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    Nov 2009
    1985 Huffy BMX (bikejacked)
    1986 Diamondback BMX (bikejacked again ... rough neighborhood)
    1980s Racing Union BMX
    1995 HuffY "mountain" bike (college beater)
    1995 Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo (currently awaiting restoration)
    2007 Banshee Viento (soon to be sold)
    2009 Motobecane Fantom 29 Pro
    2013 Trek Domane 5.2C (first roadie)
    201x Ibis Mojo (on order)

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    Can't remember the very first bike / trike

    Walmart bmx with training wheels
    80s Diamondback bmx
    90s Diamondback venom

    Didn't really bike between early teens and early 20s

    2008 Motobecane 700ht
    2009 Windsor Cliff 29 Team
    2005 Gary Fisher Marlin
    2009 Motobecane Sprint
    2011 Canfield Yelli Screamy
    Rigid 29er built from spare parts
    2012 Niner Rip 9

    With motors

    1995 Yamaha rt100
    2001 Yamaha YZ 125
    2008 Kawasaki kx250f
    2005 Honda CR125r

    Motors and 4 wheels

    Powerwheels Jeep
    1988 Honda 250x
    2005 Honda trx450r

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    1. Some sort of junkyard bike my dad built for me
    2. Some sort of junkyard BMX bike my dad and I built
    3. Huffy Omni 10-speed
    4. Diamond Back Hot Streak freestyle BMX bike
    5. do skateboards count here? Vison Jinx and Powell/Peralta Steve Caballero
    6. 1990s Gary Fisher Aquila
    7. 2006 Gary Fisher Paragon
    8. 2011 Lenz Leviathan 4.0 (current mtb)
    9. 2011 Trek Madone 5.1 (road bike)

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    Centurion Turbo (late 80's)
    1995 GT Tempest
    1998 Schwinn Homegrown (still have)
    2001 GT Aggressor 1.0
    2002 Rocky Mountain Switch
    2003 Rocky Mountain RM-7 WS
    2008 Santa Cruz Blur XC
    2008 Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 70
    2012 Santa Cruz Heckler (still have)

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    1. Boys' Raleigh racer
    2. Some sort of early 90s Shogun
    3. Specialized Hardrock mid 90s
    4. 1998 Specialized Rockhopper
    5. GT Zaskar LE
    6. Olmo Equipe
    7. Apollo hybrid
    8. Orange P7 singlespeed
    9. Cannondale CAAD 10
    10. 1982 Raleigh Competition
    11. Gazelle Chamonix Dutch bike
    12. Shogun Trailbreaker 3.

    Might have forgotten a few...

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    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite
    05 Banshee Scirocco
    06 Seven Duo
    06 Ellsworth Moment
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS
    07 Niner RIP9
    08 Sinister Ridge
    08 Vassago Optimus Ti 29er SS
    05 Seven Sola Ti
    08 Ellsworth Tiruth
    08 Ellsworth Moment
    06 Ellsworth Rogue
    07 Ellsworth Epiphany
    09 Jones Spaceframe / ti truss fork (still have)
    09 Cotic BFe
    10 Knolly Delirium
    11 Pivot Mach 5.7 carbon (still have)
    12 Knolly Chilcotin
    12 Canfield Formula 1 Jedi (still have)
    16 Knolly Warden Carbon (still have)

    05 Orbea Lobular
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri
    06 Titus FCR Ti
    05 Independent Fabrication Club Racer fixie
    07 Orbea Ora Tri
    05 Seven Elium SG
    09 Seven V-II
    10 Pinarello Dogma 60.1 (still have)
    10 Moots Vamoots CR (still have)
    10 WIlier Triestina Cento1 (still have)
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    I've probably replied here in the past but oh, well.

    In order of appearance:

    2000 Diamondback P.O.S. HT 26er
    2002 Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc 26er
    2004 Specialized SJ FSR Pro 26er
    2009 Specialized Epic Comp 26er
    2010 Specialized SJ HT 29er
    2009 Pivot Mach 429 29er
    2014 Kona Dr. Dew 700c
    2014 Trek Remedy 9 27.5
    2013 Specialized Carve Comp 29er

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    Various cheap bmx bikes (Murray, Huffy)
    circa 1991 Huffy 10spd "Mountain Bike"
    1994 GT Timberline
    1997 Gary Fischer HooKooEKoo
    2010 Specialized Crosstrail Comp Disc
    2011 Specialized Sirrus Elite
    2015 Karate Monkey Ops
    2015 Karate Monkey
    Like a fart in a mitten...

