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    Go west 35yr old guy, go west

    I figure this may be a better venue to get some information rather than the rants & raves on craigslist. I trust you guys way more than the mutts on that board. Although I ride mtb & road and a bit of a bike geek, this is not about bikes or riding.

    I've been living on the east coast most of my life in the NYC / CT area. I have finally concluded I am done with it. The QT of life and general attitude is just not for me. If you've been here, you'll know what I mean. From my travels west I've always preferred north of CA. and Portland keeps ranking in my top three.

    I've been surfing real estate & jobs in the Portland area. I would really appreciate any feedback or references you may have no matter how random. ( not to random please ) I've got time before I cut the cord and would like to bone up & gain some inside perspective. If any of you are in the advertising, design, marketing communications worlds or even cycling industry. How are the agencies & opportunities?

    My apologies if you feel this is an intrusion.

    Many thanks,

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    Portland is probably the place

    Quote Originally Posted by Bike-Boy
    ...If any of you are in the advertising, design, marketing communications worlds or even cycling industry. How are the agencies & opportunities?

    My apologies if you feel this is an intrusion.

    Many thanks,
    I work at The Register-Guard, a 78,000 daily in Eugene (I'm an "Account Executive" which is a glorified handle for a freakin' salesman). Newspapering just about anywhere these days probably sucks, and even though I feel lucky to be working at a family owned paper (one of only a half-dozen left on the planet, I think), Eugene is not a great place to be in media in general. It's extremely competitive and wages are not what they used to be. We've got a couple really good agencies here plus a bunch of lame ones. Out-of-work designers are standing on practically every street corner.

    My brother is an attorney in Portland and things are better there, though I don't know by how much.

    That said, personally I've got a pretty good situation and I have no intention of leaving this area, unless I find a way to move to Oakridge (40 miles east -- the land of awesome, endless, dreamy singletrack. No way would I live anywhere else but Oregon so long as I can put food on my table here.

    Besides, I've got the best girlfriend on the planet and she rides singlespeed! Don't pinch me... if I'm sleeping, I don't wanna wake up.

    Get a job, you're golden. Otherwise, uh...


    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    I would say how much $$ you "want/need" to make will dictate to a large degree where you "have" to live (of course...). Marketing in Eugene is nasty as Spartickusss said. A buddy of mine who is a marketing dewd commutes to Salem so that he can make a few bucks for now.

    You could make a living in the marketing/advertising if you wanted to live in Salem/Portland, but it may not be that easy in Eugina.

    That being said, I would rather live in the southern Willamette valley (Ewgeen/Cottage Grove) and make a few "sacrifices" along the way. I too am done with the big city life and all of the headaches that come with it. I did Denver for long enough and began to find the good side to small town life when we lived on the west slope of CO for a while and the rest is history...

    There is some high-tech here and a lot of lumber based stuff, but neither one of them ever seem to be very stable.

    Lower valley (Eugene and south) are "better" places to live (a bit cheaper, lots less congestion, crime is not as bad for the most part, etc) and there is a *ton* of killer singletrack closer to us than those in Portland. That can't be bad. Sorry for the ramble, it's been a long week already. Good luck.

    Are the wheels roundish? Ride it.

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    I got nothin'

    Quote Originally Posted by Bike-Boy
    Many thanks,
    I grew up in Portland, lived in Eugene for about 12 stoned years then moved back to the bosom of family and friends to raise my kids. Food service hack, yadayadayada . . . never been east of the Great Plains, don't know as I know what you mean, but I do know a lot of people from elsewhere who've made their homes and laid down some roots out here for the same reasons you're talkin'.

    If I could live the slacker life, I'd couch surf Oakridge between rides. But the kids' mother has a say and the kids need family. They need schools too, but right now I'm not sure if Portland is the best place in the region for learnin'. We got jobs though, especially if you're in construction! You'd think with all the building goin' on there'd be a thriving job scene. Depends. A lot of folk are coming here with their jobs or they're payin' for the nice penthouse with earnings from their telecommute to LA

    P.S. The Waterford will fit right in on the streets of Stumptown and the ASR is a good choice for the alpine stash.

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    I'm actually from the same parts. moved to the west coast 8 years ago, went to grad school out here, got married (to an east coaster), but am probably here to stay. i actually used to work in that industry, but underwent a major career shift before moving to Portland. So any comments I have about these fields in Portland is merely speculation... generally, i think there is a lot of design here for it being a smallish city. there was an article either in the Willamette Weekly or Mercury News (local village voice type papers) about a year back talking about how PDX has more designers per capita than SF, LA, or NYC. You might find it with some digging. With Weiden & Kennedy, Nike, Addidas here, it seems like some serious design has been attracted to the city. Other than that, its a terrible place to live and i suggest you don't move here b/c there is no riding no kayaking no climbing and no skiing anywhere near here

    Hope that helps.

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