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    Crazy Thing Happened to My Mom

    **EDIT - They changed the diagnosis to TGA**
    Sorry for any confusion, and thanks for the well wishes. Turns out to be MUCH less serious.
    ================================================== ====================

    This is not a plea for any sort of sympathy. I think Mom will be just fine, but this was so peculiar when I considered I-don't-know-what...

    We were in the middle of an organized ride with several hundred of our closest cycling companions. We were only doing the 10-mile route since that's all M&D do these days. They're both ~75.

    M started to seem confused and wasn't sure how far we'd ridden, or who was there with her. She's always sharp as a tack, planning things ahead, and reminding us all what we need to do and so on, so that was pretty weird. Then she couldn't remember finishing. We took her to get her checked out and the general consensus was that she'd had a "mini stroke" or TIA.

    Here's the weird part:
    She rode the last 4 miles without knowing it!


    She doesn't remember any of it. We even showed her a picture of her at the finish line.
    She remembers a bunch of stuff from the morning and the week prior, and after she got to the hospital, but most of the bike ride is lost.

    Now, we joke because she was riding her bike the day I was born, so we are pretty sure Mom has some muscle memory, but DAMN! how did she not fall off! We were even discussing with her that her top speed, 20mph (she was the only one with a bike computer), was the fastest she's probably ever gone on a bike.
    I am constantly amazed at what the body does and can do --> PASSION

    They are keeping an eye on her and we're all a bit scared, but we're also thankful and amazed.

    If this had happened anywhere else it probably would've been one of those "Where did I put my car keys?" moments, so we're glad we caught it.

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    Yep, the human body is an amazing thing. Hope she has a full recovery.

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    Just in case you are not aware, a TIA is a serious thing that needs medical follow up. It can be thought of as a warning of a stroke. Something may need to be fixed in order to prevent a stroke. From what I've read and been told by doctors, some folks kind of take a TIA lightly since it's only temporary. Best of luck to you all.
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    Many old(er) people have mini strokes and heart attacks once in a while without knowing about it. We're made of flesh and bones, and unfortunately, those also have their warranty. As you get older, the more probable and common it gets.

    Our grandpa once had an head injury. A tree trunk hit his head and left him bleeding. After CT they told us they found several micro strokes evidence over the last couple of months in different stages of recovery and are are surprised he is doing so well, along with cancer he had for quite a while, but we never told him about it... it would destroy him psychically. He never done any treatment a part from surgeries.

    8 years later he died of Pneumonia. He was doing really well, then in just 1 month he went from OK to dead. Lung and Heart Failure. Shit just happens and you can't really predict where and when... He was riding a single speed cruiser bike 5-10km a day for 50 years until he got that lung disease.

    I'm trying to repair his bike in honor of his memory, but he really didn't give a damn. Untrue rims, non working rim brakes, worn out tires to the fabric, and weight a lot higher than my 27 speed 13KG HT. At least I've serviced his wheel and crank bearings, because they had an extreme amount of play. I guess it was a first tune-up in the last 30 years...

    I still respect the man for managing to keep active until the very end... but it waits us all... which kinda sucks...

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    Seen similar thing with concussions and motorcycle.
    Friend had a concussion and didn't know it.
    Next day we went riding and he rode like the wind. Probably the best smoothest ride he ever had. Only problem was he didn't remember a thing.

    People black out all the time and do stuff they don't remember.
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    Best wishes for total recovery for your mom. Yes, AMAZING that she just kept pedaling and KEPT HER BALANCE to the end of the ride!
    Hope anyone reading the following will never need to use this protocol, but it is useful info. Also, remember that strokes/aneurisms, although rare in younger people, can happen at any age.
    If you suspect anyone might have had a stroke, you don't have to just wonder and worry. Here, listed below, are four ways you can easily check them out :

    Think of the word STROKE! Think of the first four letters S - T - R - O
    S: Ask them to SMILE -- the smile should be symmetrical; drooping on one side is a warning signal
    T: Ask them to TALK and repeat a simple sentence
    R: Ask them to RAISE both arms above their head
    O: Ask them to OPEN their mouth and stick out their tongue.
    The new fourth indicator is O. If you stick out your tongue and it's crooked or is on one side or the other, that is a warning signal.

    If the person you are testing has any trouble with any ONE of these easy tasks, call a doctor or emergency number immediately and explain what happened and describe what they were having trouble doing.

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    Dude, I can't do a symmetrical smile without excessive effort and a mirror no matter what I try. There is more to facial asymmetry than just that. Many people have problem with that, actually. It can be anything from jaw bone deformity to birth given neurological abnormalities. I'd suggest doing that a few times in normal mode, before actually testing a person for stroke... then search for differences from the usual. And can't really tell a proper diagnosis from these tests... These tests might, or might not indicate the diagnosis. Best way is to call a doctor, if you think that something might be wrong.

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