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    New question here. Do You Still Get Hi?

    Just wanted to know how many folks still get hi.

    I remember the first time I got hi I was 13 years old. One of my brothers was home on leave from the Army and he was ripped out hardcore at around 290 pounds, paper thin skin just looking perfect.

    In my family we are training at young ages and it remains like religion.

    He told me he found out how to get hi, then he said if I trusted him and did everything exactly as he says he would show me.

    I thought damn bro, I trust you but I also trust that Papa will shoot you after Mama breaks the broom over your head for using drugs dude.

    He got changed up and we went out and he said "I am going to do this with you every day I am on leave", "this way you can develop your own methods, because you will have to push harder each time to reach this level each time".

    Man he smoked the hell out of me, I thought when my chest started burning I was going to die, then my legs felt like they turn to jelly and finally the uncontrollable vomiting on my hands & knees. Skin getting cold, vision getting cloudy and he said "now get up and walk it off".

    Man that next couple of minutes had me hooked, I was walking on air, had a great burn but felt as ridged as granite.

    Now of course getting older, had some injuries but I still get hi from time to time. I have found the best, easiest and fastest way to do it now is to just get to a gym load up the squat rack and press them out until I vomit. I know it is cheating but it is the fastest method I have found. I swear the PT's in the gym can smell it when you walk in as to what your up to. LOL

    Just wanted to see who here still hits that point and how often you get there.
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    WTF? So you are asking if we get "hi" from doing squats until we puke?

    As far as natural highs, I personally like the buzz provided by a nice mix of endorphins and adrenaline. I generally just ride really hard to get that feeling, then when I stop it looks as if the sky is moving away from me, quite a cool little natural hallucination.

    I've never felt the need to push myself to vomiting level, and when I do, I really don't enjoy it. Kind of like I enjoy 3-4 beers, but if I drink a twelve pack I get really "hi" and vomit, but I sure don't enjoy it.

    Honestly though, some nice tasty medicinal green is the way to go IMHO.

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    Do You Still Get Hi?

    Yeah if I'm going to get hi then I think I'd rather do it with a Bic lighter and a pack of EZ Widers than do squats till I puke.
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    No, I get high.

    Endorphins and thc are the means.
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    Is that what happens when you drink too much of this?

    buzzes like a fridge

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    Good bud was fun in the pre Busch senior drug war era years of my youth. But now, the endorphin buzz from a good ride has more than replaced the illegalities of years past.
    Squats are good for outright leg strength, but squats until you puke sounds more like a troll post than anything..
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    Fresh endorphins + beer = lovely hi
    Use it, use it, use it while you still have it.

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    I get Hi all the time. I'm riding down the trail and oncoming riders, hikers and equestrians often extend to me a Hi!

    Often this is followed by a "nice bike... good morning... how ya doing?" as I go by. In order for me to get Hi, I often have to make sure the other people on the trail get Hi first. It's always better when everyone gets Hi.

    Getting Hi when you're tired and your legs are burning often makes the pain go away.

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