Last year was my first time on the Quartz Creek trail and it's become one of my favorites, but unfortunately it doesn't get much love. So, with permission from the kind folks with the Gifford Pinchot National forest two of us spent Friday clearing and brushing out the first 3-4 miles. There are still plenty of trees down across the trail that were to large for us to cut with the single bow saw that we brought along. Hopefully the PNW will get get some much needed rain soon and we'll be able to get somebody up there with a chainsaw. If it weren't for all the blow down, this would be an awesome ride, the tread is in amazing conditions, very buff but also very steep.

My goal was to get the Quartz Creek trail cleared earlier this summer, but I haven't had the time. And my grandest goal is for an epic ride connecting the Ape Canyon/Plains of Abraham trails to Windy Ridge down the road (yep, it's paved) then connecting with the Boundary Trail to the Quartz creek and finishing on the Lewis River trail.

If anybodies interested in helping out, we're planning to get up there one more time this month and at least once in September. And if you're handy with a chainsaw, I think beer's and gas could easily be made available to you. And of course help with packing it in.

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