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    2016 Update(Bold print)

    My Bikes
    Young Punk Days:
    1) 1975 JCPenney 5-speed w/ sissy bar.
    2) 1978 D&G 20" BMX w/ Motomag wheels.
    3) 1979 Red Line Chrome Moly 20" BMX w/ Skyway Tuff Wheels.
    4) 1980 FMF Alloy 20" BMX w/ Cook Bros. crankset.

    Dope Fiend Days:
    1) 1996 Specialized Rockhopper A1 FS - Traded away for leather jacket + $50 cash.
    2) 1999 Pacific Full-Suspension - Found it dumpster-diving. Abandoned it after RD broke.
    3) 2001 NEXT 24" Full-Suspension - Found it in front of house. Later stolen, while locked. I believe the devastated kid's dad "recovered" it, after extensive searching. Karma is a biatch!
    4) 1997 Roadmaster Eliminator hardtail - Lost my license/car, so this was my primary ride.
    5) 1993 Giant Innova hybrid - Unattended bike, in front of house. Left Roadmaster listed above behind as "trade-in."
    6) 2002 Giant Warp DS2 Full-Suspension - Saw kids cut lock and chased them away. Got bike real easy.
    7) 2004 Gary Fisher Zebrano 700c Comfort hardtail - Purchased stripped of paint for $40. Re-stolen from rehab facility.

    Recovered Trail Rider(Photo-Heavy):
    1) 2006 Trek 4900 Disc - First disc bike weighed porkly 34lbs. Sold it after 1400miles:
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-trek-4900.jpg
    2) 2006 Cannondale F600 Furio - Lost 80lbs of fat, riding this bike. I have a new addiction(SOLD):
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-furio_2006.jpg
    3) 2005 Cannondale F2000 SL Optimo - Learned XC bike handling skills on this 19-pound rocket. Purchased cheap($1200) from pro XC racer going thru divorce(SOLD):
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-f2000sl.jpg
    4) 2010 Giant Anthem X2 26er - First NEW bike paid with money I actually earned myself. Transferred components from previous Cannondale race HT. It weighed 22.3 pounds(SOLD):
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-anthem_x2.jpg
    5) 2009 Cannondale CAAD 9/7 - My first foray into road biking. Did my first Century on this 16-pound, full Dura Ace build(SOLD):
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-caad9_done.jpg
    6) 2007 Cannondale System Six - This hybrid carbon/alloy beast remains the lightest and STIFFEST bike I ever rode, at 15.2lbs(SOLD):
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-system_six.jpg
    7) 2001 Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra CAAD4 - Found frame/fork in pile of bikes, at automotive boneyard, for $25. Restored with full SRAM X0 9-speed gruppo and SOLD, for huge profit(19.7lbs):
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-bbu1.jpg
    8) 2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro - Upgraded nearly everything to: Easton EC90 carbon wheels, XX1 gruppo, Thomson carbon 730mm bars, XTR Trail brakes, KS-LEV dropper, Monarch RT3 shock, 120mm SID fork, Candy 4ti pedals. At 24.6lbs, it now performs on-par with 2016 Trek Fuel EX9.9. It goes anywhere all-day long. My current go-to bike:
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-2015-11-02-10.05.37.jpg
    9) 2002 Cannondale F3000SL CAAD5 - Converted to 18-pound, flat-bar Cyclocross 29er....after surviving twice being hit by cars - I'm done with Road:
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-2015-08-18-09.21.29.jpg
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    1991 Trek Singletrack 9something?
    2000 Trek 8000
    2001 Trek Fuel 90
    2005 Trek Jack
    Bianchi San Jose
    Fuji Tahoe Comp
    Swobo Otis
    Trek XO1
    Yeti SB66
    Santa Cruz Bronson V2

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    Various BMX bikes (Huffy, Roadmaster, etc)
    Haro Shredder
    GT Transeo
    Surly Cross Check
    Redline Monocog 29er
    1990's Specialized Hard Rock
    Cannondale Trail SL 26"
    Surly Ice Cream Truck
    Surly Ogre
    Surly Ice Cream Truck
    Surly Ogre
    Surly Krampus

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    Every bike you've ever owned list...

    Sure me or my brother had a Big Wheel, also this bizarre 1970s plastic thing one rode by pushing feet back and forth.

    Sears "chopper" with Banana seat and sissy bar. I learned to ride without training wheels about age 5 (broke frame on a sweet jump)

    Red Schwinn Sting-Ray with coaster brake.
    Motobecane 10 speed
    Bianchi 10 speed
    Maruishi Tange steel MTB with Deore XT "Biopace" and Araya anodized rims which was about $950 in 1988. Really realy really wish I hadn't sold that one.
    Peugeot MTB rode to campus for years
    (Long period with no bike at all, another dumb move).

