Bonaire is a little tiny island off the coast of Venezuela, known for


I'd heard rumors of biking, and since I don't dive I thought I'd see what the biking scene was like.

I stopped by the local mountain bike shop downtown, and had a nice chat with Miguel the owner. I let him know I was an experienced rider, and wanted to see where they rode, and not go on a "tour". So, he invited me out on the club ride that Thursday night. I didn't have any of my gear, so I had to rent a helmet and bike but that was OK. I opted NOT to go for the advanced ride since I haven't been biking for some 6 months due to an injury. To me that sounded like asking for trouble: broken rock, cactus with big stickers, and an unfamiliar bike. I was going to be happy just to get out.

In addition to being one of the oldest marine/reef conservation parks in the world, a good portion of the land is a National park or in other conservation; there is a real ethic of preservation and minimal tourist development here. At the same time, the guys let me know that they can pretty much build trails wherever they want, mostly by following old burro trails and clearing them. They are currently working on some advanced technical trail called "Afghanistan".

The island is in the rain shadow, so there is a lot of


So, I met the gang at the shop.
I was amused by this scenario to fill tires:

I was impressed by the little hardtail Miguel had set up for me - he's got a good eye for what was going to work. We headed off past the airport on some dirt road, and worked our way over to Lac Bay on dirt roads and burro trails. It was pretty hot, but we booked right along tyring to get in the most ride before dusk. We stopped briefly by the water for a group shot. I am wishing we'd taken the time to set up some trail shots as the singletrack wove through cactusy hummocks on the dry mangrove flats, but oh well.

Anyway it was a lot of fun. I showed up back at the hotel encrusted with salt from the air, sweat and dust. Hubby says, "looks like you had fun!". I did. I really want to thank Miguel of Bonaire Wellness Connections for his hospitality.

Here's the gang, ( pink dots on the water are flamingoes)

and here's a happy Formica in rental gear:

Couple of other Bonaire shots just for grins-

Gotomeer saltwater lake

Kite boarding is huge,

Hey, what's a little Carribbean getaway?