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    Psychiatrist gets 30 days for booby-trapping Oregon trails

    Psychiatrist gets 30 days for booby-trapping Oregon trails and injuring mountain bikers

    Published May 01, 2013

    Associated Press

    MEDFORD, Ore. A psychiatrist has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 30 days in jail for planting booby traps that injured Oregon mountain bikers on national forest trails outside Ashland.

    Dr. Jackson Dempsey apologized to the mountain bikers, his family and the medical community Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court in Medford. But he did not explain what led him to string nylon cords across the trails, and put nails and small trees in the path.

    Besides the 30 days in jail, Judge Lorenzo Mejia ordered Dempsey to stay away from national forest trails for the two years he is on probation.

    Three people suffered minor injuries running into the trees and cords.

    Dempsey was a psychiatrist for Jackson County when he was arrested last July. He no longer has that job.

    Read more: Psychiatrist gets 30 days for booby-trapping Oregon trails and injuring mountain bikers | Fox News
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    What a POS. He'll claim it was "For Science". Maybe we should booby trap his office with nails and nylon cord.

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    The blind leading the blind in Oregon.

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    Unreal... just so fortunate that he was caught and that nobody was killed!!

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    Hardly worth the cost of prosecution. Thirty days... absolutely pathetic. Anyone surprised? Premeditated assault=thirty days?
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    Sad that relations with other users have deteriorated this badly. People should spend more time trying to get along in the outdoors, not trying to hurt each other... Try to be nice out there.

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    If anyone would like to express their dismay with Dr. Jackson T. Dempsey, MD, here is his contact info:

    1005 E Main St Suite B
    Medford, OR 97504
    (541) 774-8201 (Office)
    (541) 774-7979 (Fax)

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    Jail time and a felony conviction is a good start. Since he's also an MD, the Medical Review Board should revoke his license for violating the hippocratic oath.
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    Trust me, this conviction will follow Dr. Dempsey the rest of his career (if he has one left). If he has to apply for privileges, licencing, or insurance plan participation this matter will come up. The damage to his career is pretty much permanent.

    I have never read of the OR Medical Board revoking a license for violation of the Hippocratic Oath since the Oath is mostly ceremonial and a historical artifact (BTW "first do no harm" doesn't actually appear in any popular translation of the Oath), but they'll probably revoke his licence for his incarceration.

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    I knew that ass would get caught eventually. I ran across someone on catwalk one weekday I suspected of laying big limbs across blindspots that almost took me out. Unfortunately I couldn't prove it was this dick, but I knew it in my gut.

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    This could easily have killed somebody. I once hit a cable that had been stretched across a logging road - with no flags to mark it, and it was just about impossible to see in the sun-dappled shade. Fortunately it came across my chest and arms, and I was only going 6mph, uphill. It still felt like someone had whacked me with a steel bar using all their strength. 10+ years later and I still have scars on my biceps to show for it.

    That incident taught me that if you ride at speed into something thicker than a string stretched across a trail at neck level, you are probably going to die. Nobody's neck is that tough. This bastard should have gotten attempted murder in my book.
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