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    McDonald-Dunn trails, Corvallis

    I'm new to the area and have heard good things about single track in the McDonald-Dunn forest. I have explored Peavey Arboretum and Dimple Hill/Dan's trail, and while a good time, these trails weren't very challenging. However, they are well mapped and marked.

    Where can I find more technical rides? I looked around myself near the top of Extendo on some unmarked trails, but was worried about getting lost with the light fading (I knew which way the trailhead was, but none of the trails seemed to go the right direction, so I gave up and back tracked.). I've been in the southwest for the last few years and I'm not used to having my view blocked by trees.

    I like to use a GPS for solo rides, are any of the areas on this map worth exploring? I'm looking for very technical singletrack.
    Trail Map of MacDunn Forest Rides | EveryTrail

    Also, does anybody have GPS (.GPX) files or have a good source?

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    Hi thrasher,
    I'm new to the Corvallis as well & am trying to learn the trail systems. I think that there's an etiquette here to posting info about specific trails, although I don't have much to share.

    I was told by one local that it doesn't get too much more technical than Extendo. I don't know if they were being real or just yanking my chain.....I mean Extendo isn't technical at all by my definition, but I come from Bend & may have a different perspective on that. So I really don't know what to think.

    Hike n Bike has a couple of group rides each week that you may want to look into. I haven't been able to because of a schedule conflict, but should be able to start in August.

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    Re: McDonald-Dunn trails, Corvallis

    Look at opencyclemap dot org for a big picture of the area trails.

    I'd recommend joining group rides wherever you can; Bike'n'hike, Facebook invitations (Corvallis and area mountain bike...), team dirt/imba trail work days and rec rides, ... Meet people and ride with them. That's how you'll discover the local trails.

    And whoever said that it doesn't get more interesting or challenging than Extendo was either pulling your leg or uninformed. There's a lot of trail out there.

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    Technically, most of the interesting trails in Mac-Dunn are "unauthorized" the trails on the official maps are what "authorized" trails look like (mini roads..) The best way to get to know the trails is to go with an experienced guide but exploring can work as long as you have time, there are trails that will drop you a long ways away from where you started and you'll have to hump it back to the top of the ridge to get back to the same drainage you started from for example. It's best not to publicly discuss the unauthorized trails.

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    Ah, here we go again. Trust me, I know what you are going through. Dirty looks when you ask about the trails from other riders "in the know", code words and phrases in what I call "Cloak and Dagger" fashion, being told to delete your posts when asking about these trails.

    Don't get me wrong, I get it to a point, but only to that point. It is beyond ridiculous in my opinion, which certainly isn't shared by others. Oh well, I kind of gave up asking and just do some exploring on my own.

    So, I can offer this, which isn't posting on here because I am tired of getting blasted. I got told to even delete a thread on here when I asked how I could help do some trail maintenance.......and I was even talking about legal or authorized trails. A buddy and I do at least 2-3 rides a week, and we would be happy to take you a long. Feel free to PM me, so we don't have to run into the self-appointed trail police on here. I think we will be riding Saturday if you are interested.

    But as these others have mentioned, check out the Facebook page for "Corvallis and Area Mountain Bike Group" for some info, and the guys at Bike N Hike are pretty helpful too, and I would imagine the other local shops are as well. I'm sure I'll get lit up for this post itself, but oh well. Good luck out there, we do have a wonderful resource in our own backyard.
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    Brandon and slr29er are right; go with someone who knows. It's possible to get pretty lost in there; I wind up helping someone reorient once or twice a summer and that's just on the roads. Particularly as you start working over to the Starker (for which you need an Alder Cr permit, it's free from their office in Philomath) section in the west which has less-well-marked and labelled roads and trails.

    To me the most technically challenging trail in the local area is the loop of Mary's Peak, and there are short sections of some trails in the McDonald Forest that match it. Extendo is the steepest official trail and the only one that still has significant exposed roots and bumps.

    The OSU College of Forestry has recreational access rules posted here. The evident gap between those rules and what exists in the forest might aid in understanding why people respond the way they do to public posts:
    Recreation | College Forests

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    Pedal up to McCulloch Peak - Keep your eyes open.

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    Thanks for the replies. I've been riding all over the state (black rock, sandy ridge, oak ridge, the MRT, hood river, Ashland, bend, etc.) and not had much time to peruse the forum.
    I can certainly appreciate there might be some concern about trails being closed, which is an unfortunate possibility.
    Fortunately, exploring new areas is part of the fun for me, I was just looking for a good starting point so I won't be wasting any time given the fantastic riding in Oregon. If you spot anybody who looks lost, it's probably me.

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