    2006 Trek Solo (1x8 or 9, nice bike)
    Fisher Rig
    Trek Solo S
    *Giant Rincon
    Giant XTC Team
    *Soma Analog
    *Moots Rigormootis
    *Farley 6
    *Cannondale Hooligan
    *Cannonade Fat CAAD with OLAF
    * = still own. No full suspension yet.
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    1991 GT Timberline
    1992 Parkpre 2.0
    1993 Barracuda A2R
    1994 ProFlex 854
    1996 Cannondale SuperV 2000
    1997 Scott DH
    1998 Schwinn 4-banger
    1999 Marin Wolf Ridge
    2002 Kona Stinky
    2005 Cannondale Gemini
    2013 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29
    2014 Giant Defy Advanced
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    My first bikes were from so many years ago I forget their names... had hand-me-downs from family, and tried a bmx once, didnt like that.

    Raleigh (forget any other name of it) - when I was a kid. Rode this until the tires got bald. Just got rid of it actually, to a good cause. That bike had many memories.

    Reebok Switchback was my first decent upgrade after that - loved it, but realized after time it wasn't a good fit for me, and I upgraded from this.

    Kona Mahuna - what I currently ride. I just bought it this year and I'm in love with how much easier it is to ride with a nicely made bicycle. Still can't get over it or believe it. It's really my first entry level mountain bike. Love it. Haven't rode it enough this year, but I'm trying to! I take it everywhere! <3

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    Huffy desperado broke the frame by age 7
    Huffy Lightning BMX
    Schwinn predator black shadow
    Schwin Mtb circa 1987
    2010 Jamis XCT1
    2014 intense Tracer 275 (current )
    2014 trek Madone 2.1 (current)
    2015 NS Bikes Eccentric (current)
    S+1 , bmx cruiser or CX bike

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    Used Schwinn Sting Ray, it was probably at least 10 years old, older than me, anyway.

    1978ish JC Penny's 10 Speed.

    1980 Schwinn Le Tour

    Late 80's mountain bike. Stolen from me quickly. Didn't get to ride it much.

    1986 Miyata 301 road bike.

    Walmart Next Mountain bike (gave it to someone who needed a bike)

    2008 cannondale synapse

    2010 trek 7200 hybrid.

    2002 Gary Fisher sugar 1. Used. Should have kept it.

    2012 Pinarello QuAttro

    2013 CAADX

    2015 surly Krampus SS
    2015 Surly Krampus SS
    2013 CAADX 105
    2012 Pinarello Quattro
    2002 Zurich LeMond

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    80's BMX's
    1992 Warehouse (like Walmart) 10-speed "mountain bike"
    1994 Marin Palisades Trail
    1993 Marin Rocky Ridge (bought second hand at the start of '95)
    1997 Diamondback something (alloy hardtail, black and yellow frame)
    1998 Santa Cruz Heckler
    1999 Giant Mosh Pro-XL
    1999 Kona Kula (I think) full XTR, bought second hand in 01
    2006 DMR Trailstar
    2007 Kona Coilair (built up with the DMR parts, hated it!)
    2005 Turner 5spot (bought second hand in 2008, loved it!)
    2010 Turner 5spot DW
    2015 Knolly Warden

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    Going back to childhood:

    1. Romet kid bike
    2. Escorte foldable
    3. 1992 Huffy Timberline MTB
    4. 1994 Schwinn S95.4
    5. 1999 Schwinn Homegrown Factory Team (still own)
    6. 2001-2003 Titus Loco-Moto (still own)
    7. 2003 Ventana Pantera (still own)
    8. 2006 Titus Moto-Lite (still own)
    9. 2006 Pedal Force HT(still own)
    10.2006 Yeti 575 (still own)

    Also Marin Highway one from 1990's (still own), suffice to say too many bikes, but at least can't say that I can't ride b/c the bike is broke.

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    Beyond the random BMX bikes as a kid, my first bikes were a Low level MTB and a junk yard salvage 10 speed that really started to get my interest in biking. Had them during the ages of 11-13. Then I moved on the the 'real' bikes. Forget the exact models on some.

