Hi, all, I'm a photographer who lives in the Portland area, and I mostly do landscape photos. I recently decided to branch out a bit and get into mountain bike photography, since I love the sport, although I haven't been riding much since moving to the Portland area (about 3 years back).

Anyway, I'd like to do some mountain bike photography practice, but I don't know and haven't met any willing participants.

I don't do this type of photography professionally yet, although that's the goal, so I can't pay, but I could offer you prints that you could hang on your wall or files that you could use on, say, social media in exchange for your time. I promise the process of taking the phtoos will be mostly painless; I'm not asking anyone to pose next to their bike, I want actual shots of you in action. I just ask that you allow me a moment or two to get my gear set up, I'll take a few shots, and then you can do the rest of your ride as planned.

For those of you interested, here's a link to my landscape portfolio: Flickr: Ben_Coffman's Photostream I'm not choosy about locations (I can shoot in Portland or meet you out of town), body type, or "look."

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Edit: I should probably add for you to PM me if interested.