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Thread: Best of 2013?

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    Best of 2013?

    Looking back on 2013, what were the most memorable experiences for you?

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    In no particular order, mine were:

    Riding the Alpine-Tire-Cloverpatch-Alpine sequence of trails in Oakridge, OR. Over 25 miles, 4000ft of climbing and 8000ft of descending in a few hours. Including a just-opened climb segment with something like 2 dozen switchbacks to get back up to Alpine after exiting Cloverpatch. One of my favorite rides to-date and already looking forward to returning in 2014.

    Blackrock, Falls City, OR. Had never been before this year. Went back three times after my first trip. They are still building huge out there. It changes every time I visit. It continues to amaze me.

    That one ride where I cleared every technical feature on a series of trails in my back yard, for the first time, without even unclipping my pedals or dabbing a foot. Felt so awesome.

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    Mine was started riding 2 years ago and have improved and lost fat over the last year. I have not felt this good in several years as well as looked good (according to my fiancé)
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    Fall Ride at Douthat | Mountain Bike Forums

    October Ride in the Blue Ridge
    A couple of local favorites were high on my list. They were Fall rides right after I had been off the bike a couple of months and it really felt good to feel good on the bike again.

    I would so love to go out to Oakridge and ride sometime. I have only ridden Salmon Creek trail, which was just a tease.

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    Dirt Rag Dirtfest and the Stoopid 50 race. Dirtfest is a yearly festival at the Allegrippis bike trails, one of the premier riding spots in the east. It's a well put together shindig. The stoopid 50 was the first race I'd done in 15 years. I didn't win and briefly considered riding off a cliff so I wouldn't have to go on any further. The climbs were long and grinding and the terrain was rocky and brutal. I loved it.

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    Mountain biking in Arkansas again.

    Joining Spinervals Cycling Group on FB.

    Having another very successful year all in all.

    For 2014: Another Big Bend trip, MTB in FLA for 1st time, join Biko Adventures in Prague for a little out of country cycling.

