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    15 years after the movie, someone builds it...

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    Heheh, I've always wanted one. But I'd have to have the jacket to go with it!

    - Jeremy -

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    Now, see?

    I n the old forum, I could put up a post that said 'Don't Bother Reading This, It's Gibberish', but now people have to click on it to find that it's not worth a fock.

    Is my paycheck just a bribe to forget my dreams?

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    I was able to view photos.

    Is that a bike from TRON?

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    akira - the movie. - awesome flick, should be available at your local rental.

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    Saw this on another forum and my first thoughts were that it is a big scooter with no turning clearance and a lack of visibility from sitting so low.

    Its like a low rider. Looks good but performs like crap.

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    I really like what the author has to say.

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    That is it!

    Quote Originally Posted by spillman
    akira - the movie. - awesome flick, should be available at your local rental.
    Sorry, kind of dating myself with the "Tron" comment. Akira, that is it.

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    He he he...

    Quote Originally Posted by damion
    Sorry, kind of dating myself with the "Tron" comment. Akira, that is it.
    I thought it was Tron also

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    Quote Originally Posted by damion
    Sorry, kind of dating myself with the "Tron" comment. Akira, that is it.
    Tron was great all the same..

    Have you seen The Srokes film clip dedicated to Tron, its quite cool..

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    in english, sort of

    Translation courtesy of babelfish:

    2004/04/02 17:31 renewals

    "The key passing tweet, it is the ゃ unreasonable in you", - - the "Kanada motorcycle" reference exhibition

    With movie "AKIRA" near future Tokyo, the deep-red motorcycle of protagonist Kanada which runs in length and breadth mutual loan and comes out. That SF check the "Kanada motorcycle", is in the midst of holding with the big sight as a complete actual dynamic car, it appeared in "Tokyo motorcycle show".

    The animation movie "AKIRA" which designates neo Tokyo 2019 as the stage. The fact that that assistance you buy to near future production is deep-red motorcycle "Kanada SPECIAL" which Shotaro protagonist Kanada works.

    The complete actual dynamic car of this "Kanada motorcycle", in exhibition "Tokyo motorcycle show" of the bicycle which from April 2nd is held with the big sight being referred and being exhibited.

    Concept model of actual travelling possible "Kanada motorcycle"

    Custom which "is similar to the Kanada motorcycle well" motorcycle "STINGRAY", the consumer request type incoming order production shopping sight "it is you swallow", with there is a case which is sold, but this to the last those of non official recognition. Is, but the concept model which this time it is referred is exhibited obtained the acknowledgement of the Ootomo 克 ocean person of the AKIRA writer and Kodansha publishers, Ltd. etc. which is the publication cause, it has become the "official recognition Kanada motorcycle".

    In just the official motorcycle, "you adhere" to the making being packed many and are.

    As for we would like to observing after all first the attractive styling. The wrapping which covers the body (the cowl) being something which re-displays the design of the Kanada motorcycle which in theater edition "AKIRA" appears faithfully, aerodynamic drag little so the streamlined forum produces the atmosphere which is near future. The frame which used the クロモリ steel is something of complete original production.

    The near future aero forum

    As for frame perfection original

    Though, if the mock-up of 1/1 scales which simply imitate just the styling it can make directly. Is, but as for the place where this motorcycle is enormous "the point whose really public road travelling is possible". You have aimed toward the "complete actual dynamic car" basic power efficiency as the motorcycle in sacrifice.

    Is, but specification of Kanada motorcycle in play "is attached both wheel drive which used the ceramic make twin rotor (ABS)". Approximately the wheel becoming independent, in order to drive, both wheels opening in the letter of ハ, when it becomes something where the wheel base is very long, presently handling of the motorcycle of main current/diverts underside mechanism that way, it is not possible to run very honestly.

    Because of that with the latest concept model, developing the individual handling mechanism, twin steering steering system "rod ended type twin steering system" of the telescopic fork adoption whose rear steering is possible. In addition, also drive mechanism of 3 these chain /6 sprocket specifications which install the variable sliding type adjuster had. You say that as for these systems those which are revived from zero are many, have become practical new idea and the Kata Mali of patent.

    Drive mechanism of 3 these chain /6 sprocket specifications. It is practical new idea and the Kata Mali of patent

    The engine is not possible, electric motor as expected, adopting the up-to-date water cooling 4 cycle engine of the marketing motorcycle which used gasoline. As for the aerodynamic volume displacement the engine to 4 cylinders being loading possible from the one cylinder to 249 - 998cc, adjusting to the taste of the owner, it has become the semi order system which choice it is possible.

    The DVD navigation system is equipped in the cockpit, reproduces also the feature control ball/the ten-key. Speed/the battery/the tachometer are indicated with LED, have become the private design which also the computer for control for that loads.

    As for planning the project of this "Kanada motorcycle", NEO-FUKUOKA (kana) with the user of the individual who is said. That from the thinking that "we would like to try riding in the Kanada motorcycle which appears in AKIRA once upon a time",, NEO applying 7 years or more from conception, visited the motorcycle shop and the custom builder of entire country and walked, finally reached to development it is the motorcycle of the dream which you say, is born from passion of 1 user. As for the development story of the Kanada motorcycle, the motorcycle new model car/in used car information magazine "バイクブロス" serialization has started from 2004 March edition.

    Future schedule (commercialization and price) etc. it is not revealed altogether, it is the circumstance that also information disclosure is done in only the バイクブロス magazine, but the former times rider & the writer of the AKIRA favorite this kind of movement, we would like to welcome.

    When driving the motorcycle, red skin John's where Kanada had worn replica. Veteran business KADOYA of leather product for motorcycle sample only

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