A couple evenings ago the gang and I were out doing our usual Tuesday night urban MTB ride. One of the guys was experiencing shifting & skipping problems right from the start. His bike is always in exceptional mechanical condition, so this was something wierd. We proceeded on at any rate.

About 8 miles later while riding behind him, I could hear what sounded like his derailleur cage rubbing the spokes of the rear wheel. Looking closer, it appeared that his entire derailleur was badly bent. Very wierd, since this guy rarely crashes and takes good care of his bike.

We stopped for a furthur inspection. What happened was that the outer/forward pivot pin on the derailleur's parallellogram linkage some how fell out, causing that part of the derailleur to open up like a barn door. (he runs a Deore XT)

So now what do we do? We were in the city, but all the bike shops were several miles away let alone not being open at that hour, and all of us in the gang had a minimum amount of tools etc.

McGuyver to the rescue I ended up removing the guy's high limit screw and force- threading it like a self tapping screw into the hole where the pivot pin was supposed to be.

We were able to complete our 20 mile ride and I bet his bike never shifted better

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