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    Circadian Rhythm and biking??

    So I'm in a highschool psychology class and we went over circadian rhythms not to long ago. I bring it up because apperently around 3-330 your body is at it's slowest. A little fact: the majority of car accidents happen at this time. Anyway, this time coincides with what time I usually start biking on weekdays and I notice for te first hour of riding I am in a serious hazy fog. It's harder to focus and maintain good lines and I'm always under steering. It doesn't help that one of the worst climbs is the first part of the trail. After the first hour though I get In my groove and rip shii up though. On weekends, when I usually start riding around 12, I'm at this level the whole time. Does anybody else notice this effect? What do you guys do about it? I once took a brief nap off the trail and that helped but I don't like the idea of being unconscious in a public park😁 thanks and sorry this is so long!

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    Re: Circadian Rhythm and biking??

    You will learn many things Grasshopper, some of which are true...Just don't think everyone matches textbook.
    Sure rhythms can have effect, more for some, less for others. Biology, diet, and other factors come in as well.
    How do I handle it? I don't have swings like I used to, now that I am middle-aged. You can control some with diet, don't overdo lunch, have a light snacks over an hour rather than super chow down. Cut down the heavy carbs as well. Change your schedules up, don't get caught in a rut, that will shut you down for sure. Yeah, I'll push a little caffeine 1:30ish to push me through.
    Bonus round: Use your knowledge of this to grow your personal Kung Fu. This mid-afternoon lull may be the perfect time to overcome objections in others or press an issue, if you are sharp and they are not.

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    That is good advice on diet. Eat a nice green lunch, if so, I tend to not get the afternoon grogginess. If you do get tired, try to master the art of a mid-afternoon 15min power nap before your ride. If you can get into REM phase, they are very rejuvenating and you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized for your ride.

    Just don't take a full blown 1 hr nap or that will mess with your ability to sleep that night.

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    You are also at a work hard, play hard stage of your life, and possibly still growing. Even if you have reached maximum height, you body is still working on the finishing touches.
    Likely, if you are not getting 8 or 9 (or even 10!) hours of high quality sleep at night, you will be groggy and desperate for a nap at 3 or 3:30. Ditto on the 5 to 15-minute power nap. If our country had a siesta tradition, we'd all be better off.

    ...and don't stop mountain biking. It is a life time sport!

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    There are def. some rhythmic cycles involved - I don't know what they are, but not only in a day, but across many/several days.

    I have days where I feel strong, but I am somewhat uncoordinated.
    Other days I'm slow, but I can ride anything without faltering.

    Every now and again, the good power day and the good technique day coincide and I am just wishing I had a race to go to. I have tracked diet, sleep, and activity and have not reached any conclusion at all.

    Maybe some exercise physiologist will chime in and clear it all up.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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