This is a x-post from the CO forums on a little section of trail called The Continental Divide. This particular section starts out at the Cumbres Pass, Toltec RR near Chama, NM, although the trail itself is part of Colorado. Due to lack of population and its remoteness it is indeed in a state of disrepair. Fortunately, it is only about a 1.5 mile section that needs serious help and the other half mile is just some overgrowth, and can easily be reclaimed. I am waiting on some GPS stuff from a fellow rider to give some coordinates to the blowdown. Here is the cut and paste from CO...peace!

Plans to reopen the 813 (CDT) out of Cumbres Pass?

We were up there this weekend to scout the blowdown. We did the entire loop out of Los Pinos falls area. We ran into the snag about four miles down the divide. It is a tangled mess thats for sure, but they are logging the blowdown as we speak. Even on Sunday!

Anyway, it is only a 1.5 mile stretch that needs cutting and then another half mile or so just needs some reclamation. What do you guys say? I don't know that I will be able to get down there again this summer, but once spring rolls around I would be willing to devote a weekend or two

We worked all day Saturday clearing the lower 4 miles of trail until it ended abruptly in a meadow ( last picture in the set ) just below the blowdown:

While the others weren't into the bushwacking thing, I HAB'ed my way up the drainage to scout all of the deadfall. Finally made it to where they are lumbering the treefall. I then explored the ridge, riding the upper section of CDT:

The next day we attacked the 813 from the North. We hit the Los Pinos falls up 736 to the boundary on 813. Descended 4-5 miles of ST until we ran into blowdown. We managed through the trees back to the meadow where I had left the group the day before. We finished the ride reaping the fruits of our labor from the day before