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    The list goes on...

    1973 Schwinn Stingray in Green with a 3 speed top bar shifter
    1988 Huffy piece of crap
    1989 Diamond Back Viper (where is that bike?)
    1995? Diamond Back Reactor Pro
    1972? Gitane road
    1996 GT Backwoods First real Mountain bike $600 (sold)
    1996 GT Outpost
    2000 Giant Iguana Loved the color scheme
    1998 Bianchi Super Grizzly Gold Anno (sold)
    1990? Giant Iguana
    1998 Moots YBB
    2009 Moots YBB
    2011 Lynskey Ridgeline
    2005 Dean Ace (not built up)
    2008 Masi Soulville singlespeed (for the flat trails C&O-NCR)
    199_? Specialized softtail single speed (sold)
    Various GT/Dyno BMX and street frames
    Varous Trek Giant Scott KHS frames lying around (my dad bought them in a lot)

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    Impressive lists! Aside from the bikes in my sig below, the only other bike I owned was a BMX'er, mostly custom/locally fab'd:

    Parker Pro-fab frame and fork
    Maxi crankset/sprocket
    Shimano 500 hubs
    FMF wheels, post, and bars
    Bob Reedy pedals
    Romero neck
    Oakley3 grips

    ...and no brakes. No idea what happened to that old bike, would sure love to have it today.
    08 D'back Response SC
    09 D'back Recoil
    09 D'back Recoil Comp
    11 D'back Overdrive 29'er

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    1) no name BMX
    2) no name roadbike
    3) Univega Carbon MTB, rigid fork full LX equiped
    4) Cannondale M400, rigid fork STX equiped
    5) GT Zaskar LE, Pace RC35 Fork, XTR, Grafton brakes, syncros post...
    6) Liteville 301xl, Fox F120
    7) No Name MTB HT, SRAM X9, Rock Shox Recon
    8) Morewood Kwela, RS Reba, Sram X9, Hope brakes.
    to be continued

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    Road bikes
    Cannondale r300 (2000)
    Cannondale CAAD9 (2010)

    Mountain bikes
    Giant Sedona (1992 I think)
    Fat Chance Yo Eddie (1994 I think)
    Giant NRS (200?)
    Turner Burner (200?)
    Turner Flux (200?)
    Turner Sultan (2007)

    Not including various bikes I had when I was a kid.

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    Some Magna bike, Mongoose Blackcomb, and now a Trek 2011 3700.

    Magna and Mongoose bikes are long gone of course.

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    wow some people have had lots of bikes

    i have had like road bike for about 5 to 6 years

    then cheapish mtb for 5 to 6 years

    then giant mountain bike for last 10 years

    know will look for a new bike

    so i suppose i more into keeping one bike for at least five years of more before buying a new one

    esp since these days there isn't much difference between last years model and this years

    but you def notice difference if replace every five years

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    ~1990 Schwinn Woodlands
    ~1999 Voodoo Hoodoo
    2007 Santa Cruz Superlight
    2008 Vassago Jabberwocky
    2009 Lynskey Ridgeline 29er
    2009 Ridley Damocles
    2009 Ridley Crossbow
    2010 Lynskey Ridgeline 29er, second gen
    2011 Scott Addict R1
    2011 Cannondale CAAD10
    2011 Yeti AS-R 5 Carbon

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    Great Thread

    Starting at 4 yrs old

    Schwinn coaster bike, banana seat, 16" wheels metallic purple paint
    Huffy Thunder Road complete with plastic gas tanks
    Team Murray 20in bmx
    Monkeywards beat up 10 speed no brakes
    A 28 inch clown bike from a circus - gift from my uncle
    Mom's murray 3 speed
    Trek EMS
    Trek 1000
    Cannondale m400
    Novara Team XTR
    Novara Ponderosa
    Cannondale m1000
    Novara Trinfo
    Novara Team Trinofo
    Bontrager Race*
    Walter Croll 531*
    Novara Team Trinofo again
    Redline cyclocross
    Novara XR*
    Trek 5500*
    Novara Rivet*
    Salsa El Mariachi Ti*

    * Still in the stable

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    I won't even bother posting all of my bikes, but this was my first.

