Was in Peru for business. Last min decision to enjoy my weekend led me to the following ride. The afternoon before the ride set it up and at 7am the next morning saw me in a small van heading to that starting point. Was a bit apprehensive -- got slap-happy drunk the night before (been about 15 years since I got it that bad -- must have been the altitude). Once I got off the bus and seen the view all was well.

Down hill ride starting at 4333 Meters (14K and some change feet) and ending at approx. 2800 meters. All that in 32 km (20 miles) = 1500 meter (about 5000 ft) descent in 3 hrs.

Peru is a fantastic destination. Lots of riding opportunities. I recommend it just stay away from the pisco sours

Downhill ride -- Cuzco Peru - 2013 - Jonathan Simon -- Irazu