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    The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter Wins the AHS Sikorsky Prize

    Finally after all this years..

    Article is Here

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    Sure, that 29er worked indoors with still air. But put that helicopter in some rough air and he'd have done a lot better on a 26".

    KIDDING! That freakin' rocks!!
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    That is NEAT!
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    Woow! I want one. I'm already thinking about whether it's possible to cruise while on the air. Someone should start a mtbr-like website for this type of creatures..
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    That's an incredible feat! The AeroVelo team is a small team of University of Toronto alumni, students and volunteers.

    Todd Reichert is one of the engineers and the guy in the pilot's seat stated:

    "As you spin your legs, you're spinning the rotors. It's very much an exercise in mental and physical control, at the same time as an all-out physical effort."

    Go team Canada!

    Actually hovering at three metres off the ground is an "incredible feeling," he says.

    "It's like you're biking along the street and someone came and just picked up your bike, and now you're floating. At the same time you don't really have the time to appreciate that, because of everything that's going on. Upon landing is when it all sinks in."
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    Can't resist... Looks flexy.
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    Should have been wearing a helmet

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    Needs gears and a wider bar with a shorter stem. Could use a dropper post too.

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    Here is the Projects page

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