    I was riding 1000's of ST miles on my Huffy 10 spd in the 60's,

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    Updated list

    93 Cannondale M700
    95 Klein Rascal
    96 Trek Y-33
    96 Manitou System DH
    01 Iron Horse G-Spot
    01 Schwinn Straight 6
    02 Foes Fly
    03 Intense Spider
    03 Titus Quasimoto
    03 Titus Quasimoto DH
    05 Titus Moto-lite
    05 Banshee Scirocco
    06 Seven Duo
    06 Ellsworth Moment
    06 Gunnar Ruffian 29er SS
    07 Niner RIP9
    08 Sinister Ridge
    08 Vassago Optimus Ti 29er SS
    05 Seven Sola Ti
    08 Ellsworth Tiruth (still have)
    08 Ellsworth Moment (still have)
    06 Ellsworth Rogue
    07 Ellsworth Epiphany
    09 Jones Spaceframe / ti truss fork (still have)
    09 Cotic BFe (still have)
    10 Knolly Delirium (still have)
    11 Pivot Mach 5.7 carbon (ordered)
    12 Knolly Chilcotin (ordered)

    05 Orbea Lobular
    05 Orbea Aletta Tri
    06 Titus FCR Ti
    05 Independent Fabrication Club Racer fixie
    07 Orbea Ora Tri
    05 Seven Elium SG
    09 Seven V-II
    10 Pinarello Dogma 60.1 (still have)
    10 Moots Vamoots CR (still have)
    10 WIlier Triestina Cento1 (still have)
    Kokopelli Racing

    "Curb drops to flat, or curb drops to transition? There's a BIG difference there." Qfactor03

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    ‘73 Schwinn Stingray with white glitter banana seat *see avatar*
    ‘76 Nishiki 10-speed
    ‘80 Newport SS, bent rear out for 5-speed hub
    ‘84 Cooks Bros 19”
    ~’96 GT Avalanche
    ‘04 Stumpjumper
    ‘11 Niner R.I.P.9

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    Golly. This should be fun

    .First Bike:

    1956. Brand new schwinn coaster bike. Soon became "the old grey bike" without fenders. I rode that thing everywhere for years.

    Road Bikes:

    1967. Schwinn Le Tour
    1986 Cannondale road bike...60 cm metalflake green
    1987 Cannondale 58 cm touring bike
    1995 Cannondale 58 cm CAAD 3 (Awesome Crit bike...still have the frameset sittin in the garage).
    1996 Dave Moulten 59 cm FUSO custom road bike (steel was a little heavy, but I wish I had kept this one)
    1997 Dave Scott Ironman 60 cm road bike (bought used from a friend).
    1997 Litespeed 58 cm roadbike (ultegra)
    1998 or 99 full Dura Ace Cannondale CAAD 7 prototype from our Cannondale sponsor with their first integrated bottombracket and headtube.

    Mountain Bikes:

    1990 Giant rigid Iguana...purple
    1992 Fisher Hookoo Ikoo rigid (gave it to my younger brother in '95.
    1996 Specialized FSR. Carbon. Awesome bike...steering was a little too quick and sketchy.
    1998 Merlin hardtail fully custom XTR bought used from a friend for 1k (a steal).
    1998 Cannondale Raven FS. Bought used. Nice bike but heavy.

    Track Bike:

    1998 Fuji fixed gear track bike.

    Alas...after a loooong layoff, all that remain are the CAAD 5 frameset, the litespeed roadbike, and the merlin hardtail, (now outfitted with a thudbuster and riserbars to protect my aging butt and back.).

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    What a wonderful exercise. Great bikes on here. It has been a long, blissful ride.

    Juvenile/ BMX:
    1977 Born
    1979 Bigwheel
    1980 Univega BMX
    1982 Schwinn ?
    1987 Univega Range Rover
    1996 Robinson (only bike ever stolen)

    1989 Cannondale M1000 Deore DX
    1990 Cannondale M2000 Deore XT
    1993 GT Zaskar Polished/ XT/ Judy SL
    1995 Klein Adroit Burg Blue/ Judy SL/ XTR 950/ Syncros Crank & Ti Post/ Pauls Brakes
    1996 Klein Mantra Pro Red/ XTR 950/ Crossmax
    2000 Land Shark Dirt Shark 853 Schwinn Blue/ XTR 960/ Ibis Ti Stem/ Bar/ SID (still own)
    1995 Klein Adroit Burg Blue MC2 (still own/ WIP)
    2006 Seven Sola XTR 980/ Fox/ Thomson Post & Stem (still own)
    1998 Ibis Ti Mojo (still own/ WIP)

