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    the older i get the better i was
    i'm on my Last Herb
    RestInPeace Hook

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    If you're in control, you're going too slow.

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    Best Biking Quotes

    My wife to our 7 yr old daughter...

    "What was your favorite part of the ride?"

    She says:
    "When we went down the bumpies"

    This was 2mi of DH over golf ball to baby head sized rocks.
    I hope you have a big trunk... cause I'm gonna put my bike in it!

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    From the 1979 video of Repack race:

    "Klunking is dusty in the summer, and muddy in the winter."

    "Klunking is like skiing, except when you fall down you don't get snow in your boots."
    It don't mean a feng if it ain't got that

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