
    Kona Jake the Snake
    K2 Razorback
    Titus Loco-Moto
    Titus Racer-X
    Intense Tracer
    Ionic hardtail
    Cannondale Jeckyll
    Cannondale F1000
    Trek 8000
    Specialized FSR
    Yeti 575
    Yeti ASR
    Oh wait you said OWNED not STOLE
    Opinions are like A-holes. Everybody has one and they usually stink.

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    BMX'er getting big wheels
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    Start to now:
    16" Murray bmx looking thing, my first bike,
    20" pacific mountain bike
    Inferno something or other, brakeless walmart BMX death trap
    18" Kent BMX bike, semi converted to a chopper with some rigid 26" forks and a 20" front wheel
    Monark Silver King-vintage beach cruiser
    random huffy POS mountain bike
    Mosh Brass 2 Star
    Volume Deathwish (this frame with the components I'm running in my mosh currently)
    Next will be whatever mountain bike I end up with.

    Have a Hutch Pro-Raider resto project and a Redline RL440 rider project in the wings.
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    '05 Jamis Komodo
    '85 Toyota Pickup 4x4
    '74 Ford Maverick

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    Jeez, some of you have real problems.....

    1. 1999 Specialized Rockhopper
    2. 2001 Specialized Enduro
    3. 2003 Santa Cruz Bullit
    4. 2003 Orxy Racing 2300
    5. Knolly V-tach
    6. Turner 5-spot

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    Down South Yooper
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    More than enough

    Starting around '93:

    93 Rockhopper Comp
    Slingshot Mtn - Periwinkle Purple
    Specialized FSR - Craptastic
    Fat Chance Wicked Lite
    Pinarello Cyclocross
    Orbit 531 Steel Roadie
    Canondale Killer V w/headshock
    Litespeed Obed
    Brew 180 Proof w/cabon AMP (flexy flyer)
    Eddie Merckx Coursa 01 roadie (campy chorus)
    Titus DrupU Roadie (inherited campy chorus)
    Santa Cruz Blur (original model)

    Surly Karate Monkey
    Surly Cross Check
    Niner SIR9

    and for my lovely wife:

    Scott steel hardtail (garage fatality)
    Voodoo Wanga (with carbon FSX fork)
    Specialized Allez Roadie (cheap)
    Iron Horse Azure Comp

    Still have the ones in blue.
    I think that's it. Seems like there should be a few more in there. And yeah, I miss the Fat Chance the most.


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    Warrior's Society
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    6,396 goes....since '94:

    '94 Giant Iguana
    '96 GT Avalanche LE
    '97 GT Zaskar LE
    '98 GT Xizang
    '98 GT STS 1500DS
    '99 GT STS 1000DS
    '01 Santa Cruz Bullit
    '02 Santa Cruz Chameleon
    '03 Santa Cruz Bullit
    '03 Giant TCR2(roadie)
    '04 Santa Cruz Chameleon
    '03 Azonic DS-1
    '04 Gary Fisher Sugar 293
    '04 Felt F60(roadie)(Current)
    '05 Santa Cruz Chameleon(Current)
    '04 Santa Cruz Heckler
    '06 Santa Cruz Bullit(current)
    '05 Surly 1x1
    '07 Redline Monocog 29er
    '05 Specialized Langster(roadie)
    '05 NYC Bikes Crossbike

    Since '96(wife):

    '96 Schwinn Moab 3
    '95 Klein Mantra
    '99 Specialized Enduro Expert
    '01 Santa Cruz Bullit
    '01 Santa Cruz Bullit
    '03 Santa Cruz Bullit
    '04 Santa Cruz Heckler
    '04 Giant OCR 1(roadie)
    '04 Felt F60(roadie)(Current)
    '04 Redline Monocog
    '05 Surly 1x1
    '05 Santa Cruz Julianna HT(current)
    '06 Santa Cruz Blur LT(current)
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    1. Mongoose Menace (Can't remember what I had before that, but this was the bmx bike I rode for years as a kid)
    2. Magna something-or-other-pos (12th bday present)
    3. Diamondback Outlook (another pos)
    4. 2000 Gary Fisher Marlin (xmas gift when I was 16, my first real mountain bike)
    5. 2001 Specialized Enduro Expert Hardtail (my first custom bike, built it up part by part)
    6. 2003 Giant AC (still my current all mountain bike)
    7. 2005 Cannondale Chase (still around too)
    8. 2006 Specialized Demo 8 (7 months old, my first dh bike. Her name's Sophia, she's my favorite)
    9. 2006 Scott Speedster S60 (1st roadie, my most recent purchase)

    I'm a relatively new rider, I've only been riding for about 6 years. I thought I had a pretty long list compared to the some of the guys I ride with, but according to these ridiculous lists that you guys have............

