What do you folks recommend for the lava sections (a sturdy tire) and climbing up wet roots and smooth weathered rock? I run a 1.95 (more like 2.1) stick-e Nevegal in the rear and I'm not impressed with it's performance. I get mediocre if not horrible traction on anything wet or loose. I have to say that it's pretty amazing when cornering in dry conditions though, even off-camber rock. I have some 2.1 weirwolfs and a 2.4 mutanoraptor that I plan on running rear and front, respectivelly. Wil those work? I think both are race versions with the DNA rubber compound. Is it recommended to run the weirwolf backwards (chevron pointing backward/reverse of recommended mounting direction)? I've read somewhere that some people do this to increase climbing traction. I tried it before on a different bike with the 2.5s and they seem to have reduced braking traction, that was a long time ago and I really didn't ride them that way for more than once so I don't really remember if they climbed better on tech stuff.

Thanks in advance.