This is cross posted from the Norcal Forum, but we're closer to y'all, both in spirit and geography, than we are to the bay area, so...

This is going to be a party...

We in the north state are combining Humboldt State's Collegiate race with a fundraiser for the Arcata Ridge Trail project. Here's what's coming out of it thus far.

Friday night - 8PM - "Pedal Driven" will be shown at Far North Climbing Gym/Ski Lounge. Fundraiser for Bigfoot Bicycle Club. Come hang out, have a local beer at Ski Lounge with a really great bunch of folks. We plan on having a sign in table here. Stay tuned.

Saturday, Arcata Community Forest, staged out of Redwood Park:

5K running race
AM XC Race - I've heard some rumblings of a very creative course with lots of singletrack.
PM Short Track Race
Kid's race and a non-competitive ride as well.
6 bands, mutiple breweries, festival atmosphere at the park. From experience I know it's hard to set out on the last lap when you pass through the park, see people eating and drinking and hear the band playing.

Sunday - Horse Linto Campground, Willow Creek - Gravity Day!

Tish Tang DH in the AM, Super D in the PM. Tish Tang is back! 1.5 mile, 1200 foot drop DH. 5 min runs for the fast ones. For those of you that haven't been out there for awhile, prepare yourself for some new, fun lines. There is still tear-inducing, tree-dodging speed, but there is more than that. Super D will use the DH plus some. Runs should be in the 9-10 minute range. Supe D will almost equally favor XC and DH, you won't win if you can't climb, but you won't win if you can't DH. As it should be.

Stay tuned for All-Mountain awards. Details to come, but we have four events, two days, two venues. An all mountain men's and women's winner sounds natural.

Because this is a Collegiate event too, USA cycling one-day licenses will be required. Sorry, but entries are dirt cheap so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Race site. Check back over the next few weeks as details get finalized:
2011 Ridge Trail Festival

DH course here. Tish Tang Downhill Course - YouTube