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    20 miles on a Fixie in Pumps... AKA Midnight Madness


    I don't post here very often, but I thought I'd take a minute to share my first Midnight Madness Ride experience with you. Hope you enjoy the stories and the pics!

    Midnight Madness, San Diego
    18 Aug 2007

    "So, are you going to Midnight Madness?" my friend Lauren asked me.
    "What's Midnight Madness?" I asked.
    "It's this bike ride in downtown San Diego that starts at midnight and goes for like, 20 miles, and people dress up in costumes and there's a lot of general silliness."
    "Cool. I'm in. When?"

    As I thought about what kind of cool costume I could wear, the days ticked down to Saturday. Thursday afternoon on a group ride, I was telling one of the girls about Midnight Madness, and commented that I didn't have a costume, and that I might just have to go in bike clothes. But, as I thought about it, I realized that I go to the "office" (the bike shop where I work) quite often in bike clothes. So, it would only be fitting for me to go on the bike ride in office clothes. And the little wheels inside my head started turning...

    That night I came home and enlisted the help of my husband, who was only too eager to pull out the power tools.

    I sacrificed a pair of old pumps for the ride, and took the seam ripper to the skirt portion of an old business suit. Totally worth it.

    Although I tried to run the Time's that I'm used to, the SPD's with the adjustable spring tension were easier to get out of.

    Here's the whole ensemble:

    This is my Lemon fixie. It used to be a LeMond, but I got irritated with the comments the namesake had about the Tour... . It was almost an Emo Lemon, but... meh, there's always time for that.
    (For you fixie aficionados, I'm geared at 64" - 38x16).

    with the obligatory banana in the back

    and of course, I had to pin my number on like I was in some crit or something...

    And here's DHS and JonKranked

    Kranked tried to pet his furry friend... DHS said he was "petted" four or five times, and had no idea who in the crowd had done it...

    And my friend Lauren (who got me into this) with her friend Les

    Just before the ride, DHS, Kranked, and I get on our bikes and go to the Gas Lamp district of downtown San Diego in search of food. Of course there are lines to get into everywhere. We finally decide to cut our losses and go to Hooters. The guys want food; I'll settle for French Fries. After a quick meal and minimal libation (because it was so slow trying to get a pitcher of beer), we head back to the venue. I don't want to miss the costume contest. As I understand, no one has done this ride in pumps before...

    Alas, I didn't win. But the one who did win was the bicycle built for six, with people in grass skirts on it, with a cooler in the middle. Yep, they did more prep than me.

    Once back at the venue, it occurs to us that we have only another 20 minutes before the ride begins and we're all sober. Time to remedy that situation. With no time to spare, we hop on the bikes and head out in search of a liquor store. We find one a few miles away, grab the needed supplies, and dash back to the staging area, where we have about 5 minutes before the gun goes off.

    Here's the staging area

    A bicycle built for six...

    Brent in a kilt, looking for trouble

    The ride about to begin

    DHS at the ride start

    They count down the start time, and riders take off. It's a really slow start with so many people trying to squeeze through the entrance. Unfortunately they are not letting us run traffic lights, so the groups of people get separated. The first light we come to, I call out, "OK, everybodeeeeee... Trackstand!" Just then this guy to my right falls over clipped in. Ooops.

    So DHS had bought a small flask of some libation... he didn't have it around long enough for me to even notice what it was. It's gone before his two cubes of ice have time to melt, and he's feeling about as fuzzy as his costume. When he sees the rickshaw ahead of us, it's just too much of a temptation to pass up...

    DHS skitching a ride

    The rickshaw driver was not happy...

    More interesting people... (yes he did the whole 20 miles on that bike)

    Fat suit guy

    Girl wearing her teddy...

    Mostly it was fun talking to people on the ride and just enjoying being out amongst the craziness, and being a part of the craziness. The looks on people faces when they saw me in a business suit was pretty good, but seeing the look when they realized I was clipped in with the pumps was priceless! And while it was really rad to do a 20-mile ride in SPD pumps, by about mile 18, I was feeling it.

    "Aw, man, these have got to be the WORST cycling shoes I have ever worn!" I exclaim to no one in particular.
    "Hmmm, whatcha got?" some guy asks me.
    "Prada," I answer, and clip out for him to see the SPD on the bottom of the pump.
    He nearly fell over.

    It was a great time. Thanks Lauren, for convincing me to go, and thanks DHS and Kranked for being great riding buddies.

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    that is the coolest race i've ever seen. Love the pumps
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    My dear, you are a hoot! Ultra funny! Thanks for capturing it and for sharing with us!
    "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin

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    A fun read on a foggy Saturday morning. Thanks for posting.

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    Very cool! love the pumps! looks like a super fun event! need to get something like that going over here Hmmmmm thanks for the post!

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    gotta say, the pumps are genius
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    I wanted to do that ride but my other half decided I had better things to be doing, like watching some chick flick that I slept through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brado1
    Very cool! love the pumps! looks like a super fun event! need to get something like that going over here Hmmmmm thanks for the post!
    I'll second that Brado , Friday-night in Freakville by the drum circle........

    Uze a funny one Sunnyracegirl..........thanks for sharring!
    "Roll your own......."

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    Awesome ! Looks like it was a bunch of fun...
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Caffeine ! "Do stupid things faster and with more energy" ! !

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    Cool post, thank you.

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    Always wondered when somebody would finally get around to doing that with pumps! Love this thread......and your bike shoes/socks tanlines

    I bet that other woman's boyfriend suggested she ride wearing her teddy
    "We sat outside the dentist, tooting a horn on the guy's bike."-overheard in the Underground

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    Prada...... I thought they were Jimmy Choos.....

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    Midnight Madness is a great ride. I have not done it for years, but you brought back a lot of good memories!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicco2go
    Prada...... I thought they were Jimmy Choos.....
    Shimmy shoes?

    I don't understand the reference, but then, I don't get out much. I only said Prada because it was kinda funny...

    I save my money for X.O, and buy my shoes on sale at Penney's or something.

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    wish they had them rides near me that looks like a ball

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    That is so hot.

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    That's the best. You should have had a briefcase with a messenger strap affixment.


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