    1992 Specialized Hardrock
    1993 Dyno BMX
    1995 Mongoose Rockadile
    1999 Kona Lava Dome
    2004 Giant VT3
    2006 Cannondale F500
    ?Early 90's Gary Fisher that I turned into a commuter
    2005 Specialized Epic
    2007 Specialized Allez
    ?(2000) Kona Steel Kahuna that I turned into a single speed
    ? Old Raleigh 10 speed that I turned into a commuter briefly
    2009 Kona Jake (commuter)
    2011 Scott CX Team
    2010 YETI ASR
    2009 Jamis Dragon Pro (won, kept)
    2010 Specialized Epic (won, sold immediately to a junior I raced with)
    2011 Argon 18 Krypton
    2012 Niner EMD
    ?2009 Misfit Psycles singlespeed
    2010 Specialized Stumpjumper HT
    2012 Scott Scale Pro
    *2013 Salas Mukluk 3
    2014 Random Townie bike
    2014 Scott Spark 700 premium
    2014 Scott Scale 720
    *2014 Ridley X-fire
    2014 Scott Spark 900sl
    *2015 Dengfu 27.5 FS

    * Current bikes
    - Biggest regret is selling my Scott Spark 700
    - Favorite bike, likely the Scott CX Team. Rode the snot out of that bad boy. But went disk

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    > /dev/null 2&>1
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    Hmm, this is an interesting thread. Folks should say how the bike left their possession, there's a lot of stories there.

    - Some big box kiddie bike:
    Every bike you've ever owned list...-trainingwheelsoff.jpg
    - Some kind of huffy BMX, broke head tube junction ghost riding it off a 15ft cliff. Dad re-welded it. Broke again.
    - Some 10sp big box bike of indeterminate brand, given to brother in law as college bike
    - Yakota Toulumne, stolen outside the bowling alley (idiot doesn't lock it)
    - 1995 Klein Rascal, custom build with Deore LX, White Bros custom wheels. Stolen outside of Chem building in college (idiot brings their nice MTB to college)
    - Some specialized Hardrock, traded buddy for paying his utility bill. Other buddy rode it to bars, and "hid it really well". But it was gone.
    - 2001 Specialized Stump Jumper FSR XC Comp, sold Ebay
    - Took a long break from MTB here due to injury and work
    - *2011 Yeti ASR5C
    - *2012 Pivot Firebird
    - *2013 Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro
    - *2014 Felt F5X
    - *2009 SE Bikes Filth Flyer (as a townie)

    * Current bikes

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    Eek!! Haven't ridden that many bikes - but, here we go.
    1st Bike - HMX 600, frame cracked (top tube near headset)... got a guy in street to weld it back together... went again after a month (age 7-10)...

    Diamond Back Sorrento was next bike (aged 27). Bought for commuting. Sat in shed from 31-40. Gave to Father-in-law for parts (after getting next bike).

    Age 40, I got a KHS Winslow 29er. Got hooked on mtb-ing. Sold to a colleague just getting into sport (after I got next bike...)

    14' Kona Process 134, age 41.5... still got it. Ride it more out of town i.e. real gnarly stuff.

    12' Transition Bandit 29er... my home trails go to bike and race day companion. If it were a little shorter in the rear and had a little lower standover, I'd sell the Kona.

    Looks like I need to buy some more bikes :-)

    Damage: 14' Kona Process 134, 12' Transition Bandit 29er
    to err is human... to face plant is frickin hilarious!!

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    Not sure I can remember them all, here goes...

    Huffy BMX
    Department store MTB (Huffy?)
    Redline BMX
    GT Dyno Freestyle / Ramp Bike
    2001 Walmart Mongoose MTB (college bike)
    2009 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite
    2010 Specialized Stumpjumber FSR Pro
    2010 Surly Pugsley
    2012 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29er
    2012 907 Fatbike (custom build)
    2016 Specialized Fatboy Expert Carbon
    2016 Specialized 6Fattie Expert Carbon

    I'm sure there were many others early on but cannot remember for sure.

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    I'll play! Fun trying to remember them all.

    Road and touring
    1973 Volkcycle
    1979 Miyata 310
    1980 Rodriguez
    1981 Mercian
    1983 Specialized Expedition
    1993 Specialized Allez lugged carbon
    2006 Giant FCR 3
    2008 Surly LHT

    1981 Stumpjumper
    1983 Ross Mt. Whitney
    1984 Stumpjumper
    1986 Stumpjumper Sport
    1988 Ibis Avion
    1993 Diamondback Apex
    1994 Canondale M500
    1999 Raleigh M80
    2009 Fatback
    2014 Salsa Mukluk 2
    The older I get the better I was...

