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    Video -- Bend: Whoops!

    Messing around with my new GoPro chest mount.


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    Why no rear brake?

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    Rear brakes are for sissies.

    Heh. J/K of course. Yunno, I just wanted to make this bike as light as possible and I figured I had plenty of braking power in the front. Keeps me from getting too stupid too. Whoops was definitely pushing the envelope and although it was enjoyable on my single, I think next time it's cush Kona duallie...

    I'm thinking about stepping up to a bigger rotor for just that extra bit of braking power. But I don't miss the rear brake at all.

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    That actually didn't look very fun... Amazing what a difference a suspension fork will make.
    I have done Whoops full rigid and that was the only ride I did that way. I got some squish ASAP, my neck has been thanking me since.

    Overall, I like the feel of the chest setup more than helmet mounted. Thanks.

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