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    Bike Synergy, bike Harmony

    Beware this goes nowhere-

    I have been driving myself Crazy for the past year tring to built the perfect do it all "one" bike. Ha Ha I know, I know silly of me to search for the holy grail but I was sure it was out there! I am guessing there are others who have attempted this have failed as well and feel my woes, all while laughing at the complete hoplessness of my situation. You either realize one bike is not optimal (reality), you ride only one trail EVER (sad), or you are in denial (?).

    Of course I should not have two bikes as I have too little time (and money) to fully enjoy one but... after finishing up the build on my Sultan (borrowing the wheels from the Mariachi) and taking it for it's maiden voyage I am pretty darn happy. Yes I really like the Sultan, but the real win here is the mix salt & pepper...ebony & ivory bla bla bla. The pure fun and feel of a rigid steel hard tail and the plush and lax feeling of a full susser hit the spot. It is funny the things you learn to appriciate after riding 2 completely different bikes on the same trails. I love the rigid - I love the double boinger- the stars have aligned. Not to say these are the end all be all bikes by any means but for me the mix is just what the Dr. ordered.

    Is there a such thing as "getting some "strange"" when it comes to bikes? I am there, but in a continuous loop of "strange". nice.

    I Just wish I could ride more!

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    That's the perfect stable IMO. I have a Sultan and rigid Karate Monkey myself.
    Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances. Benjamin Franklin

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    My full rigid 29er SS Haro Mary and Trance XO cover all the range of riding styles I do and give me just the right variety of experience to keep me happy on the trail. I feel I get the most bang for buck with this stable and maintaining just these two bike is doable without breaking the bank.
    Happy Trails

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