Hey All!

It is the end of the Federal Fiscal Year and it is time to gather the data!!! This is VERY important to in our relationship with the Forest Service!!! Please take the time to look over these simple requests.

If you lead a work party small or large and did not recorded on the HCFV website WorkReportForm It is not too late... do it now! (and make sure you get to the green "Submit" button)

If you went out and did work and did not report it to anyone, You can use the same website.

If you have a volunteer hours that you scribbled down the back of a scrap piece of paper and the HCFV web form scares you, email them to oakridgetrails@gmail.com

Okay, I think you got the idea... There is one more need from the Forest Service, They would like to know just a little more about YOU!

If you have EVER Volunteered, PLEASE take the this ONE MINUTE survey. (yes, I timed myself) Volunteer Survey

By taking this simple step, we make a huge step for our relationship with the Forest Service!