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    "The 80 plus year old Legend" and his trail

    This story has 2 things I find remarkable... The Virginia Creeper Trail and Lawrence "The Legend" Dye.

    The VCT is an awesome, one of a kind converted 34 mile railroad corridor tucked in the southwestern corner of Virginia. I have been fortunate enough to ride the entire trail several times and twice my wife and I have visited and ridden the VCT as well as nearby mtb trails during the fall and the scenery and colors there are something special. As for Lawrence "The Legend" Dye...he is one of my all time favorite cycling heroes and I hope to someday reach the kind of lifetime miles that he has ridden. He is the real deal!

    All About the Virginia Creeper Trail | Virginia Creeper Trail Club

    Lawrence 'The Legend' Dye keeps riding the Virginia Creeper Trail - Local News
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    Legend, indeed. His daily distance on the trail is 66 miles, five days a week EVERY WEEK.
    That is a lot o' miles.

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    The scenery along the Virginia Creeper Trail looks lovely. I like those wooden bridges. We have some nice rail trails in our region which are a great riding alternative.

    The story about Larry "the Legend" is remarkable!
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    “You have to build up for that kind of riding,” Dye said. “And the only reason I can do it is I started back at age 60.”

    I want to head there and ride the trail just to meet him

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