    1996 Trek 5300 Ultegra -> Postal Paint + Dura Ace 7700 (ala 5500)
    1997 Land Shark Dedachai Tropical Paint/ Dura Ace 7700
    2001 Seven Axiom Record 10/ Wound Up/ Seven Ti Stem/ Look Carbon Post (still own)

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    1. Kink Launch
    2. Felt Jumpshot
    3. Custom dirtjumper
    4. NS Capital
    5. Black Market Riot
    6. Black Market Riot (again)
    7. Raleigh XXIX
    8. Specialized Enduro
    9. Redline Monocog
    10. Redline 29er
    11. Specialized Camber Pro 29er
    12. Santa Cruz Nomad (current and only)

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    1. 2001 Cannondale Jekyll 600 ~ Bought 2004/Sold 2008
    2. 2009 Giant Anthem X2 ~ Bought 2009/Sold 2010
    3. Ibis Mojo SL ~ Bought 2010/ Still in use.

    1. 2003 Cannondale F300 ~ Bought 2006/Still in use (rarely)

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    Shwinn from the early 60's ( hand me down)
    A BMX bike the had a "shock" in the center of the top tube had no function what so ever but looked Awesome!
    A Huffy Mountain bike, with the cool foam grips.
    Ross Signature road bike.
    Pugeout Orient express with suntour components (loved the biopace rings)
    LeMond titanium made by clark kent cycles 8 speed record eventually put dura ace on it.
    Felt road bike POS aluminum bike got rid of it after one month well, because it was aluminum
    Colnago Master Lite
    Back to mountain biking after a hell of a long time riding the road! Vassago Jabberwocky rigid, Only bike I have or want now.

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    Let's see...
    1. 1968ish Murray Tricycle handed down
    2. 1970-71ish Columbia convertible bike, handed down
    3.1975 Raleigh Record, handed down, then donated
    4. 1980 Austro-Daimler ADS-L (my first really nice bike) donated
    large gap with cars and motorcycles
    5. 2000 Specialized Hardrock (first MTB) given to co-worker as commuter
    6. 2007 Kona Cinder Cone (the bike buying binge starts) still have
    7. 2008 Trek Fuel EX8 (used, ex-rental) still have
    8. 2009 Jamis Satellite (first modern road bike) sold
    9. 2009 Redline Conquest Pro (first CX bike) still have.

    I also have a large family fleet, since 2000 my wife has had 6 bikes, plus 6 for my son, some of which were passed to my daughter, a Burley trailer, a Bob trailer and 2 trailabikes all sold or donated.
    For completeness:
    2000 Raleigh C40 donated
    2007 Trek 4500 WSD handed off to son but subsequently reclaimed
    2008 Trek Fuel EX8 WSD (used) handed down to son
    2009 Jamis Satellite handed down to son, then sold
    2009 Orbea Onix Dama 105 still have
    2011 Redline Conquest Sport (modded for better CX racing)

    2001 Schwinn kid's bike handed down then sold
    2006 Specialized Hotrock 20 handed down
    2000? Trek 24" kid's MTB (acquired as hand me down) donated
    2011 Focus Mares AX2 still have

    hand me downs so far but will need 24" wheel bikes next year.
    2009 Redline Conquest Pro, 2008 Trek Fuel Ex8
    2007 Kona Cinder Cone utility bike
    Yes I spent too much on bikes.

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    (1)Red Schwinn "Bantam?" ><18" wheels...(2)early no name BMX (some "Big kid" took it from me when me and my cousin were riding near the LA River in Maywood/Bell Gardens 1974'?) to build my own...(3)next BMX bike out of an old Murray frame and "Heavy Duty" parts my dad brought home was 8yrs old when I "re-built my first bike!) When I finished that...I got...(4) a Yamaha Moto-Bike...(6) was a "Stormer" chrome "real BMX bike" (had Tuff-Wheels and ashtabula cranks!)...(7) DG ...much lighter...had all the required anodized alloy, Oakley grips (I's and II's) Tuffneck, "V" bars and the "BoB Haro Number Plate"...(8) Nishiki 10 speed (worked better to do my paper route on! destroyed it by doing my paper route on it!)...(9)Nishiki 18 speed touring bike...(10)Diamondback chrome BMX (traded a "Frog"RC car for it...needed a bike cuz my car was a VW!!!) foward through adulthood...(11)my (now)Sette reken...and (12) my (now) hardrock sport 29"

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    by the age of 25 I have owned a.....

    by the age of 25 I have owned a.....

