Labor day weekend last year I took this exact same pic of my bike, same trailset near in-laws in St. Louis that we visit 4 times a year roughly. Was just a good place to take a water break and snap a pic. So I took a pic at the same location (leaning on same tree) as last year, "same" bike just partially different loadout. Last year that ride was first one on new wheelset, this year was first ride on new, non entry lvl, forks. Seat post, crankset and wheelset are all that is the same a year later.

Made me think, why not see who else has done this. Share a bike pic from a yr, 2 or 5 yrs ago and a current one (with your ride in the pic of course) on a trailset you love but have to travel for a "weekend" or a vacation each year to ride so you dont get to ride it near as much as youd like.

Heres Labor Day weekend last year, 2013. My 2012 Trek Marlin

This weekend, Saturday, Labor day 2014. 2012 Marlin, well frame is anyway minus paint now.