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Thread: Christmas Gifts

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    Christmas Gifts

    Anyone get any awesome gifts for Christmas?

    I got a case for my phone that connects to the stem of my bike, a heart rate monitor, and a new cassette for my bike. All just in time for the new training season.

    Any great gifts, pics would be nice.
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    Got a few biking presents...
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    While not exactly a bike part, I take these things on all my rides.

    Santa brought me the new Point and Shoot I was drooling over.

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    HR monitor, socks, wool jerseys, dh jerseys, and a dirtrag sub.

    Edit: and a k-edge gopro mount.

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    Gore Vest, base layer shirt was all I got bike related this year.

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    Re: Christmas Gifts

    I also got a new rear brake lever (I crashed on the old one), a new 32T chain ring, and a new hat. My Wife is also getting my bike a full nice tune up before I come home from this deployment so it is ready to ride!

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    Got some clipless pedals, seat bag with CO2 pump, and Motion Pro multi-tool. Pretty excited to bring this stuff home and get it installed on the bike!

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    My 14yo daughter actually liked what i got her this year!!! Priceless, more than makes up for yet another year of family buying me random crap that has nothing to do with the only two bloody hobbies i have.

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    Brakes, rotors, socks, and knee padsChristmas Gifts-img_20131226_130716_643.jpg

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    I got bars and a stem for my fatbike.
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    Race Face Next carbon handlebars, already put them on the bike:

    Christmas Gifts-handlebar_resize.jpg

    I also picked up two pairs of Oakley Automatic gloves for myself from their outlet store because they were clearing them out, only $15 for both.
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    New PI shoes, new Speedplay Frog cleats, Orange Seal refresher, more bike tools and a new bike for fiancÚ
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    Received some new gloves, a stem bag, and finally got a work stand!

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    Got some 5.10 Impacts and a Lizard Skin chainstay protector. And a 150psi 3 gal compressor (technically not a biking gift). Can't wait to get out tomorrow and break the shoes in.

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    A wool bike cap from Waltz and a gift certificate to my LBS.

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