    Red Tricycle ( kept it till I was 8)
    16" Prowler
    20" Huffy
    24" Magna Power Climber
    26" Manga Electroshock
    1993 Specialized Crossroads
    1994 Specialized Hardrock
    1984 Red Ten-speed
    1978 Green ten-speed
    1997 Trek 750
    2005 Trek 3900 (upgraded to Shimano LX)
    2007 Motobecane Sprint Triple
    1965 Columbia Two-some Tandem
    2009 Motobecane LeChampion SL
    1974 Peugot PX-10
    2009 Motobecane FantomUNO ( car crash)
    *2002 Specialized S-Works E5 (with 2009 Motobecane LeChampion SL parts) ( AS FRAME NOW)
    2010 Gary Fisher X-Cal (current)
    2004 Specialized Enduro Expert
    2008 Walmart Cruiser
    1990 Nishiki Kodiak
    2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL w/ SRAM RED (replaced S-works)
    2011 Trek Sawyer
    2012 Surly Cross Check ( replaced Motobecane )
    2012 Surly Troll as touring rig.

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    Raleigh Chopper
    Raleigh Burner
    Orange Clockwork DX
    Marin (Can't remember because I broke it within 3 weeks!)
    Giant ATX Team
    Giant XcX DS1
    Intense Tracer FSR
    Cove G Spot
    Salsa Ala Carte
    Intense Tracer FSR
    Intense Tracer FSR 1 x 9
    Intense Spyder XVP
    Intense Uzzi VPX
    Transition Preston
    Transition Preston
    Transition Dirtbag
    Dekerf Implant
    Intense Tracer VPP
    Soul Cycles Hooligan
    Orange P7
    Soul Cycles Dillinger
    Orange P7 (Current)
    Santa Cruz Nickel (Current)
    Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc (On order...)

    Think that's about it!

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    banana seat awesomemobile
    dept. store crap pile built up to sweetness
    Mongoose Decade

    low-end used LBS score built up to sweetness

    early-gen steel MTB from the LBS. They said MTBs were the new thing. It was crap.
    GT of some sort. It was crap.
    Cannondale M800, the single most awesome bike ever (for me).
    Gary Fisher somethingorother.
    Rocky Mountain somethingorother.
    Cannondale Trail SL2 29er (current).

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    As a kid:
    Red Tricycle
    Big Wheels, one in classic red,yellow,blue and one in Trans-am Black and Gold with Trans-am wheels
    Green Machine
    Huffy MX 20" with ultra banana seat
    Nishiki 20" BMX
    Race Inc custom built with Cook Bros forks, Bars, Bullseye hubs, sickness.

    Had a green Schwinn 10 spd I rode to school everyday.

    Puch mtn bike
    KHS lime green thing
    Head all alum frame, Marzocchi fork
    Rockymountain Element Race (XC racer)
    Ellsworth Joker (Freerider terror)
    Rockymountain Slayer (All mountain goodness)

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    Yet another updated list:

    1995 Univega 302
    1996 Cannondae F600
    1999 Cannondale F2000SX
    2001 Rocky Mountain Pipeline
    2001 Rocky Mountain RM7
    2005 Trek Session 77
    2006 Iron Hose Azure Comp
    2006 Iron Horse Sunday Team
    2007 Transition Vagrant
    2010 Transition Trans AM
    2011 Santa Cruz Butcher
    2016 Santa Cruz Hightower 29er
    2015 Trek Farley 26fat
    2013 Transition TransAM 29er

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    Oh man I don't know if I'll be able to remember them all. This is the best I can do, in chronological order.

    -Schwinn kids' BMX bike with an awesome orange flag on the back and a nut saver foam pad. Baller.
    -Schwinn Frontier - Got me into cycling really.
    -Giant Sedona SE. First front suspension bike. Turned it into a race bike eventually.

    Then I started riding for Cannondale....

    -Cannondale R600, blue. First true road bike.
    -Cannondale F1000SL CAAD4 - Headshock sucked, and I outgrew it in a year.
    -Cannondale Saeco edition CAAD3 road bike. Beautiful bike, Dura-Ace everything, I loved that machine. Wish I still had it. Silver road parts are so rare anymore.
    -Cannondale F4000SL CAAD4 - XTR everything, carbon lefty with electronic lock out, disc brakes. Best MTB I've ever owned. Sold it when I went to college... that was stupid.

