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    Digital, Digital, Digital........How about Digital Camcorders? Any recommendations?

    Sorry to post this here but this has become sort of an emergency.
    There are alot of post with great info on digital cameras (I have a Canon Powershot G2) so I thought I might get some great recommendations on a digital video recorder.

    Short story, had one of those mini tape recorders (8mm?), last night as we were charging the battery my wife goes into labor (our 3rd child) and dam it if the thing doesn't break. Tape becomes jammed and the eject door is broken. Borrow the neighbors recorder and needing a tape I permenantly ejected the tape from ours.....if you follow my drift.
    Turns out it was premature labor, but will probably happen some time this weekend.
    So now is a good time to get a new recorder and figured might as well go digital.

    Any recommendations on a good digital video recorder, nothing too expensive as 3 kids puts a damper on a budget. Or a link(s) where I can do some research.


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    congrats on the upcoming new addition!!

    i've got three kids guys are in for a handful, that's for sure...

    as for camcorders, most people like the sony's the best. only real issue there is that they come at a price premium. i bought a panasonic and am pretty happy with it. i also looked at canon, heard not so great things about their low light capabilities. not sure about their new models...

    the big decision point is whether to get a 3ccd chip or not. much better quality of video but much higher price point..

    good luck with the family...and the video camera..

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    They have great reviews and price comparisons. On their front page right now there's a "top 10 gadgets" story, and one of them is a digicorder.

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    Just picked a new one up myslef

    Here is a very usefull site I found on my quest for knowledge.

    I ended up going for the new Sony HC30 becuase it is just so tiny and fits well in my camelback. If price is a concern you might still be able to find a Sony TRV-19 or 22 for a good deal.

    Then after that you can act like pete with one of these bad boys.

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    I just got another...a Panasonic 3 chiper. The 3 chip cameras do look much better. This one, the Panasonic ????70 is sort of on sale at Circuit City. Its on clearance for about $700, but some stores have it for $450 plus tax. Great deal on a great little camera. Much better picture than any 8mm, most older miniDVs and better than my $1000 Sony PC9.

    Don't look at the online status at Its probably wrong. My store was out of stock according to the web, but they had 3. Go, see if its there (its the cheapest 3 ccd camera from Panasonic...last digits in the model are 70). If so tell them many stores are selling them for $450. I can email you my reciept if you like. That may help. Though if you go with your wife and tell them what its for they would have to be a souless scrooge to say no

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    stay with Canon, KMan

    like you, I have a Canon digicam (G3 for me). I just got a Canon ZR85 digivid cam, I'm super-pleased with its image quality and features. Some reviewers complain about the low light performance, but I was shooting skatepark BMX/MTB action on Wednesday under heavily cloudy skies, and the image quality is superb - not a hint of difficulty with low light.

    of course there are better and worse cameras... but as to price, at $450-500 the ZR85 seems to me a very good bargain.

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    The SOny TRV-22 is nice...

    I recently got one to use with a helmet cam. So far it is really nice, good picture and really conpact. My options were pretty limited since I wanted a LANC port to run a wired remote (seems they are being phased out).
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