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    *Update* On my old thread...Juicy details!!

    Link to the first thread. My riding lifestyle done before I even started?

    It's been too long since I've been here and the update is well overdue.

    I will first update on my life in general. Again, I think this freak accident has put me into my career path without me even knowing. I changed schools once again, but I stayed with the same major. I'm now going to school for Nursing. I'm doing my CMA right now. I'm into Q2 and I love it so far. I honestly see myself doing this for the next 30+ years of my life.

    I tried a new social group and that failed and made me a better person along the way. I got involved with some people I shouldn't have and did some things I could have stayed away from. I got to see a side of people and learn things that many people won't ever get to experience for a long time, if ever. For that, I'm very grateful that I made it out and learned something. This is a very recent experience, so I'm still emotional and I'm not really sure how to deal with it. While on subject, I'm having problems with old buddies. Giving me **** for my lifestyle. These guys I used to play games with 24/7 and now that I picked up a life sort of speak they are making me feel bad. I work on and off with a friend while I look for something more stable, go to school 4 days a week from 6pm-10pm and the rest of my time is eat, breathe, sleep biking/working out. I would hate to cut them out of my life, but if they don't support or like what I do, why do I even need them?? I'm really struggling with this one.

    Now to the goods, the elbow. I got surgery in January 2010. Which seems like it made matters for me. I just turned 21 so my medical has ended and I can't get back on, so I'm looking for alternate medical insurance as of right now. I'm hoping to get another surgery as soon as I get insurance. One Doctor thinks he may have found the problem, but it is anyone's guess at this point, so I wont get to excited. Over the last couple of months with my "new" friends I picked up a bad habit of prescription drugs. I wont go into to much detail, but I was on 20+ loratab daily. Yes, daily!! When I cut those friends out of my life, I kicked the habit. I take one or two as needed and that seems to hold me over long enough to get through the day. Now, to all of those who said try weed...You all know I was against it, but I tried it on my 21st B-Day. I feel embarrassed to even tell anyone, but that feeling was the best I've ever felt since before my break in 2004.

    I have many questions about that, but I'm not sure where to ask or if I can here. I would appreciate responses, pm's, and even a e-mail/phone buddy at this point I'm desperate. cell 209-247-0606 shoot me a text and tell me your from mtbr forums or just call me. I would appreciate this so much guys!! I plan to get back involved with the community and stay here. You guys were always here for me when I was down and I never realized it. Thanks again to everyone!!!!
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    just read through your other post and this one. if your friends aren't cool with your lifestyle or what you're doing, they're not friends. period. it can be odd if you don't hang out with them but still work with one.

    good to hear you aren't on 20 pills a day any longer. that could have been deadly. do you think you could stop the 1-2/day? i know a guy who was addicted to pain killers and even though he wasn't taking a bunch a day, he couldn't stop even his 2 pills/day.

    i know some will disagree with what i'm saying about weed. stay away from it. i know way too many people where it turned into a gateway drug and totally screwed up their lives. especially if you have addictive tendencies where you were on 20 pills a day- stay far away from it. you don't need it. the weed made you feel the best in 6 years. what happens when you don't get that feeling anymore? what will you try next? what happens if you get caught with weed or other drugs your buddies may have? a record is no good and can screw things up. big time.

    it sounds like your head is on straight for being so open and honest in this forum. there are a lot of good people out there and it sounds like you just need to find some that have similar interests.

    what insurance did you have that ended when you were 21? were you covered under your parent's plan? if so, with the new healthcare reform, companies have to cover children up to the age of 26 regardless of fulltime student status. obviously, this doesn't apply if you are not living with your parents.

    thanks for listening to me on my soap box. yeah, i might sound like a parental figure but just trying to help out a bit. feel free and pm me if you want to chat some more.

    good luck to you!

    btw, nursing is a great field to get into- a huge need for nurses and very rewarding. i hope you continue to have a passion for it throughout school.

    edit: just re-read your other post. i see the part about your tough healthcare situation.
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    Hey man, good to hear you were finally able to get surgery. Even though it's not guaranteed, sounds like that doctor may have the answer.

    Just make sure to keep your spirit up and keep doing what you gotta do to get better. I'm sure you'll be up and about and riding again in no time.

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    You're like a bunch of crabs in a bucket with your so call friends, when you try to climb out to better yourself the others just pull you back in.

    As far as the weed or any drugs for that matter, any decent job out there especially one that would have health insurance is going to require a drug test.

    Good Luck!

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    As a young person, I got caught up in a party lifestyle that I eventually realized was a dead end. I just had to walk away from it, and it was hard. I didn't have great social skills or make friends easily, and spent some lonely times. But I got through it. I also learned to recognize when I was in a "down" mood, and to just not listen or believe negative thoughts I might have when I was in those moods.

    Your going to school is a great thing. You are making positive changes in your life. Stay on track with that. And you'll make new friends doing it, ones that relate to where you want to go, what you are trying to do with your life.

    Doing things that make you feel good about yourself are really important. Whether it is sports, music, photography, or other art, it gives you a creative outlet, and a healthy way to connect with other folks.

    Also, getting out and exercising, even if it is something as "boring" as walking, will do wonders for you. There are so many amazing places to go in our region, so much to see.

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