    --- We moved while I was in high school and that caused a huge break ---

    -2003 Trek 4500 MTB - Bought it used in college to go back and forth to class.
    -2009 Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er - My current MTB. Loving the 29er thing and the Fox fork.
    -2011 Cervelo R3 - Best road bike I've ever had the pleasure of throwing my leg over. Astounding ride.

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    my bikes in order

    My bikes in order.

    -K2 attack 2.0
    -Voodoo Bakka
    -K2 Zed Team
    -Giant Warp DS
    -Gary Fisher Cake DLX
    -Diamondback Mission
    -Jamis Diablo
    -Walgoose Deception
    -Voodoo Bokor 29er
    -Gary Fisher Marlin
    "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." -Abraham Lincoln

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    way too many to list, but i will try and remember some..

    big wheel..probably had at least 5 of them (i kept wearing out the front
    early 80's free spirit "bmx" 20" when i was 5..the bike that started it all
    toys r us "bmx"
    hutch pro..fully custom. my first real bike, built it when i was 11. wish i still had it.
    gt mach one
    gt pro series
    parkpre mountain bike, i think it was a catalyst ( my 1st mtb)
    roughly 25 lowrider bikes. that was a huge hobbie in middle school, and high school. some of the better, more memorable ones would be..
    1976 schwinn stingray
    1969 schwinn stingray
    1968 schwinn sting ray
    1960's hawthorne
    1967 schwinn stingray
    1965 schwinn stingray
    1963 schwinn stingray ( first model year ) still have it!!
    1998 schwinn hydramatic comp, full custom
    1998 schwinn prostock 2, spare parts build
    1998 schwinn moab 2, my re-entry into MTBing
    1998 schwinn s-20, first full suspension
    2000 schwinn automatic, full custom..

    i took about a 11year hiatus from bikes, but recently got back into it, also got the wife and daughter into riding!

    now the stable bikes..

    2011 eastern growler bmx, semi custom
    2009 giant brass 2, small frame, some mods for now
    of course my 1963 sting ray

    2004 haro escape 8.1 ( the wifes )

    2004 specialized hardrock, xs frame, some mods for now ( my 9 year old daughters)

    when i was a kid, the owner of my lbs used t let me help at the shop, in trade for bike parts, then after high school, i got a job there, and became manager. that explains all the schwinns in 1998 to 2000. that was probably one of the best jobs ever! granted, i never brought home a full pay!

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    If I were to list every bike I have ever owned I would need my own thread...these are just most of the MTB's Ive owned the past 20 years or so, its by no means complete and excludes almost all of the BMX bikes I've owned.

    DJ, "Because I'm sure the world need's more dudes stalking the woods stoned out of their mind carrying a deadly weapon."

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    Huffy with nut-saver foam pad
    Another Huffy(I think) with car-like speedometer and shifter (loved that thing)
    Next "full suspension"
    06 Hardrock
    85 Schwinn Traveler (missing it)

    07 Stumpy
    89 Rockhopper (frame and fork; super excited to build it up!)
    Trek 2.3 roadie (might sell soon; I find it uncomfortable - too light, twitchy, tires too skinny)

    Might've left out a few childhood bikes

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    I know all of them...
    -Some small red thing-the kind that comes with training wheels
    -A blue and yellow 24'' Huffy fs (still as a kid, no hard riding so it lasted)
    -Full size but small frame '05 Trek 3900 26''
    -Orange 2010 Trek 3900 21" frame
    -'11 Marin Bolinas Ridge 29er (sold for the next)
    -And my current is a black '12 Trek Mamba

    Im 15 so yea easy to remember what my bikes have been. I love riding though so hopefully ill get to the point where I wont be able to remember all of them!

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    Will start with the first bike shop quality bike.

    Univega - Rover T2.3
    Diamondback - Viper
    GT - Karakoram
    GT - Zaskar
    GT - STS1
    Specialized - FSR XC Pro
    Motobecane - Fly Team Ti29

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    1) Mongoose Walmart special
    2) specialized hardrock (child's)
    3) Raleigh m60, good bike 13 inch frame
    4) 2009 Specialized rockhopper comp disk 18 inch frame (i love it)
    5) (this one is unused) mid/late 80s cannondale road bike....I'll stick with my rockhopper

    between the M60 and the rock hopper I jumped from a 13 inch frame to an 18 inch. big difference in my riding when I switched
    GO HOKIES!!!!