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    some shitty huffy back when i was a wee lad
    2005 trek 4500

    sad i know but I'm new to mtn biking and I'm only 19

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    Get comfortable.

    I am officially a bike whore so there are many This list starts at 28 years old but I can't remember the earlier ones.
    1) Gary Fisher Montare(too big)
    2)Fisher Mt. Tam Polished(sweetest HT ever)
    3)Fisher Joshua (total pile bent within a year)
    4)Mc Mahon BUFF (total pile Broke 3 times in year and a half then he folded so I lost the $$$)
    5)Cdale hardtail (bought too small)
    6) Foes Weasel ( sweet rig way ahead of it's time but broke the swing arm)
    7)Foes Fly ( too much travel too heavy but pedals well and I still have it )
    8) Ellsworth Truth (not enough travel only had it 6 months)
    9) GT I drive ( after seeing all my freinds brake thears I sold it)
    10)Cannondale Jeckyle (got a 1/2 off deal and it was a good bike but I wanted more)
    11)Intense Uzzi DH ( fun but heavy and flexy just to tide me over until My 5 Spot arrived)
    12) SM Bullit)still waiting for the 5 Spot so I tried the Bullit but too many single pivot quirks and it was too small but it's still sitting around in a box somewhere)
    13 5SPOT YEAH (best I've ever owned; 3 years and no problems
    14)Cannondale 1fg (I fell for the SS hype but I picked it up frame and headshock for $250 new with a dented down tube. I still own it and it's a great training tool but it aint fun
    15)Turner Route 66 ( plush, heavy with the same geometry as my Spot but it feels very different.
    15 Somewhere in there was a KHS cruiser with a 7 speed hub that was cool but outweighed my DH bike.
    I'm so happy with my 5 Spot that I'm not looking for any bikes right now but a short travel bike would be nice to try and I have a line on a Burner but I don't think I'd ride it much.
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    Born to push....
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    hmmmm lets see if i can remember them from at least the time i really got into cycling

    1) huffy somethingerother
    2) Sears somethingerother
    3) Huffy Stone Mountain
    4) Picific Conquest (wish i still had it)
    5) GT Timberline FS (still have)
    6) GT I-drive XCR 4000 (still have)
    7) Schwinn Sidewinder (bigest mistake i ever baught)
    8) Kona Muni-mula (now a single speed)
    9) GT i-drive xcr 4000 (still have )
    10) Kona Stuff (still have)
    11) Bike E recumbant (still have)
    12) Giant Sedona (still have)
    13) schwinn tour sport (still have)

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    cut like the fog.
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    big wheel
    supercycle bmx
    kuhara bmx's (3 or 4)
    rocky mountain fusion
    rocky mountian equipe
    marin team issue
    kona HOT
    Voodoo nzumbi SS
    santa cruz bullit
    jericho leadfoot ss
    santa cruz heckler
    jericho payback ss
    norco team 853
    intense 5.5
    cannondale R800
    Kona Jake the Snake cross
    Ridley Damocles
    BBC Pilly cruiser

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    I am trying to add to my small collection. I offered My night vision Monocular for someones old beater mountain bike with front susp. I figure some outdoorsman's greed will get the better of him. Well I hope. LOL.
    Opinions are like A-holes. Everybody has one and they usually stink.

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    Slower than you...
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    Okay, I'll play...

    Lost in the mists of time are the childhood bikes, although I can remember the 20" bananna-seater with the sissy bar. I know I really lusted after the Raleigh Chopper with the gearshift on the top tube, though. If you've ever watched first-run Pink Panther cartoons on Saturday morning, you know the one:

    Fast-forward to the modern(?) era:
    1985 Raleigh 10-speed tourer (traded)
    1986 Trek 12-speed road bike (stolen)
    1983-ish Specialized Stumpjumper (Looking back, that's the best bike I ever had - bought from a college buddy for $20 & ended up throwing it away in 1988)
    1988 Nishiki Alien (destroyed in flood of '94)
    1989 Vitus 979 with chi-chi Campy gruppo (destroyed in flood of '94)

    ...insert 11 years of sedentary suburban malaise here...

    2004 Motobecane Fantom Comp (Sold it to one of my present-day riding buddies)
    2005 Specialized Roubaix (Current road rig)
    2006 Gary Fisher XCal (Current dirt rig)

    What's next? Dunno, but I'm hearing the tandem road bike calling...

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