So--any one interested in doing the 12 hours of Weaverville in Cali on a singlespeed on May 27?

We are looking for a 3rd person on a 3-man singlespeed team. We are 33 and 34 y.o. guys that will be riding an old school Yeti and an old school Ibis at the race. Our normal teammate just happens to be in Hawaii that weekend. We took 1st at the race last year in the geared category--but this year it is singlespeed.

Please don't make us ride a 2-man team--6 hours on the singlespeed sounds a little painful on the knees.

Qualifications aren't many:

1. You must ride a singlespeed.

2. Be a borderline Sport-Class / Expert-Class rider (that's what we are).

3. Be willing to race hard for 4 hours.

4. Be able to have fun racing--and take a joke.

5. This is singlespeed--if your socks match your gloves--we will make you ride without the gloves or the socks--you choose.

6. You must not stink--it's a couple hour drive to Weaverville from Medford.

A ride from Medford or Klamath Falls will be provided (it would be nice if you could share some gas money

For more info, the race website is

Just e-mail me off the list at