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    20'' huffy somethingorother

    24" Pacific Scorpio

    26" mongoose (back when they were still decent bikes)

    metallic purple electra beach cruiser (hell yes i lived at the beach)

    1999 Gary Fisher Joshua X1 with a dual crown manitou fork and M739 XT stuff.

    2007 Specialized rockhopper fram that I built up with XT

    1986 Specialized sequoia touring that i found in a shed, restored completely, and got stolen. (my absolute baby)

    80's Peugeot Fixie, bright yellow

    90's shwinn team issue BMX race bike

    currently own:

    2007 Specialized Allez with ultegra stuff
    80's bennoto with Campy record stuff
    1993 specialized rockhopper with a manitou 2 in splendid shape
    2009 Santa Cruz Superlight with 10sp XT/SLX stuff
    Stuff sold by the gram is always more exciting than stuff sold by the pound.

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    As best I can remember...
    I've had some really cool bikes, but love the steel, cantilevered, split top tube frame 29er SS the best...

    1972 Orange Stingray knockoff with a black banana seat
    1978 Sears Free Spirit 10 Speed
    1981 Modified BMX bike with monoshock suspended rear triangle
    1985 Peugeot Mountain Bike
    1989 Junkyard rebuild of 70's cruiser
    1988 Mt Shasta Mountain Bike
    1992 Bridgestone MB1
    1997 Raleigh R700
    1998 Schwinn Cruiser
    1998 AMP B5
    2000 Kona Major Jake
    2004 Bianchi SASS
    2005 Fisher 292
    2009 Fisher Rig
    2012 Trek Sawyer (the culmination of bike lust)

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    My list...

    Rock Machine BMX-style bike when I was a kid.

    That's it . I'm terribly new to bikes, that's why I'm here!

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    Cat M2
    Fuji Bullit SL
    Drössiger MT Custom

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    Few but Loved

    Why are there so many bikes in such a short period of time? Here's the few and the loved bikes that i have had:

    1996 Banana seater "P.K.Ripper" cruiser 20" (retired)
    1998 Stainless steel BMX (no brand) (stolen)
    1999 Dept. store MTB (sold as collateral for a fender bender by my older brother)
    2000 Dept. store bike: ZSC.COM "Blackcat" (imitation?) with upgraded Suntour M840 fork - given to a relative. this is my commuter for 4 years during college and had survived a 160 km cross-country fun bike ride (during the "Bike for Peace" campaign)
    2004 stop biking to pursue a doctorate degree
    2011 Felt F100 (sold to neighbor)

    2011 Specialized Hardrock
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Every bike you've ever owned list...-dsc00131.jpg  

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    Let's see -

    Small bike - with training wheels.
    Banana seat bike - built from the pieces the bike thief down the street Dad made him throw out. It was a huge pile of frames, forks, wheels, etc. I used my older sister's bike as a pattern and kept going back and forth to get the pieces I needed. Used my Dad's tools to put it all together.

    Schwinn SX 2000 - bought the frame from a friend, used lawn cutting money to complete it, raced BMX at our local track on it
    Raleigh Ten speed - thrown away when our neighbors moved, rebuilt
    Schwinn Beach Cruiser - used to deliver news papers
    Mid 80's - driver's license, bikes went into shed

    Jamis Lightfoot - the first mtb I ever saw, bought it from a friend, rode it to class in college, easily weighed 50 lb.
    Cannondale F200 - my wife bought it for my birthday, I upgraded everything on it over the course of the next couple of years
    Litespeed Hiwassee - friend found it in a bike shop about an hour away, it had sat unsold for two years, got a deal, swapped the parts from the Cannondale, still riding it after many, many upgrades

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    May 2012
    '92 redline BMX bike
    '93 redline mini
    '95 ti BMX mini
    '96 CBL BMX min
    '97 Cannondale BMX
    Schwinn Stingray
    Manit Flying V mountain Bike
    Crappy lotus road bike
    Specialized Hardrock
    Gary Fisher Team issue Carbon Hard Tail (first gen-full carbon?)
    American Classic Ti road bike
    Salsa campeon
    Tomac Revolver
    Building a Rocky Mountain Hammer

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    Jan 2011
    20" Schwinn 70's cruiser
    Generic BMX
    '93 Huffy MTB w/Shimano 300gs groupo (HA!)
    '97 Sportmart-brand bike that escapes memory w/ Deore LX & RS Quad5
    '03 Giant Iguana
    '99 Leader 516
    '05 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo (I sometimes still miss it)
    '09 Giant ATX Pro 1x9
    '97 GT Avalanche LE set up SS
    '03 Specialized Epic
    '10 Specialized FSR Expert