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    With the temps in the 20s Fahrenheit, and with recently 2 inches of powder, the season is drawing to a close.
    Most of my bikes are in winter storage, only the two 29ers are easily accessible.
    And may I say, what a season. It was my first on a 29er, and I rode over 210 miles total.
    I decided to put together a "Best of 2013" thread, so if you want to post, you may.
    I bought my Cobia on the first or second week of January last year.
    I walked it up my steep, snowy, and icy driveway, the sticker still on it. What a moment of excitement. My 29er, My Cobia. The bike was sweet, and better than the Mamba I had been eying previously.
    I rode it around a bit on my snow covered lawn, until I started to change over a few parts here and there with my F9; first was the seat and pedals.
    This was in late February, during a thaw. I remember the "warm" air blowing across the valley and slamming up against my hill. I had a close call, for my bike almost blew over onto the gravel driveway.
    Before I knew it, it was mud season, and summer was almost here. Once the trails dried up, and I successfully flipped my stem to the flat side, I began to ride at Pine Hill Park again.
    This was in June, the prime time to bike. Man, was it fun. The whole feel of not too hot or humid, but not cold or wet was amazing. I forgot how miserable late fall and winter riding is.
    One of my favorite pictures of all time. One of the last pictures before I became mod-mad.
    About the time of mid-June, I started to go to STAB on Mount Ascutney more often. This trail network is closer to my house than Rutland, but it is more demanding, so I didn't go there after mid August.
    The trails are beautiful, and wicked fun once you point downhill.
    End of Season. Best of 2013.-kjh_4377.jpgEnd of Season. Best of 2013.-kjh_4375.jpg
    By this time, I had already had the F9's stem on my Cobia, but also a 180mm rotor up front, and new Cannondale dual lock on grips. Not to mention the new rubber. In almost a blink of an eye, I became mod-mad. I never looked back.
    I attempted Kingdom Trails in July, but it was so muddy that I had no fun (waste of $15 plus gas, for Kingdom is 2 hours north of my house).
    Later, in July, I stopped by at my LBS and rented a Rumblefish to ride at Pine Hill. What a machine! I rode faster, and took rougher lines than on my Cobia. How badly I wanted that bike, and how badly I knew I just couldn't afford it. By the end of the day, I was sad to return the bike, but what a day it was.
    Summer came and went, with the riding more and more epic as I became better and better at riding over obstacles and such. But soon, it was fall, and the terrain changed dramatically. I found a new obstacle: wet leaves. Many times have I slipped and not fall, but still, leaves took a big hit on my self confidence and morale. I have possibly slowed my speed by riding in fall, but hopefully next year I will be faster than ever
    September 29: My birthday = major upgrades.
    My bike was changed so much after one day that I could hardly believe it. First went on the new Rear Derailleur, and then the new bar ends, then the new brake rotors, and after a week's stay at Start House Ski and Bike, and some work on it by Nate the mechanic, I had my new crank and bash guard on.
    On my Birthday, some neighbors and I went to a local trail system, and my F9 was again useful. These trails were unkempt, but they followed the rolls of the hillsides of Pomfret, and it was beautiful. One field on top of a huge climb let you see all around. I could see Mount Ascutney down south, and Killington away west (and past that is Rutland).
    I rode here once more before the leaves and cold were too much to stay on the narrow, fast, and bumpy trails.
    But I still had one thing to do: defeat Kingdom Trails. Not too long after this, a nice day popped up and I made the voyage north. Sure, it was muddy, but not as bad as that one day in July. This was October. I tried new trails that brought me up higher onto the hill, and after a blast down a nice trail past a sugar house, I was on the mountain. A dash over the hills and trying to avoid the "cold" wind blown fields, I ended up at the southernmost point of the trail network, a road crossing. The trails on the other side were sandier, and fast. This one downhill of trail after trail that led to the riverside was twenty minutes long at least. But the climb back up was hard. Climbing on sand is hard, and the fact that I was exhausted didn't help either. This climb was long, and after the inn at the top, a fast paved road led to the trailhead. If I were smart, I would have ridden the road down to the village, but I wanted to ride the trail I climbed back down. I missed the trail and had to climb again. By now I was completely exhausted and could barely ride any more. Before I left, I stopped at the bike shop and purchased a new stem; a 60mm Raceface Respond. This was my longest ride of the year, at about 13 or more miles.
    Only a month more of riding at Pine Hill, and the leaves began to be ground down into the trail, or were blown off. Riding became easier, but on the back side, the rocks began to pop through leaves that were settling down. It was obvious not many people were using these trails (primarily Lonely Rock). Last week, Furlough (a fun exit) was so covered in layers of leaves, I was forced to walk my bike down, and even then I slipped down one corner.
    I tested my friend Todd's Stache 8, and I liked it. After that I wanted an All-Mountain hardtail instead of a Rumblefish or Full Suspension equivalent.
    Near the end of the Season, my LBS closed for good. Yes, The Start House Ski and Bike. I was sad. It was the only bike shop within 20 minutes of my house, and I became friends with everyone there. Nate, and Fred.
    75% off of EVERYTHING! Once I heard that come out of my friend Todd's mouth, I desperately wanted to stop by and purchase the Rumblefish, or the Superfly 100 Elite they had. Once I finally showed up, the 2012 X-Cal was all they had left. So, for $320 I bought the bike, and then spent a few more $ on two XR4 29 Bontrager Tyres, some bike supports for storage, a bottle cage, and a few things here and there. Voila: another epic 29er.
    Well, that was my MTB season. What an epic year, and I even got out on my almost free Cannondale R300 road bike, but for only a month or two. I had new tyres put on it (Schwalbe Lugano with Kevlar guard), and new cables. Perfect!

    I took this from a best of 2013 thread that I started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigCreekRider View Post
    I would so love to go out to Oakridge and ride sometime. I have only ridden Salmon Creek trail, which was just a tease.
    First visit was this year, for me, first Moon Point and the middle fork of the Willamette, then returned later for an even better ride that I posted above. So fun that I signed up for the Mountain Bike Oregon 3-day event for 2014!

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    First tracks in some fresh pow.
    Sent from the future to destroy the past.

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    Re: Best of 2013?

    Not bike related, but this takes the cake for sure!

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    Well, in short...

    Invisible Shark Attack

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    First day of retirement

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    Moving from Durango to Albuquerque. More months on the bike!

    Best of 2013?-11300813354_780af5b5f2_b.jpg

    Racing DH at Sea Otter for the 3rd year in a row (but doing not as good as last year.)

    Best of 2013?-8679982346_90a6fea4f0_c.jpg

    Racing the Big Mountain Enduro, Taso/Angelfire stages. What a riot, I got smoked but was easily the most fun race I've been to. Whish the series had a few more outside Colorado this year.

