I have gone up to Skagway, Alaska every summer for the past four years, cause its to hot here. This year I have to stay in AZ so my old job is up for grabs. Its bike mechanic / bike tour guide. It was the best job I ever had. You work on the bikes when ever you want, I mean when ever. You do tours 3 or 4 days a week. Then you have the rest of the week to tune the bikes up. I used to get back from a ride at 9pm (its light until about 1pm), them go into the shop at 10 or 11 pm with a six pack and work a few hours. The mechanic stuff isn't to complictated, no fork rebuilds, hub rebuilds or brake bleeding. The bikes are new Trek 4300's and all you have to do is put them together and keep them running smooth. A tour consist of riding a train with about 15 passangers to the top of the mountain. Then coasting down hill for 16 miles with about 75 yards of up hill. You have 4 stops so the peeps can take pictures and you have one snack stop. A tour take about 4 to five hours and you do two a day, three or four days a week.

They have sick steep techy trails right in town, and a good bike communitty. If you have neever ridden in wet rooty conditions like BC or Washington, your in for a real treat. It's two hours up to Canada for stunts and crazy canadian 13 year olds that schooled me in the art of mt biking.

The company has employee housing for only $180 per month. They will also pay to fly you from Seattle to Alaska. the job pays $10/hour plus time and a half for any thing over 8 hrs a day or 40 hours a week. I was working about 50hours a week at this job then another 10 hours a week as a hiking guide. Sixty hours a week sounds like alot but when your biking and hiking and its light 20hrs a day you still have plenty of time and energy to go do some serious riding.

The night life there is awsome and the stories you hear about AK women being sub par and few and far between does not apply to this town. The town is one mile by four blocks and has three bars. The town has about 1000 seasonal employees that are mostly on college summer break. Its kinda like summer camp for adults.

The town is located on the ocean and surrounded by mountians and glaciers. There are all sorts of tour companies in town that you will be able to get free tours with because the bike company is owned by the largest tour company in town. So you get hooked up. I have gone on dozens of free helicoptor tours and ocean fishing charters.

You must be out going and good with people. At least 19 with a semi clean driving record so you can drive the company vehicles. No DUI's. You must be able to go in and out of Canada, so no fellonies or Canadian warrants.

I'm going to miss this job. John Thomas
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