Howdy Folks,

I am going to attempt to organize some work parties over the next couple of months.These are a non-denominational trail work parties, I don't care what club or group you are in.You only need to have a love of the area and the trails that are here for all of us to ride.The dates are April 10 and 24,May 8 and 22,June 12 and 26. There will be a PCTA training weekend on May 14-16 My thinking is with the training weekend we can get more people certified on chainsaws and then the following work party weekends we can do more tree removal.

The trails that I am thinking of working on: Larison rock,Flat creek,Alpine,Larison Creek,and E.T.C. Most of the work needed is tread work,Larison is getting very off camber and skinny,and Flat creek is getting pretty skinny also.Alpine trail,I would like to fix the drainage problems on the Buckhead shelter trail.The E.T.C on Aubrey mtn could be a much better trail with some treadwork also.

Meeting at the Trailhead cafe in Oakridge at 9am.