    All the above have been sold. Below is my current stable:
    '94 Scott Boulder (current commuter/closed trail ride setup w/slicks & rack/panniers)
    '05 Bianchi SASS
    '05 Gary Fisher Rig
    '09 Soul Cycles Dillinger 1x9
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    My garage is a revolving door of bikes, wheelsets, & frames

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    Mar 2011
    in chronological order
    2 cheap BMX bikes (eagle and spoiler?)
    GT Performer
    GT Mach One
    used Cannondale with funny looking fork
    Ellsworth Sub 22 hardtail (still my go-to fireroad/gravel trail bike!)
    Ventana El Saltamontes
    Evil Soveriegn (awaiting headset to become whole!)

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    Apr 2004
    Most recent purchase to oldest:

    2010 Kona Major One (current)
    2011 Giant Defy Advanced 0 (current)
    2010 Scott Scale 29 (current)
    2008 Kona Paddy Wagon
    2008 Lemond Zurich
    2008 Felt Breed
    2008 Trek Fuel EX9
    2007 Specialized Allez Elite
    2005 Kona Kula Deluxe
    2005 Rocky Mountain Slayer 70
    2003 Klein Palomino Race Disc
    2000 Specialized Rockhopper Pro

    That was the modern era...from childhood memory

    1990?? Raleigh Portage
    Early 980's Raleigh Supercharger BMX
    1980 fake motocross bike with plastic tank/fairings "suspension" and bench seat

    No memory before those.
    Toronto, Canada
    2016 Trek Farley 7
    2015 RSD Mayor Bluto (sold)
    2014 Giant TCX SLR1
    2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL3

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    Trail Connoisseur
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    Mar 2012
    Oldest to Newest:


    -Mongoose, extra small BMX
    -Some Kmart POS, full sized BMX
    -Schwinn Predator, Freestyle bike
    -Haro, Freestyle bike
    -Scott, Rigid MTB
    -Costco POS, MTB
    -GT Avalanche, MTB
    -Specialized Stumpjumper, MTB
    -Giant Simple, Cruiser
    -Giant Anthem, MTB

    Present day

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    I Tried Them ALL... Moderator
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    Dec 2007

    2012 Update:

    Young Punk Days:
    1) 1975 JCPenney 5-speed w/ sissy bar.
    2) 1978 D&G 20" BMX w/ Motomag wheels.
    3) 1979 Red Line Chrome Moly 20" BMX w/ Tuff Wheels.
    4) 1980 FMF Alloy 20" BMX w/ Cook Bros. headset.

    Dope Fiend Days:
    1) 1997 Specialized Rockhopper A1 FS - Traded for leather jacket + $50 cash.
    2) 1999 Pacific Full-Suspension - Found it dumpster-diving. Abandoned it after RD broke.
    3) 2001 NEXT 24" Full-Suspension - Found it in front of house. Later stolen, while locked.
    4) 1997 Roadmaster hardtail - Lost my license, and this was my primary ride.
    5) 1993 Giant Innova hardtail - Unattended bike, in front of house. Left Roadmaster behind.
    6) 2002 Giant Full-Suspension - Saw kids cut lock, and chased them away. Got bike easy
    7) 2004 Gary Fisher Zebrano hardtail - Purchased for $40. Stolen from rehab facility.

    Recovered XC Rider:
    1) 2006 Trek 4900 Disc - Great bike to train on, but weighed 33lbs. Sold it after 1400miles.
    2) 2006 Cannondale F600 Furio - Lost 50lbs of fat, riding this bike. I have a new addiction.
    3) 2005 Cannondale F2000 SL - Final XC race weight was 18.7 pounds, with 2x9 XTR crankset and Maxxis 310g tires. For "show" only...but climbed like a raped ape.
    4) 2010 Giant Anthem X2 - 22.9 pound, "gravitating" Trail beast never ceases to amaze me. Very FAST downhill too:

    "Just because I drive a Porsche... doesn't make me Pete Fagerlin"

