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    I live in Los Angeles, and ride locally in the Santa Monica Mountains. Ive seen a large coyote with a young deer in his mouth, several deer, several rattle snakes, a red tail hawk roosting in the tree above me. Up north at Sycamore Canyon there is a flock of blue wild parrots. In Griffith Park I encountered a bob cat, just sitting and watching me. There was a family of 3 coyotes I ran into many times. I even saw a mountain lion in the park, afterwords I rarely saw the coyote family, just one underfed squagly one from time to time. One amazing time along the LA River bike path I saw a couple of condors; o

    The wildest thing I ever saw was a whale. I was riding the bike path at the Manhattan Beachj pier, a huge whale cruised by about 15 feet out, every fisherman began hooking up with the whale as it swam by. Pow, pow, pow, all their lines were being snagged! I hope it didn't hurt the whale; )

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerodish View Post Here you go. The dogs attacked the panniers which is the same place wolfs take down a dear. I usually chase two dogs back onto the property but 5 needed to be handled more carefully. I threatened the 911 operator and the department of transportation and the local newspaper but none of them replied.
    you should have kicked the dogs

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    Here is what we encounter in the desert:

    Tortiousus (spelling ?)
    wild burros
    rattle snakes

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    I wish I was more attentive to my surroundings. I ride the mountains all the time, and many times my buddies will point out the bear, elk, deer, etc. By the time I look up they are gone.

    Same thing while scuba diving. My daughter will tug my fin, and point out the octopus, eel, rock-fish, etc., right after I pass over them oblivious that they are there!
    Santa Fe, NM

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    so last Summer we are up camping in the mountains. Wife goes for a hike with the kids. Before the hike, she tells the kids to stay close and tell her if they see any animals (she is helicopter mom and paranoid).

    So they are on a winding path, with the 6yo 50' in the lead.

    "HEY MOMMY! AN ANIMAL!" from around the corner.

    Mom comes around the corner and 6yo is 10' from a 8' moose standing on the path. Just pointing at him like "look at him".

    Fortunately he turned around and trotted off (the moose, that is) and nobody got hurt.

    A few weeks later I'm mtb on my favorite trail, and come around a corner, and a single rider is stopped on the single track 100' ahead with a young moose in a face off. Me and my partner turned around and hiked off the trail after pitching our bikes in the bushes, and 3-4 min later he came walked thru like he owned the place (which he did). We caught up to the biker and he was really shook up, almost shat hisself.

    Moose on trail - YouTube

    Close calls

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