Costa Rica

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  • 11-17-2012
    Costa Rica
    Headin there next week on honeymoon and would like to get a ride or 2 in during my stay. First half of vaca ill be near Jaco, second half ill be north on the Gold Coast. Anyone been out there and have any advice on where to ride where to rent ect.? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • 11-24-2012
    Check out
  • 05-14-2013
    Just rode in Las Catalinas last week, which is where PuraVidaRide is located. Expensive, exclusive, gated community that has been built up in the past few years. They have built a network of new trails right in town that hug the shore and go up into the hills. Even have a full-time, paid maintenance crew. (I saw one working as I rode - the only other person on the trail.) The bike shop had quality and affordable rentals. Recommend it highly. But ride early - it is hot as a mutha there and I almost puked after the climb.

    Pura Vida!