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    Dec 2011
    12" solid wheel kids bike
    20" wheel 1946 Dayton Cruiser. It was my fathers. Still have it hanging up in our house
    Chiorda Road Bike
    1992 Rockhopper
    S Paramount Series 50
    S Paramount series 3 Road
    S Paramount R-80
    Fuji Professional road
    S Paramount series 7 Road
    Bianchi Martini Racing with Campy Centaur OR and a mag 21 SL-ti - coolest/oddest on the list
    Fuji Cross
    Dirt Research Kobuk
    Bianchi Axis Cross
    Klein Pulse II
    Waterford X-11 Cross
    Trek 2100
    Litespeed Ocoee
    Bianchi Superleggera? Road. Still have in the attic from 1981
    Bianchi TSX road
    Gt Force Road
    Another GT Force Road
    Redline Conquest cross
    GT ZRX cross
    Jamis Dakar
    Kona Kula
    Another Kona Kula
    Marin Treviso road bike with campy chorus
    Kona 3" FS bike-spaced the model name
    Intense Spider
    Kona coiler dee -lux
    Specialized Enduro expert
    Specialized Tarmac expert Road
    Seven Mudhoney cross
    Specialized Allez Pro Road
    Gunnar Rockhound 29
    Specialized Enduro expert another
    Specialized Tricross Expert
    Trek Rig
    Specialized Enduro Expert another
    Specialized Crux Apex disc
    Weird. You can tell what the shop I where worked at the time carried for bicycles...
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    Sep 2008
    Some 12" Wheeled bike
    Some 20" Wheeled bike
    Some Walmart special
    Another Walmart special

    2000 Trek 8000
    2007 Litespeed Sewanee
    2002 Intense M1
    2010 Yeti 303 RDH
    2008 Look 595
    2012 Intense M9
    2012 Intense M9
    2012 Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon
    2008 Look 595
    2007 Custom Litespeed Sewanee

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    Dec 2011
    My Wife's bikes:
    Blue cruiser
    Specialized Hardrock
    Paramount Series 50
    Barracuda A2(something)
    Bontrager Race Light
    Schwinn Tempo Road
    Specialized Sirrus from 1980's
    Waterford PAramount custom road
    Kona JAke the Snake
    Scwhinn Homegrown
    Jamis Kommodo
    Gunnar Roadie 650 C
    Another Schwinn Homegrown
    Schwinn Rocket 88
    Giant Team Telekom Road with hot pink flames
    Jamis Dakar
    Kona Kula primo
    Kona 4" fs bike I forget the name
    Kona Kula primo another
    Fuji team mtb
    another Kona kula primo
    Bianchi milano
    Specialized S works tarmac road
    Giant Anthem 0
    Specialized Langster steel fixie
    Giant Cypher
    Trek Lush carbon

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    Oct 2009

    Raleigh - Militis 2 (well, not quite yet...)
    Lynskey - Wetcat Geo 2x10
    Vassago - Jabberwocky w/ODIS
    Swobo - Del Norte
    Sun - Cruiser


    Tricycle, Schwinn ramp jumping machine!, Sears 10 Speed, Sears 10 speed, Haro rigid mtb, Diamond Back Vertex MTB, Specialized Grey M2 MTB build, Specialized Orange M2 MTB Build, Specialized M2 Road, Specialized Green M2 MTB, Huffy school bike, Specialized Yellow M4 MTB, Specialized Epic Marathon, Specialized Allez, Mad Wagon Cruiser

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    Jan 2010
    Schwinn lemon crate
    Schwinn scrambler
    Unknown brand mono shock BMX bike
    Redline BMX
    Schwinn varsity
    Schwinn paper boy bike
    Fuji mountain bike
    Specialized stumpjumper
    Serrotta Colorado
    Rocky mountain element to
    Ellsworth truth
    Trek hello
    Moots compact
    Moots YBB

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    May 2009
    Scwhinn cruiser
    Motobecane Mirage(French)
    Colonago Mexico
    Ciocc (Concorde)
    Alan (lugged carbon fiber, came unglued)
    Land Shark Custom Tri bike
    No name Taiwan MTB
    Litespeed Ultimate 1st Gen (craked Bottom Bkt)
    Bianchi Steel (beater commuter)
    Litespeed Ultimate 2nd Gen (cracked chainstay)
    Santana Tandem (now hangs in garage for semi annual ride with wife)
    Cannondale 2.8 (Flat bar beater)
    Litespeed Ultimate 3rd Gen (finally one I can't break)
    Gravity 29point 6

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    May 2012
    The one I miss the most was one of the first carbon fiber Kestrels, from back in the 80s when the company was owned by Schwinn. It was one of two bikes ridden by Mark Allen in his winning Hawaiian Ironman race. Bought it at the local school's auction, as the Schwinn family had a daughter in class there. Great ride, daughter enjoyed it too, until it was thieved. Oh well.

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