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    1985 Huffy Sigma
    1996 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 26er Mango
    2002 Allez Carbon
    2003 Cannondale Gemini
    2005 Cannondale Chase
    2008 Cannondale F3 Singlespeed
    2009 Cannondale Rize
    2010 Stumpjumper Comp 29er hardtail
    2011 Stumpjumper S-Works 26er
    2012 GT Fury
    2012 Specialized Status II
    2012 Nomad
    2012 Specialized Allez
    2013 Tallboy LTC
    2013 Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29er
    2013 S-Works Enduro 26er
    2014 Enduro Expert 29er
    2014 Marin Attack Trail CXT-9
    2014 Santa Cruz Bronson C
    2014 Epic Expert World Cup
    2015 Pivot Mach 6
    2015 Bronson CC XO1
    2015 Specialized Fatboy
    2015 Specialized 6Fattie Comp Carbon
    2016 Santa Cruz Hightower CC XO1

    Moved to Colorado in 2003 and found Mojo Wheels in 2010. They let me ride a bike for 3 or so months at a time and return it mildly scuffed and trade it in for the newest great bike sometimes straight across, sometimes for a fee/upgrade charge and they would sell the old one. I would ride away on the newest great bike. Moved to Yellowstone in November 2015 and other than my Hightower I got when I was back in Denver for Spring Break, I don't see the trend continuing.
    Enjoy the ride...

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    > /dev/null 2&>1
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    Wow that's a lot of bikes. And wow you know the model of your first huffy.

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    1. Yellow Walmart Huffy (with training wheels and rescue heros helmet) 15"
    2. Triax PK7 (this bike was the bee's knees, and then it got recalled for shattering frames. still pissed.)
    3. Walmart Next Mako (all chrome, rusted quickly. it sucked.)
    4. 1996 Cannondale H200
    5. 2002 Fuji Sunfire
    6. Giant Talon 1, 27.5

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    1. Age 12: English racer (Raleight?) 3-speed for Christmas. That bike got serious use riding around the Air Force bases where my father was stationed. Best Christmas present ever. It sparked an interest in cycling that is still going strong over 50 years later.
    2. Age 19: Old school Motobecane bought new at Freewheelin' Bike Shop (RIP Frank Cook). That bike was solid for many, many years and miles. I didn't have a car on a regular basis until my late 20s; bike was my main transport.
    3. Age 36: Rockhopper (early model). Didn't really get any off-road use; there were no trails close by. Bought when my ex's grad school loan check finally arrived. At some point in there I bought my first helmet.
    4) The clock ticks on - Proflex 856
    5) Clock still ticking on: Sweet Juliana Softtail (suspension seatpost). Love that bike and it's still in regular use by my stepdaughter.
    6) Titus Racer X - built up from a used frame. Such a sweet bike! Pre disc brakes, though. Sold it when the 29er bug hit.
    7) early Gary Fisher full suspension 29er. Bought used from a rental fleet. It died at Big Bend Ranch State Park when the chain stay snapped.
    8)Motobecane Ti Fly Team. Awesome bike and now my daily driver in the city.
    9) Salsa Spearfish: Built up from a new frame with parts bought off MTBR classifieds!
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    I can't remember them all but I'll try.

    1)Boys BMX Bike - Black

    2) 87 Columbia Clipper - Brown
    (I actually miss this bike, it was a tank! Probably why I want to get a Fat Bike now)

    3) 3spd Adult Sears Trike (I mowed a little old lady's lawn for a summer to aquire it. If you've never rode one, I highly recommend it.)

    4) Columbia 10spd Road Bike.

    5) Mountain bike I bought from Sears around 1997.

    6) 1999 GT Aggressor (stolen... to this day it was my favorite Mountain Bike)

    7) Think of crappiest Diamondback full suspension bike Walmart sold in the early 2000s. (Glad I only paid $20 at a pawn shop, traded it 3 months later for Giant Sedona SE).

    8) 1995 Giant Sedona SE (soon to be retired)

    9) 2016 Huffy Torch 3.0 ( $17 after free gift cards, its an experiment while I save up for a Wyatt Driftless 2.0).

    Theres a few more in there as well. There was a local trading post in my neighborhood where I grew up. I'd fix them up, sell them and then go back with one fixed up bike and trade it for two or three more clunkers.

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    Huffy Sledgehammer 1992
    Iron Horse MT50
    Iron Horse AT150
    Gary Fisher Wahoo
    Specialized rockhopper comp 2006
    Giant FCR3
    Giant Escape RX composite 2013
    Giant Talon 2
    Giant XTC3 advanced 2016

    The above bikes are from years 1992-2016 (today)

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