    Cleaning all the skinnies at Pajarito, as well as the "Bonecrusher" ladder drop.

    Best of 2013?-9111935817_2778fb31ff_c.jpg
    Corkscrew - Pajarito

    Best of 2013?-9225581011_d9808acec0_c.jpg
    (NOT Pajarito, but the wall-ride at Angelfire

    Best of 2013?-9397050656_3d14407673_b.jpg
    BoneCrusher Ladder drop. A bit bigger in person

    Riding R.E.M trail is Santa Fe. Must do.

    Re-aqcuainting myself with jumping my bike, and being comfortable with it again, on different bikes.

    Best of 2013?-8456515842_c2fd6f82fc_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-8601646113_9bd99e32b2_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-8643300966_be69502aff_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-8645101956_e9207bc8d9_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-9136122355_9563f8dc3a_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-10284124444_f00ea4a74b_b.jpg

    Hooking up with a killer riding group that forces me to up my game, or at least to maintain it.

    Best of 2013?-9421375807_987d8969d9_c.jpg
    Left, me hitting the roller of my life, right, RCC hitting it like a pro

    Best of 2013?-9544808730_898f00d767_c.jpg
    The "nothing" drop, because, well - it's nothing. Haunted me for years. Hit on the 26 & 29.

    Best of 2013?-8479834407_ecd0eb9d22_c.jpg
    Secret drop on secret trail... Not me in the photo, but one I conquered.

    Best of 2013?-9657218989_b9bfdb10bf_b.jpg
    Practicing rock-crawling skills...

    Best of 2013?-9681355029_c36d725f1c_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-11003255445_205034fbc6_b.jpg
    Two alternate views of the big roller from earlier

    Best of 2013?-10770978884_1d8d598c7d_o.jpg
    Bryan hitting the one that nobody would touch... Natural treefall logride.

    Getting a couple photos in to the Rider's Eye in Dirt Rag.

    Best of 2013?-8446657366_1da0ee10d3_c.jpg
    Best of 2013?-8451422979_d1f9ef48f4_c.jpg

    And just getting back in to the swing with riding photos...

    Best of 2013?-8299018232_3f9d761d35_c.jpg

    Best of 2013?-8577095909_e282e2399d_c.jpg

    Best of 2013?-8297960805_777b5d8926_o.jpg

    Finally - (so far) - having the honor to rest ride a new thing for Airborne Bicycles....

    Best of 2013?-11490445873_8147e973fe_b.jpg

    Pretty good 2013! I am quite fortunate and grateful.
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    Worst part of this year: Finding out I had a Brain Cyst

    Best part of the year: Kicking said Brain Cyst to the curb and getting BACK on my bike.

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    Best: New hardtail 29er to play with, first MTB XC race, helped build some new trails, first 5k race, and overall a healthier lifestyle. Looking forward to doing more races in 2014.

    @jhazard - Loved the post and all the pics, I hope Airborne goes to production with that bikes soon since my CC is burning a hole in my wallet!!!!

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    Thanks Betorac! I hope so too, I believe that bike will open a whole new market for Airborne. Just have to make sure it works well first

    & congrats on the race and lifestyle - a lot of work but the payoff is immeasurable.
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    Not mtb, but doing Passo Gavia and Passo Mortirolo back-to-back was the highlight of the year.

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    1st 24 as part of a 3 man team, and a solo 6 hour race.

    Looking forward to more endurance events next year.

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    Mtb related...four days of early season riding in Mammoth

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    Cool-blue Rhythm End of Season tour

    End of season tour
    Capanna Monte Bar



    City of Lugano



    Tour Capanna Monte Bar

    cu m10b
    Ride on - Trails in Switzerland by ..::.. Forum ..::.. Gallery ..::.. GPS-Tracks
    best pictures MTBR-photos

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    The best part of 2013 was the annual trip out west to Colorado and Utah... mainly this was the first year I got to ride high alpine stuff in Crested Butte and was really impressed and want to do it again in 2014.

    2013 was the first year I rode down in Arkansas as well...definitely well worth the 4 hour trip...good BBQ in Eureka Springs!

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    Doing BC Bike Race with my wife! We did the race as a two person team, she had never been in a race before and she did great. We were there to finish and mostly accomplished our goal, day one was over 30 C and we didn't finish but oh well, we had a great time none the less. An amazing experience!

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