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    Oakridge Poison Oak

    What is the poison oak like around Oakridge this time of year? Specifically, on the Alpine, Middle Fork Willamette, and Larison Creek Trails.

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    MF and LC are pretty clear-ish, the odd bit popping about here and there, but you almost have to look for it. Alpine is Alpine. Above Windy Pass you pretty much/almost never see it and below the old "water tower" down it's around a bit and then the Westfir Tie (last section after switch-back left; taking you to the Red Covered Bridge) has lots and lots of it.

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    I react pretty bad but have found that if you pay attention / ride clean and use Technu (or anything else that removes the oils) after the ride, you're set.

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    Last time I rode larison creek, etc., it wasn't a problem. I would strongly recommend bringing Technu. If I hit a lot of vegetation on a ride, I always make sure to rub down in Technu after the ride, rinse with cold water and then shower using soap for poison oak. Maybe extreme, but poison oak sucks. Be anal; it'll free up when and where you ride.

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