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    Thank You Cream Puff volunteers!!!!!

    I want to thank all the volunteers who tolerated the cold wet conditions and
    worked hard to ensure the racers' every need was met. I heard numerous racers
    sing the praise of the volunteers, and comment how perfectly organized everthing
    was, how great the course was marked, how the Aid Station workers bent over
    backwards to take care of the cold, tired, and often times disoriented racers.

    Hundreds of hours of work went into preparing the course, and it paid off. From
    the 15-20 days that HankHank put in brushing the trail to Paul Timm's last
    minute brushing on the jedi section, during the race; the amount of effort put
    into preparing for this race is immense, and as usual, the DOD stepped up to get
    it done. Whether it was tread work,tree cutting,brush clearing or course
    marking, your efforts were definitely appreciated by the racers.

    A few folks really stepped up to help, as did many of the residents of Oakridge
    and Westfir. Special thanks goes out to Craig Bierley, a travelling MTBer who
    spent 5 days in Westfir helping organize the race, mark the course, and put in a
    full day at Aid 3. Also special thanks to Jay Stillins in Westfir for asisting
    in the organizing, course prep, and other duties he took on. Thanks to the
    Willamette Mtn Mercantile staff who helped many racers dial in their bikes
    before the race, and several of their staff helped volunteer throughout the day(
    even though some of them were supposed to be racing.)

    Thanks to our Aid Station Captains, Eric Dunje, Justin and Misty Mitchell, Steve
    Strickland and Candy Walker, Tim Kaiser, and Kraig Brockelman. They were
    responsible for making sure the racer's need were met, and form what I heard,
    they all went above and beyond. Mike Ripley was the official timekeeper, and
    Scott's right hand man. His knowledge of race protocols and issues, and his
    organization skills were invaluable to helping make sure the race ran smoothly.
    Extra Special thanks go out to the radio crews who kept us linked together,
    Without them, the outer Aid Stations would have had no communication with the
    rest of the course. Also, thanks goes out to the staff of Three Forks Grill who
    worked late into the night making sure all the hungry racers and volunteers were
    well fed.

    Finally, Scott Taylor deserves our praise. He is the promoter, so it is his job
    to handle everything, but the level of dedication and effort that Scott puts in
    is nearly super human, and he sets the bar for all the volunteers to strive for
    when it comes to doing everything possible to making sure the Cream Puff race is
    the best experience possible for racers, spectators, and the volunteers. It is
    due to Scott's passion and dedication that this race exists and continues to be
    such a success, so be sure to let him know that his year long efforts to
    organize this event are well worth it, and are appreciated by many!!

    We had approximately 60 volunteers working at the race, many of which were DOD
    members, and I thank yall for that. Almost every volunteer was absolutely
    essential to making sure that the race went off smoothly. We were a bit short
    handed at times, but considering the condtions, the fact that so many volunteers
    stuck it out and worked their shift in the cold and wet is a testament to their
    dedication. Many volunteers were literally giving the jackets off their backs to
    keep racers warm, and other volunteers stripped parts off their personal bikes
    to provide replacement parts to riders with broken bikes, allowing the racers to
    continue and finish the race.

    Please know that all your work made the difference, and that the racers really
    appreciate your efforts. Sometimes being a volunteer seems like a thankless
    job, so if you didn't get a chance to be thanked by 200 racers, know that they
    recognize your efforts, and love you for it.

    We will be organizing a volunteer party soon to show our appreciation for all
    your hard work. I think I got most or all the volunteers names, but if you
    worked at Aid 1 or Aid 3 and didn't speak to me, please send me an email to let
    me know what you did at the race. I want to track our efforts, and I want to be
    sure everyone who worked gets an invite to the volunterr party, as there wil be
    alot of good schwag given away to volunteers.

    Thanks again,
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    I agree with Sas on the above completely. During the race it was difficult to express how great it was to see you all and to be the beneficiary of your efforts. In the end words can not really tell the story of what it feels like to roll through those aid stations. Just saying thanks seems kinda lame, but that's all I got. And a little, I love you guys and gals!

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    Yup, more praise here. Everyone at this event has my respect and gratitude. The volunteers were all enthusiastic and welcoming from check-in to breakfast and all throughout the race. I didn't even see the reckless riding that normally goes down in the xc race scene and almost everyone was happy to let the faster riders through to do their thing. The positive energy of this event elevates this solid race on amazing trails to another level and makes it an experience that I will never forget. Everyone should take the chance to either attend the CCP 100 and lend a hand or line up and race. I can't imagine an event with better support and a better energy than this.

    They might someday want to consider a name update though if they continue to run longer courses. Total race mileage ended up at around 112 for the day. Bonus miles are awesome.

    Thanks to Scott, Mike and all of the volunteers who work year round to make this event truly awesome. I'll be back for sure.....once I heal up.


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    I have a story for you all. It was my last lap on the upper loop and I had stopped at Aid 3 for a quick refuel, as I was running behind. I rolled into Aid 3, hand my bike to Brock (ImaKlyde on MTBR) and asked him to check my dropout bolts and make sure they were all tight, as I was having some loud sqeeking sounds coming from my bike. He checked the bike over and gave it the ok. As Brock was checking over the bike, Tim (Mudflaps on MTBR) was filling my water bottles with fuel out of my Aid Station 3 stash. I continued talking to Brock and asked him if he could hunt down a pump and tire levers b/c I lost my saddle bag on the way down Widberry Tie trail........He ran to his car, came back, put his pump and tire levers in my pack....then sayed very calmly in his own way,

    "I'm going to be frank", as he handed me a Twinkie, "You need to put some food in your face and then you need to go. Do you want strawberries with that (Twinkie)?"

    I slammed the Twinkie, and a SB double shot and started pedaling. I rolled through Aid 4 with a nod of my head and a thumbs up to Justin and Misty. Justin said something like.....don't stop at Aid 2 you don't have least that is what I heard in my head. I had my own Aid Team at Aid 2 who helped me make a quick change of clothes and refill on fuel. I then bombed through Aid 2 main station and heared a volunteer yell out..........137 (my plate number).

    As I road down Alpine Trail I was racing against the clock, and was trying to think of something clever to say, in case I just missed the 6pm cut off time, so they would let me continue. Well, as I rolled into Aid 1 I approached Big Mike and with a Mister Grinch kinda smile he said, "We extended the cut off to 6:15pm, so you're good to go."

    I gave it all I had to make it to Aid 2.1 before the cut off at 7:45pm. I made the cut off by 8 minutes. The rest is history.

    Thanks for all of your help guys/gals, your encouragement through out the race helped fuel the fire with in the racers. I always love hearing the cow bell as I roll through Aid 2.

    That was a fun race. Maybe I will volunteer next year.
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    Thanks to racers

    I am the Craig from above. My day at Aide station 3 was my first ever. I was pretty tired after my full day what with watering you all and last lap washing some drive trains & pedals. (Turners were singled out)
    I aided the racers because I was getting stroked back. You all expressed your thanks for what we did. I was part of almost all of your races. Our effort, your thanks, our effort redone, your thanks, more effort. But nobody stayed around to chat.
    So I compliment you racers also.

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    Bad news BFE...that wasn't a Twinkie.


    PS: Seriously, I was jazzed when I saw you had finished, totally freakin' excited. Strong to very strong work bro!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaKlyde
    Bad news BFE...that wasn't a Twinkie.


    PS: Seriously, I was jazzed when I saw you had finished, totally freakin' excited. Strong to very strong work bro!
    What ever "space food" you gave me to eat most certainly fueled the fire that got me to the finish line. Thanks, and thanks for the encouraging words. It feels good to have finished .


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