Current Notices | Stevenson Land Company


Due to an active Timber Harvest, All SDS Lands in the Jewett Creek and Hospital Hill area are closed as of 1/29/2013. There will be tree felling and cable yarding operation hardware that may occur far outside the actual timber harvest boundary. Anyone trespassing in this area is exposing themselves to possible injury or death, and will be cited for Trespassing if caught. If you see users violating this Closure, please call Jeremy Grose at 509 493 2155. The area is expected to re-open approximately June 1, 2013 depending on weather and how smoothly operations go. This link has a map with the SDS Closure area.


You can still ride up the front side though.

My wife ran from the parking area @ Spring Street up to the first Gate (where the silent zone ends) and she says that there are ropes, lines and signs that make it obvious that this is closed to everyone. Please do not be the one that screws this land access up.