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    First time riding Wagner Creek in Talent, OR WOW!!!!

    Wow!!! is the only way I can explain that run, it was so much fun! Way more technical than I have ever done before.

    Nat For Dev Road 22 Climb 0.6mi 278ft 3.3mi/h 178W 453 - 00:11:14
    Wagner Creek / 29 3.3mi 936ft 5.0mi/h 141W - - 00:37:12
    Sheep Creek to Stump Jump trail 2.4mi 626ft 5.3mi/h 169W - - 00:26:16
    Sheep Creek trail and Stump Jump trail 3.3mi 915ft 5.6mi/h 144W - - 00:36:33
    Stump Jump trail 0.9mi 368ft 4.7mi/h 89W - - 00:10:31
    Gate to Chuck's Chips 1.8mi 137ft 8.5mi/h 180W - - 00:12:12
    Chucks Chips 2.7mi 1,404ft 6.7mi/h 111W - - 00:22:02
    Chucks Chips 2.7mi 1,448ft 6.7mi/h 111W - - 00:22:05
    Chucks Chips downhill 2.0mi 1,243ft 7.8mi/h 102W - - 00:16:24
    Chucks Chips DH 1.9mi 1,019ft 7.2mi/h 110W - - 00:14:40

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    My brother rides it all the time can't wait to try it myself hear it's awesome!
    Bend, Oregon

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    Well, after using Strav0, I'm sure the trails will get some more use.
    The Lee-Man

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    Oh, that is what that is...
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    What's the deal with the graph?
    I only ride bikes to fill the time when I'm not skiing.

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    I see Chucks Chips but I may never get there.....

    Ah the internet.
    Sorrel Seeker !!

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