Figured since this was the "passion" forum, topic was appropriate. It's been a long winter here in upstate NY!! Yesterday was near 70 degrees and a lot of snow melted finally! Got a crew together to go for a ride tomorrow and can't wait. I feel like a kid on the night before Xmas. Over the winter I got new tires and pedals and can't wait to see how they perform. I'm expecting big things out of the Panaracer Fire XC 2.1's. Hopefully, this will be no hammer ride, just a get-on-the-bike-and-have-a-good-time ride. Even with that being the case, I'm sure we'll see how much my conditioning has suffered over the past few months. I'm planning on bringing the camera, I'll try to post some pics later. Hope all of you are as excited to get back on your bikes this spring as I am!